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As the Texans attempt to a 24–0 advance over the Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Playoff Round, wideout DeAndre Hopkins stalked the sideline. Do not get complacent, he warned teammates, animate that Patrick Mahomes would abide to bung passes, that Kansas Burghal entered the bold as Super Bowl favorites.

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Then, a football apocalypse. The agrarian scores, the wilder bounces, the adverse fourth-down playcall, the endless “this bold is drunk” tweets and, of course, the Chiefs’ ballsy comeback. But that’s not what Hopkins will bethink about that afternoon. He’ll bethink the attempt he took to the belly in the additional quarter, the one that took his animation away, that appropriate X-rays at halftime, that tore cartilage in his ribs. He’ll bethink jogging aback on the field, abandoned to break his appropriate basis feel aboriginal into the third quarter. “I didn’t care,” Hopkins says. “I popped it appropriate aback into abode and kept going.” His final tally: nine receptions, 118 yards and two injuries for a man who describes himself as both the toughest player—having absent abandoned two games, both absurd regular-season finales, in seven seasons—and the best receiver in the NFL.

This awning and all portraits of Hopkins for this allotment were taken while afterward able amusing break guidelines.

Darren Carroll/Sports Illustrated

Despite the gut-wrenching loss, aftermost division seemed to mark added of a alpha for Houston than an end. In his third year, Deshaun Watson had caked himself as a authorization quarterback, developing a clear-sighted affiliation with his admired ambition and adolescent Clemson alum. Hopkins and Watson could draw up plays in the huddle, sandlot style, like for the two touchdowns they affiliated on to exhausted the Colts. Or they could adjust, mid-route, afterwards alike a duke gesture, as they did on abysmal assurance adjoin the Saints and Bills. Off the acreage they generally met for dinner, laying out affairs for NFL domination, the championships they’d win, the Hall of Fame careers they’d carve out. Aback Hopkins’s acquaintance Michael Irvin watched the duo interact, they reminded him of himself and Emmitt Smith—before they won three championships with the Cowboys. In added words, the Texans stood on the bluff of greatness.

As Hopkins, 27, sat bottomward at his locker afterwards the game, amidst by blackout and his teammates, he had two thoughts: that the Texans had accustomed their ability fan abject a approaching to attending advanced to and that they would charge to end their cord of playoff disappointments afterwards him. The wideout had announced to his ancestors throughout the division about his admiration to alpha over, with a new team, and, added specifically, with a new boss. He believed that Bill O’Brien, the abandoned NFL drillmaster to additionally authority a accepted administrator title, had been arcade him for added than a year.

To the blow of a football-obsessed world, the abstraction that any aggregation would unload an aristocratic amateur in his prime—let abandoned one who had never agitated a diva label, proposed to a blame net or ripped his quarterback (even with the ambiguity beneath centermost that preceded Watson)—seemed ludicrous. But the barter that abashed the blow of the NFL came as no abruptness to Hopkins.

That January afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium he tugged off his jersey, met with reporters and crisscrossed the corridors until he begin his mother, Sabrina Greenlee. “We talked about this afore the year,” she told him. “I apperceive you guys had success as a aggregation and you got added than in the past. But if you’re accessible to go, I will be your No. 1 supporter.”

Anyone who knew Hopkins, his adventure and his accord with O’Brien would understand, he thought. At that point, though, few did. His Houston administration was over, admitting the teammates he loved, the quarterback he affirmed with and the burghal that had become his adopted home. What Hopkins knew was, “that allurement for a little accession would advance to the aftereffect that I got,” he says, “which is the aftereffect that I wanted.”

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* * *

The Parallels to Hopkins’s administration in Houston started aback at Clemson, in college, appropriate breadth he grew up. Aback Tigers abettor Dabo Swinney took over as arch drillmaster in 2008, he was bent to about-face about a affairs that hadn’t won 10 amateur in a division in about two decades. Alike admitting Hopkins stood abandoned 6′ 1″ and advised in the adjacency of 190 pounds, Swinney watched him adhere in the air, authoritative leaping, agee grabs, axis receptions into artwork and amateur into Cirque du Soleil performances. Swinney knew he’d begin a colonnade for his resurgence, a receiver who, the drillmaster says, “when he’s covered, he’s advanced open, and aback he’s double-covered, he’s still open.”

At the end of Hopkins’s inferior season, he faced an LSU aegis abounding with approaching pros in the Peach Bowl. Backward in the fourth division Clemson trailed by two and, with its breach backed way up, faced a fourth-and-16 with 1:22 remaining. Quarterback Tajh Boyd threw a biconcave liner adjoin Hopkins, who managed, while sliding, to grab it for a 26-yard gain, befitting animate the game-winning drive. Clemson would become a civic ability and comedy in four of the aftermost bristles civic championship games, claiming two titles. “That comedy helped us booty the abutting step,” Swinney says. Aback Hopkins alternate to campus this spring, his old drillmaster told him “there’s no 44–16”—the account by which Clemson defeated Alabama to win the 2018 championship—“without fourth-and-16.”

Hopkins took his own abutting steps, declaring for the draft, activity 27th to Houston, instantly authoritative pro defenders attending as asinine as overmatched academy corners. Irvin noticed Hopkins’s greatest strength, what has consistently distant him: his Hall of Fame anatomy control. Hopkins is what Irvin calls “an area-code guy,” acceptation he bent every brawl befuddled in his accepted vicinity. Best receivers with that affectionate of anatomy control—Irvin credibility to Cris Carter—cannot bout Hopkins’s speed. “That is the best important asset a advanced receiver can have,” Irvin says.

Hopkins was his accepted unstoppable cocky in his final bold as a Texan, rolling up big numbers in the playoff accident at Kansas City.

Greg Nelson/Sports Illustrated

Hopkins wonders whether actuality bow-legged as a adolescent affected him to acclimate in means that bigger his balance. But those adjustments were far easier than his activity off of the field. Growing up in poverty, with four siblings; watching his mother go dark afterwards addition woman threw acerbic in her face in a fit of anxious acerbity over a man both had been dating; seeing her assignment assorted jobs, afresh apprentice to alive afterwards her sight; animate that both his parents awash drugs; the afterlife of his ancestor aback DeAndre was six months old—all that shaped Hopkins’s mindset aloft his accomplishment set. Accord with the pain. Bodies you adulation can accomplish mistakes. Move forward.

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And—big and—in seven seasons, Hopkins has staked his affirmation as the NFL’s top wideout. He has surpassed 1,100 accepting yards bristles times and bent 54 touchdown passes while acceptable the second-youngest receiver to aggregate 600 receptions and finishing 2018 with career highs in catches (115) and yards (1,572). Aftermost division Hopkins became abandoned the fourth receiver aback 2000—along with Calvin Johnson, Antonio Brown and Chad Johnson—to be alleged first-team All-Pro by the Associated Press for at atomic three beeline years. But he never did complete the academy parallel, never delivered that signature postseason win.

All that set the date for the shock from outsiders that followed the trade. Hopkins wasn’t agilely surprised. He alike told accompany he had a anticipation he would be beatific to the Cardinals, and in mid-March, his apprehension came true. O’Brien swapped him and this year’s fourth-round aces for active aback David Johnson, a second-round alternative (2020) and a fourth-rounder (’21). Irvin reacted like anybody else. “I didn’t accept it,” he says. “DeAndre can box bodies out, he can ascend over you, booty the brawl off the top of your head, go bottomward and grab it off a casting of grass. That’s the greatest asset a young, adaptable quarterback can have. That’s why my apperception went boof! on this able trade.”

In the aftermath, two abstracted but accompanying belief bedeviled account cycles. One centered on why Hopkins had capital out. The added disparaged the amalgamation Houston accustomed in return. O’Brien told season-ticket holders on a appointment alarm that the move had been fabricated in the best interests of his team, alike spelling out T-E-A-M.

* * *

Hopkins took the alarm from O’Brien while alive out with Julio Jones in Los Angeles. Their antecedent reaction? “We both smiled,” Hopkins says. The drillmaster adopted a able access for the abrupt exchange, his accent and bulletin absolutely what the receiver had expected, accustomed the tenor of their interactions over the able six seasons. “There was no relationship,” Hopkins says. “Make abiding you put that in there. There’s not a lot to allege about.”

Watson, meanwhile, had aloof able his own conditioning with his clandestine quarterbacks coach, Quincy Avery, who saw dozens of letters about the barter aback he best up his phone. Avery told Watson, who anticipation he was joking. The quarterback ran to grab his own accessory and sat bottomward immediately, aggravating to accomplish faculty of the news; alike he was shocked. “Wow,” Watson said, over and over, afore announcement a Drake lyric on Twitter, the one that resonated above the NFL: “iconic duos rip and breach at the seams.”

Houston affected the move as an adverse bread-and-butter reality. Hopkins had active a five-year addendum in 2017 that affirmed him $49 million, added than any receiver in the league. But that accord bound became outdated, and in the three years that remained, none of the money—$12.5 actor abutting season, $13.5 actor in ’21 and $13.9 actor in ’22—was guaranteed. Hopkins capital addition extension, at or aloft Jones’s bacon with the Falcons (an boilerplate of $22 million), abnormally because what the Cowboys aloof paid Amari Cooper ($20 million, on average, for an inferior talent).

The Texans will additionally anon accost a salary-cap crunch, if, as expected, they accomplish huge affairs to Watson and larboard accouterment Laremy Tunsil—the closing a applied alarm because of the compensation they dealt to access him from the Dolphins eight months ago. Hopkins knew that in the team’s contempo history it had abandoned adapted one arrangement with added than two years actual (receiver Andre Johnson) and abandoned connected one amateur who had two years larboard (defensive end J.J. Watt). But wasn’t he the aforementioned affectionate of generational talent?

O’Brien has taken affluence of calefaction for trading his brilliant receiver.

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

As Irvin adjourned the barter from afar, he connected to feel as if he wasn’t audition the abounding story. This divorce, like best divorces but abnormally sports breakups, couldn’t accept been aloof about money. Every amateur on every aggregation wants more. So Irvin batten to Hopkins, who said all the appropriate things, about apropos O’Brien and absent a new start. But Hopkins additionally phoned aback two canicule later, and in that alarm they discussed an beforehand affair with O’Brien that helped explain why he had capital out. It took abode during aftermost season, which was odd because O’Brien and Hopkins had rarely met abreast before. Hopkins can’t anamnesis his drillmaster anytime allurement about his claimed life, or cogent apropos about his off-field choices. But in that affair Hopkins told Irvin that, in advertence to Hopkins’s friends, O’Brien brought up addition amateur he had coached, above Patriots bound end Aaron Hernandez, the bedevilled assassin who hanged himself in prison. O’Brien additionally acclimated the appellation “baby mothers” to accredit to the mothers of Hopkins’s three children, two boys and a girl. (He is not married.) O’Brien confidants say they agnosticism the drillmaster acclimated those exact words. But because the men lacked abyss in their relationship, the sentiments that O’Brien bidding didn’t appear above as 18-carat apropos for Hopkins and his well-being. They seemed like answers to why they had no accord in the aboriginal place. They acquainted like judgments, from a drillmaster who didn’t assume to affliction about him—plus the anachronous contract.

Hopkins doesn’t abjure the affair but prefers to not burrow deeper, adage only, “If I let the acumen of added bodies behest the absoluteness of my life, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now.” O’Brien, citation a agnate admiration to abstain a accessible back-and-forth, beneath to animadversion beyond, “We ambition him the actual best in Arizona.”

Irvin, as is his nature, doesn’t apperception a little delving. He addendum that Hopkins has never been arrested, that he counts CEOs and airy advisers amid his accompany and, unless there was article that hasn’t appear to light, that his adolescence assembly had never accepted to be an issue. “Listen, every atramentous amateur in the alliance has accompany like [Hopkins does],” Irvin says. “DeAndre should be commended, not criticized, for accepting to breadth he is from breadth he came from.”

After the additional call, the barter at atomic fabricated some faculty to Irvin. It wasn’t aloof about contract, although it factored in and, by allurement to accommodate it, Hopkins knew he could advantage his way out of town. “I knew it had to be something. Honestly, Drillmaster O’Brien should appetite this out, to say, This is why I fabricated that decision. I’m not that crazy.” Irvin says with a laugh. “He should be thanking me!”

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* * *

* * *

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Once Irvin aggregate the meeting’s capacity on ESPN, bearding sources began to acrylic a account of Hopkins as a advocate who had started to decline. Hopkins believes the sources hoped to befoul his name and absolve a barter that had been broadly panned.

The acknowledgment about the alliance batten beneath to why Hopkins larboard and added to the amount Houston accustomed in return, one of three cogent missteps—the Tunsil and Hopkins trades, additional the affected punt adjoin the Chiefs—that accept alleged the attributes of O’Brien’s administration into question. In fairness, O’Brien does own a 52–44 almanac as the Texans coach, complete with four playoff appearances and two postseason victories. It’s his GM achievement that’s harder to defend, abnormally aback Buffalo gave up added for Stefon Diggs than Arizona did for Hopkins. “This is why you don’t accomplish your drillmaster your accepted manager,” wrote one NFC GM in a argument bulletin to SI. “Laughable,” an NFC cadre controlling told SI, followed by three arrant emojis and one activated accept shrug. Alike in a year aback Hopkins’s statistics biconcave about to his aerial accepted of ’18, abounding about the NFL still assume to see him as a transformative receiver added than they see O’Brien as a able GM.

Hopkins did abode some of the bearding criticisms with SI. But first, he said, “Obviously, we apperceive breadth all that’s advancing from.”

He didn’t convenance generally enough. Hopkins says that stems mostly from 2018, aback he tore ligaments in his larboard ankle, acute tightrope surgery; suffered added maladies (like accommodation toe); and was capricious to comedy best of the season, missing practices but no games. Notably, the Texans won nine beeline in his best pro campaign, authoritative it adamantine to altercate his absences aching his team. “No evidence,” Hopkins says. “Go aback and analysis the convenance film.”

He afraid with the amiss crowd. Hopkins action and says his best acquaintance and housemate is his cousin, D.J. Greenlee, a banker for a sports bureau in California. He spends time with appearance and appliance designers, architects, developers, ancestors and adolescent athletes. Business leaders accelerate him books to read. The latest: Extreme Ownership, How U.S. Navy SEALs Advance and Win. The aggregate is fitting, accustomed the contest of this spring, because Hopkins says it capacity how the best teams appear together. The accordant takeaway? The alarm of authoritative alignment.

His comedy biconcave in 2019, aback his yards afterwards the bolt and yards per ambition went down. That ignores mitigating factors. Accelerated wideouts Kenny Stills and Will Fuller both absent cogent time, acceptance defenses to consistently bifold Hopkins. He still bent 104 passes, still acquired 1,165 accepting yards and still had a bolt allotment (69.3) that about akin his high, from a year beforehand (70.6). Best No. 1 receivers would accede that a career year. All for a playoff T-E-A-M, he says.

Hopkins, who already had to be agitated off the acreage during a December 2018 win over the Jets, has consistently played through injuries throughout his career.

Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports

What goes unmentioned is that Hopkins admired Houston, was abandoned 20 aback the Texans drafted him, that he became a baton and a mentor, absorbed himself in the community, stood up for those who could not angle for themselves, begin a quarterback he believed in and led Houston to the postseason four times. It’s not the burghal he has an affair with—and he’s not the being the fan abject now targets with its ire. A Change.org address gluttonous the adjournment of O’Brien has added than 23,000 signatures.

Hopkins can’t advice but anticipate what he ability accept able with Watson had they played their absolute careers together, two kids from Clemson with able ties to distinct mothers who had battled the affliction that activity could boost at them, now auctioning with Mahomes for AFC supremacy as a new NFL era dawned. Hopkins will still basis for Watson. “Deshaun is activity to be amazing afterwards me,” he says.

One ages afterwards the trade, Houston confused to acquisition a backup aloft its receiver abyss chart, sending abstract picks to the Rams to access Brandin Cooks, a accelerated wideout with a connected history of concussions and the attenuate acumen of accepting been traded three times; a beneath durable, beneath complete adaptation of Hopkins. Meanwhile, Hopkins’s accession in Arizona, forth with Tom Brady’s move to Tampa Bay in the aforementioned 48-hour period, added reshapes the NFC.

As for O’Brien? The bearding sources? Teams accept altered philosophies, Hopkins says, and he charge account them. “The Patriots”—where O’Brien was an assistant—“win championships afterwards a awful paid receiver,” Hopkins says. “Some of those philosophies do work.”

Hopkins alleged his mother as those bearding sources accomplished holes in his reputation. “I’m not perfect,” he told her. “I’ve fabricated mistakes. But afterwards what we’ve been through . . .” He trailed off. She knew.

* * *

While Hopkins dealt with the after-effects of his trade, he leaned on what he has consistently stood for. He knew, alike as an bankrupt adolescent in South Carolina, that he was different. Gifted, sure. But added than that. He didn’t dress like the added accouchement in his neighborhood; he scoured abatement food to acquisition bright scarves and brand-name shirts. He argued for individuality and ancestral adequation with anyone who disagreed. He grew dreadlocks because he apparent a boundless action that bodies who wore them could still be discriminated adjoin at work. For his individuality, he believes that he was advised connected afore he anytime sat in O’Brien’s office.

“That’s what happens, abnormally in America,” Hopkins says. “That’s why I abrasion my beard up with pride, because I apperceive that we, as people, drew backbone from our hair. I will never cut [mine] because I apperceive who I am. And there’s ability in animate absolutely who I am.”

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Hopkins consistently told teammates to accomplish their own decisions, that they didn’t accept to abrasion gold chains because added players did, but that if they capital to, they should. Aback Colin Kaepernick started admiration during the civic canticle in 2016 to beef badge atrocity and ancestral inequality, Hopkins went out and affective 10 Kap jerseys. He bent abuse from what he calls “those racist Russian bots” on amusing media but displayed his account for the bulletin publicly, with pride.

Then came the anniversary that embodied DeAndre Hopkins, that adumbrated how he would handle the barter this spring. Afore the Texans played in Seattle that October, ESPN appear a story, commendation Houston’s owner, the backward Bob McNair, cogent his adolescent billionaires in a leaguewide affair that “we can’t accept inmates active the prison,” apropos canticle protests. Hopkins larboard the team’s ability the day that account surfaced, cogent teammates who had said they’d accompany him, “S—, backpack y’all being then.” As he absolved out, Hopkins says he acquainted great, light, that he had done the appropriate affair behindhand of the consequences.

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Hopkins denounced the comments, adage he couldn’t belie his feelings: that he acquainted like a slave, that this was a adept acclimation his workers aback to the fields. But alike afresh he showed affinity to McNair, who Hopkins acclaimed was earlier and from the South, breadth Hopkins knew immediate how acutely accepted the added adverse history of America absolutely was. Alike now, afterwards answer McNair’s comment, Hopkins says that McNair was a acceptable man who afflicted Hopkins’s activity and that he hopes McNair rests in peace. Hopkins showed added compassionate for McNair’s accomplishments than O’Brien would appearance for his. “Of course, [the inmates comment] was bulls—,” Hopkins says. “But I’m not activity to augment into the negativity. America is congenital on assertive values, and some of those ethics aren’t in the absorption of bodies [like me]. That’s aloof the apple we alive in.”

Throughout his career, aloof as in that moment, Hopkins connected to ascertain himself, rather than acquiesce others to ascertain him. He has helped his mother alpha a nonprofit to aid survivors of calm violence. He dived into autogenous design, accepting planned an offseason assignment cruise to Italy this bounce afore the coronavirus swept above the world. He wants to apish up added comfortable, added anatomic appointment chairs for a nation of anteroom citizenry blockage on their fantasy football teams. And he says he’s closing in on starting his own business, breadth he will aggregation up with the affluence casting Golden Goose, a aggregation that he says understands that blemish can according uniqueness, that articulation is important, that addition like him can actualize article added around-the-clock than alike his football career.

He’s a reader, a designer, an activist—and a football player. Did that accelerate his avenue from Houston? He doesn’t say that. But he does say that anyone who thinks such individuality ability arrest success on the acreage should analysis out the career of LeBron James. “I don’t anticipate anyone would cartel say he’s affliction the team,” Hopkins says.

* * *

Darren Carroll/Sports Illustrated

Friends accept approved to accomplish Hopkins feel better, calling the barter the affliction in the history of Houston sports. He appreciates the sentiments, but in a way they’re no altered to him than the barbs advancing from those bearding sources. Instead, a adduce from one drillmaster resonated added than any other. What happened bygone isn’t real.

“Meaning,” Hopkins says, “that no amount what happens, you accept to move forward.”

Anger won’t advice him in Arizona, which is why he’s not ambitious a new contract, alike admitting both abandon are alive adjoin one that ability accomplish him the highest-paid nonquarterback in the NFL. A apparently friendlier drillmaster in Kliff Kingsbury should help. So will a casting of accomplished teammates, including Larry Fitzgerald, the approaching Hall of Fame receiver; accelerated wideout Christian Kirk; able active aback Kenyan Drake; and addition admirable adolescent quarterback in Kyler Murray, the 2019 Offensive Rookie of the Year. The Cardinals able angry for 16th in scoring aftermost season, with a first-year drillmaster and QB—before abacus DeAndre Hopkins. “Obviously, the bold is changing,” he says. “The Chiefs won the Super Bowl with the affectionate of breach we have.”

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Hopkins won’t be able to assignment out with Murray this spring. Weeks anesthetized afore he could booty his physical, but Hopkins passed, as did David Johnson, authoritative the accord official. He can’t yet move to the Phoenix breadth because of the aforementioned precautions. But he’s not worried. He never is. The aboriginal affair he did afterwards the barter was accord $150,000 to coronavirus abatement efforts in his new state. “I’m a stress-free person,” he says. “I alive in the present. I abandoned affliction about this T-E-A-M.”

A attempt at O’Brien, a attending to the approaching and the aforementioned affair afresh bubbles to the surface. “Change is good,” Hopkins says. “It’s not weird, this time we’re active in, because if you’re spiritual, you accept that appropriate now it is time to change.” No one could accept predicted what’s happening, he says, black the deaths and the restrictions. “That’s never good,” he continues. “But I see the apple advancing together, organizations and bodies alive to advice and assure anniversary other. We’ve never had annihilation like that, either, for altruism to cull calm like it is now.”

“Peace and love,” he says as he hangs up, on addition afternoon aback bygone wasn’t absolute but tomorrow absolutely will be.

This adventure appears in the May 2020 affair of Sports Illustrated. To subscribe, bang here.

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