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Editor’s note: With the Atlanta United division on pause, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is demography a attending aback at some of the bigger moments in club history. Over the abutting several weeks, we will accompany you a Behind The Scenes alternation in which our all-embracing advertisement lets you in on advice never afore known. Today: The aboriginal Atlanta United bold at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 

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The acrylic was still drying, not metaphorically but literally, aback Atlanta United assuredly got to comedy its aboriginal bold in  Mercedes-Benz Amphitheater on Sept. 10, 2017.

The aggregation was declared to accept spent the absoluteness of its countdown division in the $1.5 billion amphitheater but architecture delays pushed the aperture aback on a calendar that during today’s COVID-19 lockdown seems like article account cat-and-mouse for, but afresh seemed like it would be the end of the apple if the architecture didn’t accessible yesterday.

Instead, Atlanta United played its aboriginal nine home amateur at Georgia Tech’s Bobby Dodd Stadium, which angry out to be an absurd breadth for soccer because of its atmosphere, the cityscape in the accomplishments and how the supporters could be appropriate on top of the activity because of the agreement of the stands.

No one knew what Mercedes-Benz Amphitheater was activity to be like or, added importantly, feel like. And it bare to be acceptable because there wasn’t time for rehearsals and the aggregation was about to comedy seven of its abutting eight amateur in the architecture and bare wins.

From blaze alarms activity off, to bend flags possibly missing, to advancing hurricanes, actuality is the adventure of that aboriginal game, won by Atlanta United 3-0 adjoin Dallas, told by some of those who were there: Atlanta United President Darren Eales, Vice Presidents Carlos Bocanegra and Catie Griggs, AMB Vice President of Aegis Joe Coomer, TV anchorperson Kevin Egan, Fox sportscaster John Strong, radio analyst Jason Longshore, players Michael Parkhurst, Julian Gressel and Leandro Gonzalez Pirez, and adherent Vera Zeigler.

Some quotes accept been edited for context, accuracy or length. 

Eales: Aback I go aback to it, I array of was (nervous). I had a bit of trepidation. We had Bobby Dodd to alpha with. It was a draft that we weren’t activity appropriate to Mercedes-Benz from the start. We pivoted and approved to achieve it as best we could. We alleged it “Project Lemonade,” this accomplished abstraction that we had a adventitious to analysis things out. 

I remember, I adeptness accept been talking to you, I said we adeptness accept fabricated the lemonade too good. Bodies are activity to absence Bobby Dodd. How’s it activity to be at Mercedes-Benz Stadium? 

Arthur Blank had spent added than $1.5 billion on this new stadium. All I could anticipate was it had bigger be bigger than Bobby Dodd or I’m activity to be for the aerial jump.

Longshore: One of my admired things about the aperture bout at Mercedes-Benz Amphitheater happened able-bodied afore the aperture whistle, or alike the aperture of the gates to get in the building. We did a Soccer Bottomward Actuality appearance from The Faction’s tailgate in the Gulch, and afresh absolved through the Gulch and all of the added tailgates to the building. It acquainted like the aboriginal anytime Atlanta soccer homecoming. I ran into above Atlanta Ruckus players, above Atlanta Silverbacks players, adolescence coaches and administrators, and so abounding others that represented altered genitalia of the Atlanta soccer community. Atlanta soccer absolutely acquainted United on that day. 

Strong: The affair that stands out to me from aback we were at Mercedes-Benz for the aboriginal time, because we took a self-guided bout the day before, I was really, absolutely afflicted by — and it set the date for the atmosphere and the consecutive atmospheres — was how it acquainted like Atlanta United’s stadium. There  was a advised attack to accord them their own bathrobe room. To accept that one accomplished ancillary of that accident akin on the floor, breadth there were no Falcons signage. It acquainted like Atlanta United’s stadium. Aback we’ve done amateur there, alike with bargain capacity, it doesn’t feel like a big alveolate amphitheater that feels half-full. It feels like a abounding stadium. And it’s Atlanta United’s stadium. That’s a cogent aberration from added stadiums we’ve been in breadth it’s an NFL team’s amphitheater that they are sharing. That set the date from Day One. This feels really, absolutely different.

One of the bigger issues for the club was the acumen of affective from one breadth to the next, decidedly for security. Those at the bold were activity to accept admission to players that was clashing annihilation at Bobby Dodd. That fell to Coomer and his aggregation to bulk out. 

Coomer: The bigger takeaway from that bout on Sept. 7, we’d had the architecture accessible 14 days, beneath than 100 alike hours, we were still aggravating to bulk out how do you about-face the lights on? How do you about-face the lights off? 

The bulk of admission to players for soccer, was apparently one of the bigger challenges. For me, addition with 20 years in the NFL … “we are activity to airing the players through the advanced aboideau of the building.” 

“Uh, what?” 

“We are activity to put the locker allowance appropriate beyond from the club.” 


“We are activity to airing the players through the club to the bench.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

That’s the antecedent jump off for a guy in my position with aegis and bedfellow casework and medical and police, aggravating to explain the bulk of admission that we capital to provide. 

Aegis was addition issue. Addition was aggravating to achieve abiding that the players knew what was activity on. 

Coomer: And afresh cogent the players, dressed to the nines, that you are activity to appear off and appoint with the fans. I anticipate a brace of players were like, “uhhhh.” 

A lot of them said, “No se.” That was one of the aboriginal comments I got. 

To get them through that and to see what the basic and the plan had been all about and alive with our supporters has been an amazing experience. They don’t appear with any bad habits. They came with abolitionist account of what they capital to do and how they capital to engage. 

Bocanegra: You will acquisition this funny. I was cerebration about this aftermost night, I can’t bethink who we played. 

The acumen why I was cerebration that I cannot bethink who we played, I bethink activity to the stadium, authoritative abiding the locker apartment were acceptable to go, authoritative abiding the players’ families knew breadth to go, there were so abounding added things activity on that I honestly, the game-game, I don’t bethink a accomplished lot of it. 

The accent akin was appealing high. How’s the breeze activity to go, how’s the bus avenue activity to go, how will the admirers accept us, will the players bethink breadth to park, do they apperceive how to get to the stadium, did they bethink their parking canyon and if they do balloon their parking canyon who is on top of that? 

All those acumen we were absolutely afraid about. Do we accept coffee that the players like? Holy cow this is activity 100 afar per hour actuality and this is a massive accident that we can’t blend up. 

Everything at Georgia Tech was absolutely altered than at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. We were bedlam afore the game, do we alike accept bend flags that are for turf? The amphitheater aggregation had fabricated abiding that they did adjustment abstracted ones. 

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Little things that would be like a adversity if we didn’t accept them. 

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Parkhurst: I bethink they brought families in there to appearance them breadth seats would be and how to get around. There was a lot activity on because it was such a massive amphitheater and aggregate was cast new. 

The game-day acquaintance fell to Griggs, who was in her added or third anniversary on her job, and adverse her aboriginal bold as an Atlanta United associate. 

Griggs: My akin of abhorrence and all-overs may accept been added outsized than that of my colleagues. 

I become the advance applicant for the stadium, to achieve it accessible from a semantics standpoint. 

“What does an Atlanta United bout attending and feel like? How do we ensure that it feels like we appetite to feel?” 

A soccer acquaintance is altered than an NFL acquaintance which is altered than a concert experience. 

Those decisions clarify up to me. 

I don’t anticipate I had a abounding acknowledgment that was my role aback I got to that aboriginal game. 

I showed up 5 hours above-mentioned to that aboriginal match. But it was my aboriginal bout day. Wasn’t abiding how basic translated to my role. 

“So what should I be doing?” 

They looked at me like I had four heads. 

“I appetite to get my calmly dirty. There’s no job to small.” 

“You don’t know? You are in charge.” 

“That’s great. I accept a lot of acquaintance actuality inn charge. What am I in allegation of?” 


Deep breaths and affection palpitations. 

One of the big differences was how the players would admission Mercedes-Benz Stadium. They would leave the locker room, airing beyond a concourse, through the Delta Sky360 Club, and assimilate the angle at midfield. 

But….there were some things that bare to be discussed. 

Coomer: The aboriginal walk-through, aback the players appear through, we were aloof cerebration it’s the players, United. 

“No, it’s a procession.” 

“What is that?” 

“We are activity to accompany the visiting team, the brawl kids, the referees walking out, the communications guy walking backward, the brawl and angle that’s advancing through, we are activity to put smoke all through here.” 

The blaze all-overs absolutely went off in the Delta Club that night because of the smoke machines and those filters bottomward there set it off. We silenced it appealing quick. 

It was all those little things. 

The players knew they were activity to airing through the Sky360 Club Lounge. But amplitude was an issue. 

Parkhurst: The admirers were appropriate on top of us and way too abutting to us. I bethink aloof adage if the bold hadn’t gone well, that’s a absolutely bound breadth to be walking through. 

What some may not bethink is Atlanta United wasn’t arena well. It had becoming aloof three credibility in the antecedent four games. It was in sixth in the Eastern Conference. It bare victories. 

Eales: There was a little bit of burden on us. Anybody was talking about accepting those home amateur as an advantage. They are alone an advantage if you absolutely win them. 

Parkhurst: We were sitting appropriate in the average of the table advancing up to a absolutely active amplitude in the division and alive that we absolutely bare to win these games. There was some burden on us and we capital to alpha off actual able-bodied in our new home. So there was pressuring activity into the bold to accept a acceptable performance, to account a agglomeration of goals, to get the army into the game. 

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Addition affair was how would the army acknowledge in Mercedes-Benz Stadium? Would they stand, like they did at Bobby Dodd? Would it be as loud as at Bobby Dodd? 

Eales: There was a little bit of me that was a bit nervous. We weren’t abiding how the atmosphere would construe to the new stadium. I anticipate aback to that aboriginal bold – we had been alive absolutely adamantine – architecture a amphitheater like Mercedes-Benz Stadium, we had apparent it at Tottenham’s amphitheater that had been delayed by over a year and was still absurd that they got it (Mercedes) congenital with some of the intricacies like the roof and the aura lath and aggregate else. 

But aback we went in there, we were up adjoin it alive to get it accessible for that aboriginal game, the atmosphere – our wall, the way we advised it so that our supporters would be beneath the window to the burghal – the accomplished abstraction of authoritative that steepest breadth breadth we had the best fans. 

Griggs: Best afraid about the aggregate of unknowns. It wasn’t our aboriginal match. It was our aboriginal time putting these admirers …into the amphitheater for the aboriginal time. 

The capo stand, clashing at Bobby Dodd breadth it’s actual accessible to put a capo angle in advanced of a section, we had to annihilate some suites to do that at the adequately aftermost minute. 

You aloof don’t apperceive what you don’t know. 

We’ve done our best to prepare, now we accept to let the bodies into the architecture to see what happens. 

Gressel’s acknowledgment as the players absolved out assimilate the field: 

Gressel: Walking out assimilate the acreage for the aboriginal time with the bodies in the stands – the amphitheater looks amazing anyhow afterwards bodies in it – but with the admirers it was so cool. It was awesome. We were all nervous. We knew how abundant Bobby Dodd was for us, and what an atmosphere that created for us, so we were all a bit afraid to see what Mercedes-Benz would be like. It would be great. The admirers fabricated it so abundant better. 

One of the things the supporters did in the pre-game afterwards the civic canticle was actualization a tifo featuring an admiration to the TV series, “Atlanta.” 

Eales: All those decisions were vindicated because the atmosphere and the ablaze tifo based on the Donald Glover show, a absolutely ablaze beheld with the window to the city, but the babble was incredible. 

That for me was that moment that alike afore we got to the bold itself and denticulate that aboriginal goal, that activity of ‘Wow, this is activity to be article amazing.’ 

Zeigler: We acquainted the abstraction captures the consequence of the moment. It featured Josef, Miggy and Tito. My acquaintance Alex Morrison and I formed calm to actualize the final artefact with Resurgennce and the added adherent groups.

And afresh the bold started. It took six account for Atlanta United to appearance that it was accessible to affect in its new home. Josef Martinez was hauled bottomward by Dallas goalkeeper Jesse Gonzalez in the amends box. The adjudicator awarded a amends kick, but VAR recommended a added look. The amends was coiled off. 

It didn’t matter. Eight account later, Leandro Gonzalez Pirez ashore out a leg and deflected a attack from Hector Villalba into the goal. Atlanta United led 1-0 in the 14th minute. 

Eales: It’s about like it’s still activity to hit the aback of the net it was activity so slowly. It aloof array of formed its way into the goal. If it was on grass I anticipate it would accept chock-full able-bodied afore the ambition line. You could accept had big allowance in Vegas on LGP scoring the aboriginal ambition at Mercedes-Benz. 

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Gonzalez Pirez: It was an absurd and enduring moment in my life, because we inaugurated an absorbing stadium, abounding of blessed admirers as abundant as we are. I bethink that two canicule afore the bold we accomplished there for the aboriginal time and we were absolutely afraid with such a creation. On bold day we accustomed at the amphitheater with abundant all-overs to debut, we were all aflame about scoring the aboriginal ambition there, I bethink that actual aboriginal we denticulate a amends and there we acclaimed but internally we said, Okay Josef will account the aboriginal goal, but I bethink that With the VAR, it was canceled and afresh in a chock-full brawl bold I had that befalling and it was article for me that was never asleep from my apperception and I anticipate that of all the admirers either because it was article historical. The alteration was a bit aberrant because we played on accustomed grass and alteration to arena on bogus grass afflicted a lot but bound with the cardinal of amateur we played that ages we got acclimated to it and became actual able at home. 

 Eales was sitting in Arthur Blank’s apartment for the game. It was the aboriginal time that division he had done that. As he saw the brawl cantankerous the line, he wasn’t absolutely accessible to bless because of VAR. 

Eales: We had the amends alleged aback beforehand in the game. This (VAR) was absolutely new, it had appear in centermost through our season. IT afflicted the way you approached the game. My antecedent anticipation was, “Was he offside?” I wasn’t abiding until I saw the epitomize and Tito headed it that I saw he wasn’t in an offside position. Alike then, I couldn’t get excited. I’ve got a TV adviser appropriate beside me with the alive augment that I can replay. I attending at the epitomize and afresh I apperceive that it was a ambition and I can celebrate. 

And bless he did. 

Eales: The Leandro goal, like every ambition we’ve denticulate aback in Mercedes-Benz, I’m high-fiving Arthur and adhering him. 

Atlanta United bedeviled Dallas. Bethink the capo stand? It played a allotment in addition moment that Eales said he’ll never forget. It happened in the 41st minute aback the cap signaled to the supporters to alpha the “A-T-L” chant. 

Eales: He (Blank) and I got the hairs on the aback of our close aback we got to the 41st minute and do the “A-T-L” clap. The moment we did the applause in that amphitheater with anybody standing, its cast new, decidedly for Arthur because I came in backward on lath backward with the amphitheater but for Arthur this was article he’d been attractive at for 10 years, that was a absolutely appropriate moment to see the activity and atmosphere in that amphitheater and to be appreciative of what Arthur had accomplished in architecture a amphitheater downtown. He could accept calmly gone to the suburbs and taken it from the burghal center, but that’s not what Arthur wanted. He’s addition that thinks for the acceptable of the city. To accept that burghal stadium, we apperceive can host things like Super Bowls, Apple Cups in the future, and be downtown, that was a absolute moment. That was electric atmosphere in agreement of the accomplished amphitheater accomplishing the “A-T-L” clap. 

There were two appropriate guests on duke to watch the aboriginal bold at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 

Egan: I’ll never balloon my acquaintance at the aboriginal bout at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, not because I was calling it, but because I was beat a hurricane! Aback ‘Irma’ became a life-threatening class 5, my ancestors and accompany in Miami all absitively to drive to Atlanta. It took us 23 hours! A barbarous experience, but the abutting morning Darren Eales contacted me adage he had heard of our ordeal, and asked would we like to appear the bold at MBS. It was so anxious of the club. An acclaimed acquaintance at the best breadth on earth, and a solid win too! 

Eales: Carlos and I knew Kevin through beIn sports aback we had done interviews aback Tata came on lath and we’d done the ambit in Miami. We got on and I absolutely admired some of the actuality he was doing. Like anything, we are consistently befitting an eye on players, coaches, broadcasters, bodies who you anticipate bottomward the band could be addition that you’d like to assignment with. So I had kept in blow with Keven. From my perspective, annihilation we could do to advice out anyone in the industry we would do. But I charge admit, already in my mind, I had the anticipation that if the time came appropriate and we bare to move on a anchorperson in the future, Kevin was on my abbreviate list. There was a little bit of an ambiguous motive. 

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Eales: I’m a bit of, I would say a history buff, my wife would say a hoarder, a brace of things for me. My parents came over from England. I was absolutely aflame that they could appear to the aboriginal bold at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. That’s article I was appreciative of that they could be there. 

Atlanta United denticulate afresh in the 46th ambition on a ambition by Martinez and afresh in the 68th minute on a ambition by Greg Garza, which amused Eales. 

Eales: We hit the bar twice, we created lots of chances, there was a goal-line clearance, we had the amends bristles account in that was alleged back. I do anticipate it was one of our bigger performances that division in agreement of absolute ascendancy by the added team. Capped off by what I anticipate summed us up that season, achieve addition like Carlos (Bocanegra), a apostle who had played larboard aback in his time, the actuality that our third goal, our extreme actuality advanced and we are 2-nil up, attractive to affirmation our three points, is Greg Garza. The third one, the cantankerous comes in, Josef (Martinez) dummies it and our larboard aback is absolutely a backyard from the ambition band to tap it in. That summed up the way that Greg Garza played his game: comedy both ways. 

Atlanta United accomplished with 18 shots, 12 on goal. Atlanta United administrator Gerardo Martino said it was his team’s best achievement that season. The abomination of the angle was a reason. 

Eales: What strikes me is we had been attractive advanced so abundant to activity to Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Aggregate we had done about it, from the admeasurement of the pitch, was about accepting a aggregation that could booty advantage of the pitch. We put our aggregation calm with that in mind. Bobby Dodd was admirable but it was a bound angle about to what we accept at Mercedes-Benz. Admitting that was the aboriginal bold and a sample admeasurement of one you absolutely got a faculty in that bout of how alarming we could be as a aggregation with that added space. 

It cut a brace of ways. One, it gave us added amplitude for players like Miguel and Tito to run into. Second, teams that approved to appear and avert adjoin us, alike aback you are switching abandon and I anticipate you see that a lot added as teams came, let’s go to the abutting division in ’18, ’19 and alike the aboriginal allotment of this season, if you appear in and defend, if you go from ancillary to ancillary there’s added amplitude for them to cover. That agency added running. It still plays into our hands. That aboriginal bold was a apple of what we acquainted we could get from a bigger angle and encapsulated it. 

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Longshore:  I bethink actuality addled adequately aboriginal on in our radio advertisement that the added amplitude at Mercedes-Benz Amphitheater was activity to be a big advice to this team. With so abundant acceleration on hand, Atlanta United could advance teams out and run by them so abundant easier in their new home than at the added attenuated Bobby Dodd Stadium. It acquainted like the Benz was Atlanta’s turbo button because amateur sped up and advance out, which fit Tata Martino’s adopted appearance of comedy like a glove. 

Strong: Atlanta United aloof ripped Dallas apart. It was aloof afore they put the 7-nil up. It had already been an absorbing start. Alike admitting it had plateaued a little bit that summer, they were advancing aback to life. If you accept back, on Greg Garza’s goal, it was a tremendous, abounding movement up the field. You can apprehend on the advertisement call, alike afore the ambition goes on, you can apprehend the complete of addition clapping. That’s Brad Friedel (the blush commentator) clapping. He would do that already a year aback article absolutely afflicted him.  Stefan Frei the year afore in the MLS Cup was another. His appreciation. It was a abundant aggregate of Atlanta United’s comedy on the acreage but additionally the acceptation of how altered this acquainted with an MLS aggregation administration a amphitheater with an NFL team. 

 And the army came through. 

Eales: We had that abstruse behavior. Alike admitting we were in Mercedes-Benz Amphitheater with the super-comfy seats, the added ample leg room, everybody stood because that’s what you did for Atlanta United games. That created the activity that has been a bequest of the aggregation and why Atlanta United stands out and why our admirers are accepted candidly throughout the apple for the activity they create. 

Parkhurst: I bethink the army actuality electric. Absolutely loud. Absolutely appropriate opening. Bang off. Anthem. The accomplished affair was aloof grand. Added alum than apparently annihilation MLS had anytime seen. Our fears about them not actuality to replicating Bobby Dodd were put to bed because the amphitheater was agitation and everybody was standing. We knew it was a appropriate abode to comedy for sure, beeline off the bat. 

There was one added moment that bare some tweaking on the fly. 

Coomer: We set a cardinal of ambition dates to do rehearsals, but afterwards the adeptness to get into the architecture you couldn’t do it. We accept the concept. We accept the theory. 

A lot of army clay we acclimated with affective bodies aback and forth. 

And afresh Elena (Cizmaric’s) like we aren’t to do postgame columnist appointment in the Falcons’ locker room, we are activity to do it in that locker room. 

“Keep afraid them up, let’s go.” 

We didn’t say no. We would say, “Yes, we don’t accept any bananas.” But we go to yes as abounding times as we could to affair these challenges. United is not the Falcons, by any amplitude of the imagination. The artefact and the people, it’s a altered fan. What they appetite to do and be able to do. The apprenticeship agents and training staff. The ideologies and what they appetite to achieve is absolutely different. 

Atlanta United abstruse acquaint from that aboriginal bold that it still uses today., partially because of analysis of attendees that it uses afterwards every game. There is now a abundant added breadth for the players to airing through the Delta Sky360 Club, for starters. 

Coomer: The admirers abstruse you can be bottomward in that club and you can see the players and they will appoint you. 

Those Josef over there demography a selfie with my 10 year old. 

That admission fabricated that abode the abode to be. 

Griggs: A little archetype of article that we afflicted is actual aboriginal on is … we had some challenges on egress. The all-inclusive majority of our admirers break until the actual end and afresh leave at once. It’s a lot of bodies accepting out and the amphitheater had been advised to acquiesce that to be done safely. But there were some credibility of congestion. 

We spent an abominable lot of time belief video of absolutely breadth we were active into burden credibility and how to achieve abiding admirers were able to feel safe as they larboard the building. At the end of the day, that’s if our accomplished goal. We accept to ensure the assurance of our fans. In this ambiance that has never been added true. 

We spent a lot of time adjustment signage. We spent a lot of time talking about escalators..little things like all of the carts breadth you accept the ketchup and mustard, we accomplished by the 75th or 80th minute those charge to be pushed adjoin the walls. Little things but little things you don’t necessarily anticipate about until you see how it operates in the absolute world. 

We abstruse and fabricated changes almost quickly. You see those things still in abode today. 

Bocanegra: I anticipate it went off appealing well. 

Eales: I’ll be honest, aboriginal day it was let’s get a win, let’s achieve abiding there are no absolute disasters and let’s accept a abundant atmosphere. We ticked the boxes on all three.

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