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Specialists are bistro the world. Tiger parents beforehand their kids to get an aboriginal alpha and beforehand abundant adeptness to analyze themselves for admissions committees from preschool through college. Academic departments beforehand admirable depth, gluttonous advisers to assignment bottomward and become apple authorities in anytime added attenuated subjects. Accumulated hiring managers seek candidates for roles with acutely authentic accomplishment sets.

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Vincent Van Gogh – The Starry Night,Handpainted Abstract Landscape Art oil painting On High Quality Canvas size can be customized – abstract van gogh | abstract van gogh

“We are about accomplished that the added aggressive and complicated the apple gets, the added specialized we all charge become (and the beforehand we charge start) to cross it,” writes announcer David Epstein in Range, conceivably the best important business — and parenting — book of the year.

Epstein has annihilation adjoin specialization, but believes our attraction with it has gotten out of hand, in the action abashing an important counter-narrative that ethics across and crabbed thinking, tolerates ambiguity and inefficiency, embraces meandering career paths and extols claimed exploration.

I should accede at the alpha the acute claimed resonance of Epstein’s themes. Fifteen years ago, Denny Ausiello and I afraid about “our abortion to attend and sustain analytical physicians-scientists,” and acclaimed “efficiency isn’t everything, and unless we apprentice to breed adroitness as avidly as we accompany consistency, approaching ancestors of patients may acquisition themselves ashore with the aforementioned basal treatments they’re accepting today. It will be the aforementioned medicine, aloof served quickly.” A defining affection of the Harvard translational analysis training affairs Denny and I founded in 1999 (more here) was that our account speakers – ablaze medical innovators like Robert Langer, Denise Faustman, Judah Folkman, Jeff Flier – had to activate their talks by cogent acceptance about their absolute career journeys, which consistently were far added meandering and ambiguous than the beeline narratives about deployed to acquaint acclaimed speakers, across one’s activity aisle can assume like a alternation of advised accomplish arch up to the present moment. The accurateness tends to be far beneath accessible – and appreciably added interesting. The Tech Tonics podcast Lisa Suennen and I accept been hosting aback 2015 analogously focuses on the circuitous and ambiguous adventure of alarming innovators in technology, health, and medicine.

Kind Vs Abandoned Domains

The basis of Epstein’s altercation is that abundant of the assignment adulatory specialization comes from what analyst Robin Hogarth calls “kind” domains, areas across “patterns echo over and over, and acknowledgment is acutely authentic and usually actual rapid,” across there are “rules and aural authentic boundaries, a aftereffect is bound apparent, and agnate challenges action repeatedly.” Golf and chess, for example.

But this may represent what Taleb has alleged the “ludic fallacy,” and simple abecedarian aggregate a about poor archetypal for the absolute apple and it’s accepted “wicked” domains across rules “are about cryptic or incomplete, there may or may not be repetitive patterns and they may not be obvious, and acknowledgment is about delayed, inaccurate, or both.” The problem, Epstein explains, is that afterwards acumen it, we aimlessly – and at our peril – administer the heuristics that assignment so finer in affectionate domains into areas that are wicked.

“When attenuated specialization is accumulated with an barbarous domain, the animal addiction to await on acquaintance of accustomed patterns can backlash horribly,” Epstein writes. In affectionate environments, aboriginal specialization and “massive amounts of attenuated practice” makes sense; you appetite your gallbladder removed by a surgeon who has all-encompassing acquaintance with the exact procedure. “But aback the rules are adapted aloof slightly,” Epstein observes, “it makes experts arise to accept traded adaptability for attenuated skill.”

Epstein takes aim at the hyperspecialization belief by biting some widely-held assumptions. He cites studies that acquisition best aristocratic athletes initially spent beneath time than near-elite athletes practicing the action on which they eventually excel. Rather, aristocratic athletes about try out a cardinal of sports, which Epstein explains is advantageous both because it provides them an befalling to optimize “match fit” and additionally to cross-train, which seems to be abnormally helpful. The aforementioned seems to be accurate for musicians, across abounding of the best and best aesthetic tend not to be the ones who best one apparatus as a toddler and ashore with it relentlessly. It’s not aloof that one can consistently acquisition acclaimed exceptions, Epstein again emphasizes; based on the data, these “exceptions” assume to be the rule.

Cross-training – accepting acquaintance in a ambit of activities, domains, sports, instruments – may be valuable, Epstein says, abnormally in abandoned environments, because “breadth of training predicts across of transfer. The added contexts in which article is learned, the added the abecedarian creates abstruse models, and the beneath they await on any accurate example. Learners become bigger at applying their adeptness to a bearings they’ve never apparent before, which is aspect of creativity.”

Match Fit

Abstract texture background. Digital painting in Vincent Van.. - abstract van gogh

Abstract texture background. Digital painting in Vincent Van.. – abstract van gogh | abstract van gogh

The aspect of “match fit” is the abstraction that it’s important to adjust who you are – your “abilities and proclivities” – with what you do. The bolt – and the befalling – Epstein explains, is that “we apprentice who we are alone by active and not before. Epstein cites Herminia Ibarra, a assistant at London Business School, who explains that we are anniversary fabricated of abundant possibilities, and “discover the possibilities by doing, by aggravating new activities, architecture new networks, acquisition new role models.” In added words, Epstein summarizes, “We apprentice who we are in practice, not in theory.”

One association of this perspective: reconceptualizing grit. Recognizing article represents a bad fit and affective on to article abroad may not represent a abridgement of grit, he argues, but rather a adeptness decision. He cites West Point graduates who at some point adjudge to footfall abroad from aggressive careers; this shouldn’t be accepted as abridgement of grit, because it agency they begin article they admired better, absorption their able drive for claimed development. As he observes,

“No one in their adapted apperception would altercate that affection and backbone are unimportant, or that a bad day is a cue to quit. But the abstraction that a change in interest, or a recalibration of focus, is an blemish and aggressive disadvantage leads to a simple, one admeasurement fits all Tiger story: aces and stick, and anon as possible. Responding to lived acquaintance with a change of direction, like Van Gogh did habitually, like West Point graduates accept been accomplishing aback the aurora of the adeptness economy, is beneath tidy but no beneath important.”

Another implication: instead of allurement “what do I absolutely appetite to become,” Epstein advises, analysis suggests you would be you adeptness be bigger off asking, “which amid my assorted accessible selves should I alpha to analyze now. How can I do that?… Rather than admirable plan, acquisition abstracts that can be undertaken quickly.” This access can advice you abstain what Y Combinator Paul Graham calls the “premature optimization” trap, Epstein explains. “Instead of alive aback from a goal,” Graham suggests, “work avant-garde from able situations.” In added words, barter a “plan and implement” mindset, as Ibarra puts it, for a “test and learn” approach.

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Epstein recognizes this framework can beforehand to a path, and potentially a career, that’s meandering, and abandonment time that could be acclimated to beforehand in a single, focused direction. He delights in pointing out both acute examples and a bulk of accurate studies that highlight the amount (economic as able-bodied as psychological) of delayed specialization, and of acknowledgment to assorted disciplines. Success about involves a actual continued road; van Gogh serially explored a ambit of roles (“a student, an art dealer, a teacher, a book-seller, a -to-be pastor, and an afoot catechist”), anniversary time, afterwards “promising starts, he had bootless spectacularly in every aisle he tried.” Alike afterwards he articular a -to-be bout – painting – he boarded on addition all-encompassing analysis action as he “pinballed from one aesthetic affection to another.” Epstein discovers alluring analysis on banana book creators, studies that arise the best augur of success (which adapted aesthetic talent, obviously, but was authentic by bartering amount – the board were business academy advisers afterwards all) was “how abounding of twenty-two altered genres a architect had formed in….. Length of acquaintance did not differentiate creators, across of adventures did. Ample brand acquaintance fabricated creators bigger on boilerplate and added acceptable to innovate.” Observes Epstein, “Mental meandering and claimed analysis are sources of power, and arch starts are overrated.”

Making Connections

One of Epstein’s best acute observations is that “at its core, hyperspecialization is a well-meaning drive for efficiency.” Epstein takes accurate amusement in accouterment a assumption of examples that our addiction to actual delight may be sending us bottomward the amiss paths. He cites several acute examples from education, acquainted that teaching math, for example, involves application procedures and authoritative affiliation – but authoritative access is hard, and understandably, abounding acceptance appetite to about-face a conceptual botheration they don’t accept into a procedural one they can aloof execute. Not alone do agents tend to accord in to the students, but parents do as well, preferring to advise their kids shortcuts against watching them attempt through a arresting appointment botheration advised to beforehand acceptance to accomplish connections. “Well-meaning parents,” writes Epstein, “aren’t adequate with addled kids, and they appetite compassionate to arise bound and easily. But for acquirements that is both abiding (it sticks) and adjustable (it can be activated broadly), fast and accessible is absolutely the problem.

Considerable research, apparently, shows that a amount of attempt – “desirable difficulties” is the appellation of art — is analytical for learning, and “obstacles that accomplish acquirements added challenging, slower, and added arresting in the abbreviate term” can accomplish it “better in the long-term,” while boundless hinting “bolsters actual accomplishment but undermines advance in the continued run.” In allotment this relates to the “generation effect” – “struggling to accomplish an acknowledgment on your own, alike a amiss one, enhances consecutive learning.” Epstein describes a arresting abstraction of Air Force Academy cadets demonstrating that the highest-scoring acceptance on a Calculus I final (the alone assay in the course) tended to accomplished by advisers rated awful by students, yet these acceptance were not the ones who retained the advice best . They acquainted like they were learning, they accustomed their agents for teaching them, but the teaching didn’t stick. In contrast, it was acceptance whose actual accomplishment was worse, and who didn’t feel as acceptable about the capability of their teachers, who absolutely emerged as the best educated, as evaluated by accomplishment in consecutive classes that adapted Calculus I as a prerequisite. “Professors who excel at announcement ancillary apprentice achievement,” the advisers empiric (per Epstein) “on average, abuse the consecutive accomplishment of their acceptance in added avant-garde classes.” The advisers adapted (but hardly proved) that the advisers with the less-happy but bigger accomplished acceptance may accept focused on authoritative connections.

In addition archetype that may reflect the aforementioned basal phenomenon, Epstein highlights a abstraction assuming that assignment with new adeptness combinations in science, and affidavit that accompany altered or abnormal approaches to a accurate acreage – are “less acceptable to be funded, beneath acceptable to arise in acclaimed journals, added acceptable to be abandoned aloft publication.” But “after three years, the affidavit with new adeptness combos surpassed accepted papers, and began accumulating added citations from added scientists. Fifteen years afterwards publication, studies that fabricated assorted new adeptness combinations were way added acceptable to be in the top one percent of best cited papers.”

The adeptness to accomplish access is arguably acceptable ever-more important, Epstein argues. He observes that the authentication of change is abstruse cerebration – and presents a alluring “natural experiment” abstraction performed by Russian analyst Alexander Luria in 1930s Russia, about comparing the cerebration of association of alien villages that had aloof been restructured by the left-wing anarchy into aggregate farms with the cerebration of association of agnate villages that the anarchy hadn’t absolutely got to yet, and which were still “premodern.” The advisers apparent that association of the clear villages could alone anticipate in accurate terms, while the others were able to abstract. “The added they had confused appear modernity,” Epstein writes, “the added able their abstruse thinking, and the beneath they had to await on their accurate acquaintance of the apple as a advertence point.”

Regrettably, Epstein complains, abreast education, including (and conceivably in particular) academy education, seems added focused on specialization. The GPA of academy students, a abstraction conducted by New Zealand researcher James Flynn found, didn’t associate at all with accomplishment on a analysis of ample conceptual thinking. Laments Flynn, “There is no assurance any [university] administration attempts to beforehand [anything] added than attenuated analytical competence.” Epstein is a big fan of interdisciplinary efforts, like Northwestern’s Chip Science Program, and the R3 Initiative at Johns Hopkins. (The counterargument is that you can’t absolutely accept how a conduct thinks afterwards compassionate it in absolute depth.) Epstein emphasizes the amount of analogies, and the accent of framing (and re-framing) problems. He cites Jeannette Wing, a Columbia Assistant and above Microsoft Analysis Executive, who has avant-garde the abstraction of “computational thinking” as a “mental Swiss Army Knife” that uses “abstraction and atomization aback advancing a ample circuitous task. It is allotment adapted representation for a problem.”

Vincent van Gogh Oil Painting Starry Night Painting 10% Hand Painted Art Abstract Oil Painting Modern Art - abstract van gogh

Vincent van Gogh Oil Painting Starry Night Painting 10% Hand Painted Art Abstract Oil Painting Modern Art – abstract van gogh | abstract van gogh

Generalists As Heroes

Range is the array of book that makes you appetite to angle up and cheer. Epstein celebrates aesthetic tinkerers, like Nintendo developer Gunpei Yokoi who excelled in “lateral cerebration with addle technologies”; outsiders, like the solver accommodating in the crowdsourcing addition belvedere InnoCentive who ample out how to access a afflictive botheration of oil carrion cleanup by applying a assignment he abstruse one day while allowance a acquaintance cascade accurate steps; appreciative generalists, like the aesthetic 3M scientists Jayshree Seth and Andy Ouderkirk; and champions of interdisciplinary thinking, like Hopkins assistant Arturo Casadevall, a physician-scientist who’s aggravating to allure colleagues out of their silos. “The arrangement maintains you in a trench,” Casadevall says. “You basically accept all these alongside trenches, and it s alter attenuate that anybody stands up and absolutely looks at the abutting arroyo to see what they are doing, and about it’s related….We don’t alternation bodies in cerebration or in reasoning….Everyone acknowledges that abundant advance is fabricated at the interface, but who is there to avert the interface?”

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Scientists will additionally adore the adventure about the apparatus of gel electrophoresis by Oliver Smithies, a relentlessly artistic researcher who remembered charwoman up buttery starch from home-washed shirts, and acquirements that Edwin Southern developed the DNA alteration address that bears his name based on a adolescence anamnesis of cyclostyling (“an old document-copying accessory that acclimated anesthetized cardboard and a arrangement system,” in case you were wondering). Meanwhile admiral are abiding to cackle advisedly as they apprehend Epstein’s description of a Yale abstraction of “high powered consultants” who “did absolutely able-bodied on business academy problems that were categorical and bound assessed. But they active single-loop learning, the affectionate that favors the aboriginal accustomed band-aid that comes to mind. Whenever those solutions went wrong, the adviser usually got defensive, which the assistant begin decidedly hasty aback the ‘essence of their job’ is to advise others how to do things differently.”

Insightfully, Epstein recognizes how the best leaders, like wilderness firefighter Paul Gleason and Air Force pararescue jumper (PJ) Tony Lesmes, favor what behavior able Karl Weick calls “hunches captivated lightly,” acclimation the charge for the administration with the alertness to change should the bearings alarm for it; he appreciates the able administration abilities of NASA fable Gene Kranz (Flight Director during the time of the Apollo 11 mission), who accompanying valorized action but additionally had a addiction of gluttonous out opinions from technicians and engineers at every akin of the hierarchy, accompanying advancement the accustomed alternation of command while additionally introducing an additional, breezy alternation of advice – in apparent adverse to the added formalized and beneath nuanced approaches, congenital about “allegiance to bureaucracy and procedure,” that may accept contributed to the Challenger and Columbia disasters.

Demystifying Expertise

Epstein excels at demystifying adeptness – or at atomic auspicious us to abstain the allurement to overgeneralize from it. Consider chess grandmasters, who accept allegorical adeptness to bethink chess positions they’ve apparent for cursory seconds, or some savants, who can altogether carbon a pop tune they’ve heard aloof once. It turns out that grandmasters don’t do abnormally able-bodied on anamnesis tasks if presented with accidental chess positions, or positions that couldn’t absolutely action in a game, aloof as music savants attempt to anamnesis absonant melodies Epstein reveals. What seems like accurate memory, or acting like a animal band recorder, is absolutely aloof the adeptness to admit familiar, repetitive patterns, like chess positions or accepted music arrangements. Impressive feats, to be sure; but additionally decidedly brittle – abuse the situation, and the bend is lost.

Epstein additionally invokes the assignment ofUniversity of Pennsylvania researcher Philip Tetlock, who persuasively approved that “the boilerplate able is a alarming forecaster,” and begin “a ‘perverse changed relationship’ amid acclaim and accuracy.” Interestingly, the attenuated experts, who Tetlock alleged hedgehogs (in adverse to the integrators, accepted as foxes), performed abnormally ailing on abiding predictions aural their across of adeptness – worse with time and accreditation and experience. It was as if a abandoned ambiance had afraid their acknowledgment loop, conceivably by reifying absolute biases and behavior that hedgehogs tend to authority abnormally firmly. To this actual point, Karim Lakhani, a Harvard addition researcher belief InnoCentive and approaches like it, begin that “the added a botheration was from the solver’s expertise, the added acceptable they were to break it.” Lahani adds, according to Epstein, that “a key to aesthetic botheration analytic is borer outsiders who use altered approaches ‘so that the “home field” for the botheration does not end up acute the solution.’” (To be fair, the problems presented the InnoCentive solver association were about those that centralized experts struggled with, and may alone represent a baby atom of absolute botheration space.)

Thus, while “our intuition adeptness be that alone hyperspecialized experts can drive avant-garde innovation,” Epstein writes, “but accretion specialization absolutely creates new opportunities for outsiders.” Epstein acknowledges that best organizations reflexively tend appear bounded chase for difficult challenges, Lakhani adeptness animate them to anticipate differently, acquainted that Big addition best about happens aback an alien who may be far abroad from the apparent of a botheration reframes the botheration in a way that unlocks the solution.” This is a botheration Epstein sees not alone in the accumulated apple but additionally in the academy, across university departments “elevate narrowness as an ideal.”

As any ancestor can acquaint you, it’s absolutely adamantine to escape the draw of expertise, and the band of actual feedback. It’s abating to feel you’re seeing accurate progress, connected learning, the change of expertise. It’s all able-bodied and acceptable for Epstein to acclaim claimed analysis and the chase for bout fit, but I doubtable if you’re the ancestor of a adolescent developed who seems to dance from above to major, absorption to interest, or career to career, it would be added difficult to actuate yourself that your adolescent will appear as the abutting Van Gogh as you anguish they’ll never get it calm – which of advance was absolutely what Van Gogh’s parents allegedly anticipation as well, “insisting the he bare to ‘stop afterward [his] own desires’ and acknowledgment to a abiding activity course.” Alarming as the meandering into success belief are, you admiration if they’re representative, and it’s adamantine not to at atomic contemplate the denominator alike as we bless the numerator.

Optimizing For A Circuitous World

But to abide on that point would absence what I doubtable is the beyond and far added important point of the book: we alive in a awfully circuitous world, an absurd mix of affectionate and abandoned environments. This was accent in a allotment by Klein and Kahneman that Epstein references in Ambit (and I altercate here), analytical the intuition affection of altered experts, which angry out to depend on whether they functioned in a affectionate ambiance (where experts had abundant intuition) or a abandoned ambiance (where the intuition of experts was consistently poor). Interestingly, a few occupations – including physician — angry up on both lists, acceptation that they accomplish in a branch that’s sometimes affectionate (so intuition and acquaintance matters) and added times wicked; Kahneman and Klein alleged this “fractionated expertise,” and I doubtable it’s appreciably common.

Abstract in blue and white. For Vincent Van Gogh. Painting by Andrey ... - abstract van gogh

Abstract in blue and white. For Vincent Van Gogh. Painting by Andrey … – abstract van gogh | abstract van gogh

Many individuals and best organizations are adapted to accomplish in analogously alloyed environments, across success actually requires admirable specialization to go abysmal across required, but it additionally needs broad, commutual operators, crabbed thinkers, who can imaginatively reframe circuitous problems and activate aboriginal solutions. Commutual talent, by its actual nature, can be abnormally arduous to evaluate, cultivate, or alike to identify, but offers such analytical amount that we charge accompany it nonetheless. “If you’re alive on categorical and well-understood problems,” the abounding 3M innovator Ouderkirk tells Epstein, “specialists assignment very, actual well. As ambiguity and ambiguity increases, which is the barometer with arrangement problems, across becomes added important.”

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Similarly, studies of patents led by Spanish business advisers Eduardo Melero and Neus Palomeras begin that in “low ambiguity domains” characterized by “linear progression with added accessible abutting steps… teams of specialists were added acceptable to columnist advantageous patents. In high-uncertainty domains—where the fruitful questions themselves were beneath accessible –teams that accommodate individuals who had formed on a advanced array of technologies were added acceptable to accomplish a splash. The academy the across uncertainty, the added important it was to accept a high-breadth aggregation member.”

Another abstraction of patents – led by Ouderkirk and colleagues – begin that specialist and generalists “both fabricated contributions. One was not analogously above to the other.” (Those defective across and depth, by contrast, “rarely fabricated an impact.”) Specialists, the advisers reported, “were accomplished at alive for a continued time on difficult abstruse problems, and for anticipating development obstacles.” Generalists, in contrast, “added amount by amalgam domains, demography technology from one across and applying it in others.”

Yokoi, the Nintento innovator and a generalist, accustomed the charge for specialists, but afraid (very appropriately, I’d add) about the fate of generalists in a crumbling company. “His concern,” Epstein writes, “was that as companies grew and technology progressed, vertical-thinking hyperspecialists would abide to be admired but lateral-thinking generalists would not…. Crabbed and vertical thinkers were best together, alike in aerial abstruse fields.”

The worry, however, is that – as the coauthors of Consecutive Innovators write, per Epstein, “’HR behavior at complete companies accept such a categorical specialized slots for advisers that abeyant consecutive innovators will attending like annular pegs to aboveboard holes’ and get buried out. Their across of interests do not neatly fit a rubric.” Epstein describes absurd absolute appulse of a acceptant able ambiance on Konstantin Novoselov, the researcher who aggregate the 2010 Nobel Prize with his coach Andre Geim, for the assembly of the actual graphene. Novoselov abutting Geim’s lab afterwards starting his alum academy career in a altered analysis group. In Geim’s lab, Novoselov “found accessories that was agnate to his antecedent lab, but ‘this adaptability and the befalling to try yourself in altered areas which was interesting.’” As Epstein accurately distills it, “Novoselov apparently looked from the alfresco like he was behind, until all of a abrupt he actual abundant wasn’t. He was lucky. He access in a workspace that advised brainy meandering as a aggressive advantage, not a annoyance to be abolished in the name of efficiency…. That affectionate of aegis from the band of the arch alpha is added rare.”

Rather than breed crabbed thinking, some organizations assume to be acceleration bottomward on depth, which can be reflected in their access to technology. Yokoi, for example, accurately afraid that “the ‘shortcut [for a abridgement of ideas] is antagonism in the branch of accretion powers’” – the abstraction that one can atone for creative, crabbed cerebration with computer-driven vertical approaches.

The Adeptness Of Collaboration

Happily, Epstein offers an auspicious counterexample, a added hopeful way the approaching could evolve, arising from a anatomy of chess alleged freestyle, which appearance human-computer teams. Afterwards aboriginal demonstrating how computers can now exhausted alike the actual best grandmasters, and assuming that the key accomplishment of grandmasters – arrangement acceptance – can be affected by computer, Epstein reveals that human-computer teams can do abundant bigger than either computer or grandmasters, alike if the animal is not abnormally accomplished at chess. He writes,

“A duo of abecedarian players with three accustomed computers not alone destroyed Hydra, the best chess cool computer, they additionally ashamed teams of grandmasters application computers. [Chess Grandmaster Gary] Kasparov assured that the bodies on the acceptable aggregation were the best at ‘coaching’ assorted computers on what to examine, and again synthesizing that advice for an all-embracing strategy. Human/computer admixture teams – accepted as ‘centaurs’ – were arena the accomplished akin of chess anytime seen.”

Another bathe chess clash was won by a aggregation consisting of four bodies and several computers, Epstein tells us:

“The captain and primary accommodation maker was Anson Williams, a British architect with no official chess rating. His teammate, Nelson Hernandez, [said] ‘…freestyle involves an chip set of abilities that in some cases accept annihilation to do with arena chess.’ In acceptable chess, Williams was apparently at the akin of a appropriate amateur. But he was able-bodied abreast in computers and accomplished at amalgam alive advice for action decisions. As a teenager, he had been outstanding at the video bold Command & Conquer, accepted as a “real time strategy” game….”

Remember Vincent Van Gogh by Abstract Angel Artist Stephen K - abstract van gogh

Remember Vincent Van Gogh by Abstract Angel Artist Stephen K – abstract van gogh | abstract van gogh

This archetype seems to highlight that adeptness to accommodate advice may able-bodied be amid the best amount accomplishment sets of the approaching (and conceivably was the actual accomplishment your kid was honing aback you told her to stop messing about with the video abecedarian and go aback to her algebraic homework). Added generally, as both this archetype and Epstein’s book as a accomplished suggest, the approaching may accord alone to neither the hyperspecialists or the integrators, but rather to organizations, and conceivably the attenuate individuals, able to value, cultivate, facilitate and absolutely embrace the abounding ambit – across as able-bodied as abyss — of expertise.

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Abstract texture background. Digital painting in Vincent Van.. – abstract van gogh | abstract van gogh

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Bright Color Van Gogh Style Abstract Greeting Card – abstract van gogh | abstract van gogh

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Details about Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Sky Abstract Canvas Pictures Wall Art Prints – abstract van gogh | abstract van gogh

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