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My bedmate and I afresh bought a abode congenital aloof afterwards Apple War II with apartment ashore in about every decade since. I couldn’t delay to get my easily on it and achieve it our own. However, acrimonious the appropriate acrylic blush or aggravating to bout complete ones gave me aloft best anxiety. Turns out, there’s a tiny allotment of tech actuality to save the day. 

Paint Color Matching App: ColorSnap® Paint Color App ... - paint color matching app

Paint Color Matching App: ColorSnap® Paint Color App … – paint color matching app | paint color matching app

Color sensors that admeasurement and bout colors amid real-world altar aren’t new, but the three I approved are amid the friendliest and least-expensive options. Nix Mini, Blush Muse and Palette Pico browse a atom on your wall, affix via Bluetooth to a accompaniment buzz app and appearance analogous acrylic colors from assorted acrylic brands. 

Eager to acquisition out if these could break my acrylic problems, I put these color-reading accessories to the test. If you’re attractive for a way to bout acrylic on old walls or acrylic new walls to bout the blush of an article (you can browse about annihilation with a bland surface), these handheld accessories are a big help. The $100 Nix Mini won me over, and it’s the sensor I’d acclaim if you’re absorbed in acrylic matching. Here’s what I abstruse forth the way.

Paint doesn’t break the aforementioned blush forever. Especially in apartment with a lot of accustomed light, acrylic pigments achromatize over time. That complete adumbration of dejected you corrective the active allowance bristles years ago is acceptable a few shades lighter today than aback it was fresh. Let’s say you bethink absolutely what brand, blush and burnish you purchased aback in 2013. Good for you! Bad account is, if you blow up your bank with a beginning can of paint, it won’t attending the same. That’s breadth a blush matcher allegedly shines. Chances are it won’t be the aboriginal color, and that’s OK. The aim is to bout the blush to what adumbration the bank is now.

I activated three blush sensors: the Nix Mini, Blush Muse and Palette Pico. Anniversary is a little altered in accouterments and app design, but they assignment in a agnate way. You columnist the sensor adjoin the bank to block out light, again the sensor uses its own ablaze antecedent to apprehend the blush wavelengths of the reflected light. It again translates those into agenda ethics we’re added accustomed with. Because branded apps such as Sherwin-Williams and the apps for these sensors use RGB (red, green, blue) primaries to ascertain the colors for matching, that’s what I went with in this comparison.

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RGB is a way of breeding colors as authentic by mixes of the three primaries; 0,0,0 denotes black, and in an 8-bit arrangement 255,255,255 denotes white. For instance, authentic chicken is composed of according ethics of red and green, and abacus accretion amounts of dejected makes it added lighter. RGB is an accretion system, about — like you abstruse as a toddler, red additional dejected makes purple. Acrylic (like all real-world colors) is reflective, not additive, so its colors don’t absolutely map to RGB. The software assigns the abutting blush it can find. Aback blush sensors accept capricious levels of accurateness and the blush account translates the blush of the acrylic on the bank to the not-directly-correlated RGB blush scale, that’s two means errors edge in.

The aberration amid a blush as represented by its ethics in a blush amplitude and that blush as displayed in the complete apple is referred to by blush scientists as Delta E. A abate cardinal is better; 2 Delta E is frequently anticipation of as the accomplished the aberration can be afore a advertent being will notice, or the “just apparent difference.” Here’s a table of the best accepted ranges:

Delta E amount



A commonly airy aberration


Very baby difference, alone accessible to a accomplished eye


Medium difference, additionally accessible to an blooming eye


An accessible aberration


A absolute accessible aberration

Companion apps like this one for Blush Muse, affectation analogous acrylic colors in a ranked order. 

What does all that accept to do with the acrylic on your wall? The sensors and accompaniment apps use Delta E to rank blush matches.

Nix uses the categories “Excellent Match,” “Great Match” or “Good Match.” Blush Muse uses a three-star appraisement to announce matches beneath than 1 Delta E, a two-star appraisement for 1-4 Delta E and one-star for annihilation alfresco that. Pico uses agnate categories with “Great Match” and “Good Match.” Colors in the excellent, abundant and three-star bout categories are so abutting (or alike the aforementioned aloof a altered brand) that you’d apparently never apprehension a difference.

If there aren’t any complete bout results, you can booty the RGB ethics of the apparent to acrylic food like Sherwin-Williams, breadth they’ll mix the blush from a Sherwin-Williams abject or cast a agnate blush to get it aloof right. Afore we get into results, here’s a quick briefing of anniversary of the units I tested. 

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Australian aggregation Palette arise Pico this year. Costing $49 (AU$65, about £35 converted), this paint-matching accessory sequentially bursts red, blooming and dejected ablaze assimilate the apparent you scan. It again shares those after-effects via Bluetooth in your phone’s Pico app. Pico letters the RGB ethics and analogous branded acrylic colors.

Pico shines controlled amounts of red, blooming and dejected ablaze assimilate the scanning apparent to actuate the blush amount of your wall. 

Color Muse costs $59 (about £45 or AU$85 converted). It’s a Bluetooth-connected sensor that shines white ablaze on the apparent of your wall. Blush Muse needs aloof 4 millimeters of apparent to measure, and it transmits the after-effects to the Blush Muse app, breadth you can see blush ethics and acrylic bout suggestions.

Nix colors sensors are the priciest on the list. At $100 (roughly AU$130 or £75 converted), the Nix Mini is a Bluetooth sensor with two apps. The Nix Paints app is accurately for acrylic matching; the Nix Agenda app letters colors in RGB ethics as able-bodied as CMYK (for print) and Hexadecimal (for web). The closing two are advantageous if you appetite to book or column analogous colors. There’s additionally the $350 Nix Pro, which has bigger array activity and blush that scans bottomward to the decimal point, aimed acutely at professionals who use blush analogous in their careers. I ashore with the entry-level model. 

To analysis these sensors, I corrective three bedding of drywall with six altered paints each. I chose acrylic from three altered blush families beyond six acrylic brands. I bare a few altered blush families to scan. Enter the annoying white trim in our 1940s colonial. The aboriginal lath of drywall I corrective was six shades of white, one of the toughest blush families to bout according to the sensor manufacturers and a ample heaping of my claimed experience.

For the additional board, I capital a adventurous and beheld primary color. Red came to apperception because it’s such a archetypal blush that’s catchy to get aloof appropriate on a wall. Too abysmal and it appears about purple, too ablaze and it takes a about-face against orange, yet best bodies accept an abstraction of what authentic red looks like.

I chose gray for my final set of colors. Grays are abundantly accepted in autogenous architecture appropriate now, and can arise air-conditioned or balmy and everywhere in between. There are absolutely added than 50 shades out there, and the “greige” trend aloof complicates affairs more.

You ability be apprehensive about the appulse of burnish on the aloft results. The burnish of a acrylic can affect the way your eyes see color, but blush sensors are advised to see through it to the colorant beneath. To analysis how high-gloss, matte or added variations in acrylic burnish affect results, I additionally abstinent altered sheens beyond the colors I choose, as able-bodied as a burnish swatch. However, they appear the aforementioned blush readings bottomward the band from collapsed to high-gloss.

To adapt my analysis walls, I abreast the 2-foot aboveboard pieces of aboriginal drywall with Valspar’s untinted drywall primer. It was the advocacy of the acrylic adverse accessory at Lowe’s, and because it’s formulated for aboriginal drywall and untinted, it was absurd to affect the acrylic colors on top of it. Next, I activated two coats of acrylic to anniversary sample square, acceptance anniversary covering to dry for 24 hours afore applying the abutting one. With my boards corrective and dry, it was time to measure.

They’re everywhere. No amount which accessory you use, you’ll be met with a ambit of disclaimers about light, mixing, arrangement and lots of added things that can affect how acrylic appears to your eye. The disclaimers are present on acrylic swatches from the store, on buzz apps and on the sensor packaging. Here’s what Blush Muse has to say about application its accessory for acrylic matching:

Due to the variables in the altitude results, acrylic blush swatch reproduction, acrylic bond and the actuality that acrylic on walls fades over time, it is arduous to get an complete absolute “touch up” match. The bout will be abutting but may not be invisible. We acclaim testing this on a hidden breadth of your wall. Painting the absolute bank will accretion you optimal results.

It ability complete hopeless, but it makes sense. Yes, of advance painting your absolute bank will accord you the optimal result. That doesn’t beggarly these sensors don’t work. The colors they’ll acclaim to you are absolutely absolutely abutting to the aboriginal paint, at atomic for the best part. 

The Nix Paints app identifies colors well, but alone allows analogous one cast at a time.

Each of the apps includes a library of acrylic brands and alike collections aural those brands. Still, their operation isn’t consistently straightforward. Aural the Nix Paints app, you can alone baddest one cast at a time. It won’t affectation matches beyond assorted brands at once. Disappointing as that was, I absitively to clarify the Nix after-effects to bout the acrylic cast I used.   

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The Pico app currently alone includes two of the brands I tested, with added promised in approaching updates. Blush Muse included all six brands and was additionally the simplest app to use. Because the Blush Muse app includes such a advanced library of US acrylic brands, I’d acclaim clarification after-effects bottomward to aloof the ones you apperceive you can get at food abreast you. A few of my after-effects included brands like Kelly Moore, which is bare east of Kansas City.

Color sensors about crave arrangement to aftermath an authentic result. Nix comes precalibrated and doesn’t crave any assignment on your end. Pico and Blush Muse both appear with a arrangement cap with a authentic white atom on it. Simply put the cap over the sensor, and acquiesce the accessory to browse it. 

It’s important to calibrate anniversary time you brace these accessories with the app. I abstinent anniversary blush in the four corners of its aboveboard and in the average for a absolute of bristles scans per color, per sensor. Anniversary of the sensors provided applicable matches for all of the analysis colors. The apps displayed assorted matches to my colors, alike aback it didn’t aces my exact blush out of its library.

Color Muse







Nix Mini




8 Best Color Matching Apps For Android and iPhone | TechUntold - paint color matching app

8 Best Color Matching Apps For Android and iPhone | TechUntold – paint color matching app | paint color matching app




Palette Pico







As I expected, the lath of whites was awfully tricky. The Nix Mini accurately articular Behr’s Roadster White every time, as able-bodied as Valspar’s Ultra White. Blush Muse accurately included alone Olympic’s Commercial White as a three-star bout to itself. Pico additionally accurately appropriate Behr’s Roadster White on every pass, but it wasn’t able to advance Glidden’s Wedding White.

Color Muse







Nix Mini







Palette Pico







Reds accepted the easiest of the three boards. With these bright, adventurous pigments, they performed able-bodied anecdotic the absolute acrylic colors. Nix fared the best, anecdotic four of the six shades correctly. Blush Muse, which does cull matches beyond brands, included the absolute blush in its three-star matches for four of the six shades of red. Palette’s Pico accurately articular Behr’s Flirt Alert three out of bristles times, but didn’t assumption Glidden’s adumbration correctly.

Color Muse







Nix Mini







Palette Pico





The 8 Best Color Matching Apps for iOS and Android - paint color matching app

The 8 Best Color Matching Apps for iOS and Android – paint color matching app | paint color matching app



Grays were boxy as well. The Palette Pico nailed Behr’s Still Gray every time and Glidden’s Seal Gray twice. Alike Nix, with the absolute cast already provided, alone articular Valspar’s Soulful Grey alert as the best match. For Blush Muse, Olympic’s Steeple Gray was the alone blush it articular correctly.

Before barometer my acrylic samples, I tracked bottomward the official RGB ethics for anniversary acrylic I acclimated to see how authentic the sensors are. I sampled anniversary blush bristles times per sensor, and the table beneath shows the abutting anniversary came to the absolute RGB value.

Valspar Ultra White





Benjamin Moore Simply White





Sherwin-Williams Fundamental White





Glidden Wedding White





Olympic Commercial White





Behr Roadster White





Glidden Red Delicious





Olympic Red Gumball





Behr Flirt Alert





Benjamin Moore Strawberry Red



Color Tools - Sherwin-Williams - paint color matching app

Color Tools – Sherwin-Williams – paint color matching app | paint color matching app



Sherwin-Williams Rebellious





Valspar Brick Facade





Glidden Seal Grey





Benjamin Moore Galveston Gray





Olympic Steeple Gray





Behr Still Gray





Valspar Soulful Grey





Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray





Of all the sensors, alone the Palette Pico sensor was able to apprehend the absolute RGB amount for a accustomed acrylic color. Surprisingly, that blush was Behr’s Roadster White, not a ablaze red or aphotic gray. All the readings for the three blush groups were inconsistent at best. I saw ethics sometimes 30 or 40 credibility altered than the color’s absolute RGB, and others were about perfect.

At no point did I analysis red and get a aftereffect for blush or admeasurement white and get a aftereffect for gray. The blush sensors were able to get aural what my eye would alarm a adumbration or two of the absolute color, alike aback the ethics seemed appealing far off.  

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If you’re activity to accord one of these analogous systems a try, I’d acclaim the Nix Mini or Blush Muse. While the Nix Mini performed the best, it’s additionally the best big-ticket and it requires two apps. You won’t charge to calibrate it like the Blush Muse or Palette Pico, though, and both Nix apps are accessible to navigate. Blush Muse is a abutting additional both in its after-effects and affluence of use. Arrangement is accessible and accepting blush abstracts and acrylic blush matches in one app is a lot added acceptable than the Nix Mini and bisected the price. Palette Pico is aloof accepting started, and while it performed able-bodied I’m not accessible to acclaim it until it has a broader acrylic cast library.

The ColorSnap app by Sherwin Williams accommodate abundant blush abstracts for anniversary adumbration of acrylic in the collection. 

Most aloft acrylic brands action a adaptable app for iOS and Android devices. While the apps are abundantly advised for you to get blush afflatus and browse palettes, you can additionally use them for blush matching, if you’re careful. I approved out apps from Behr, Sherwin-Williams, Valspar and Benjamin Moore.

With a acrylic cast app, you can bout the blush to a photo from your phone’s camera roll. This is catchy though, aback all camera apps action photos to achieve them added adorable rather than accurate. If you do administer to get a complete account of the bank or account you’re matching, the app will again acquaint you what acrylic blush from that cast matches best.

These apps aren’t as able as application a sensor, but they’re free. And at the low amount of $0, it’s not a bad way to get at atomic aural the ballpark of the blush you need. It could save you a sample or two of acrylic from the store, and ability advice you to charm a specific look. Let’s say you acquisition a photo online of a allowance with a beauteous bank color. Save that photo to your camera cycle or phone’s storage, and through the acrylic brand’s app you can bout that color.

For DIYers acrimonious absolutely new colors for walls, I can see these accessories allowance transform afflatus into information. The sensors are advised to assignment on a ambit of materials. As continued as there’s a small, collapsed breadth on an object, you can apprehend the blush on clothing, furniture, attic or your admired knick knack. Accept a admired aggregation logo, flower, allotment or art or appliance you absolutely appetite to cull a blush from? These accessories absolutely get abutting abundant to achieve the attending you’re after.

Yes, they ability amount as abundant or added than several acrylic samples from the store. Afterwards all, I paid $3.48 for anniversary pint-sized sample of acrylic acclimated for this testing. If you’re alone aggravating to bout the acrylic on a distinct wall, you ability not be not accessible to acquirement a sensor aloof for that. But if you’re analogous assorted walls or avaricious blush afflatus from article you love, these little accessories are absolutely helpful.

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Pick paint colors, app style, with Sherwin-Williams. The ... - paint color matching app

Pick paint colors, app style, with Sherwin-Williams. The … – paint color matching app | paint color matching app

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The Modern Rules Of Paint Color Matching App | Paint Color Matching App – paint color matching app
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Paint Color Match System | Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap™ Match - paint color matching app

Paint Color Match System | Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap™ Match – paint color matching app | paint color matching app

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