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Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere novels, spearheaded by The Stormlight Archive and the Mistborn series, accept become all-embracing bestsellers and developed a acceptability for their affluent worldbuilding, all-embracing magic, and aggressive plotting. But addition aspect of the books sets them apart: the art. While abounding fantasy books affection maps, and some accommodate added artwork, Sanderson’s novels accept become accordingly affiliated to a advanced arrangement of artwork. Whether it’s the sketches from Shallan’s account in The Way of Kings, the arresting Steel Alphabet in Mistborn, or the absurd Dragonsteel leatherbound editions of the books, it artlessly doesn’t feel like a Cosmere book afterwards beheld art accompanying the text.

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Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 12. To paint parts according .. | painting qualifications

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Readers accept appear to apprehend affluence of art to barbecue aloft aback they accessible Cosmere books, and with the beheld elements best arresting in The Stormlight Archive. Each aggregate has featured full-color endpaper illustrations, from Isaac Stewart’s Surgebinding and Voidbinding archive in The Way of Kings, to Michael Whelan’s Shallan painting in Words of Radiance, to Dan Dos Santos and Howard Lyons’ depictions of four Heralds in Oathbringer. Meanwhile, every book since The Alloy of Law has featured maps—highlighting added than aloof the accepted locations.

The art in the Cosmere extends above the out-of-universe “extra content” feel: It tells a adventure alongside the argument accounting by Sanderson. The maps are annotated by an in-universe character, alleged Nazh, who helps anatomy the added abstruse ability imparted by his bang-up Khrissala in the Ars Arcana. The paintings of the Heralds, or the brilliant blueprint in Arcanum Unbounded, are depictions of art that exist in the Cosmere. They admonition readers allotment calm the active clues and hints of the bigger story, or reinforce our compassionate of the cultural norms in the assorted nations and worlds featured in the series.

And this is area Isaac Stewart, Art Director at Dragonsteel Entertainment, comes in. I had the adventitious to ask him a few questions about his assignment with Sanderson, abnormally as it relates to the Cosmere. This is an edited transcript.

Drew McCaffrey: How did you get your alpha alive on art for Dragonsteel?

Isaac Stewart: So I met Brandon twice—the aboriginal time was in 1999, aback I went to BYU and I activate out about the Leading Edge magazine, and I absitively to go and be a [slush] reader. I wasn’t awfully consistent; I met a lot of bodies there, who accept gone on to do alarming things. For example, I met Karen and Peter [Ahlstrom, beat agents at Dragonsteel] there in 1999. I would sit there and apprehend submissions, but honestly, I was appealing shy. It didn’t action to me until afterwards that this accumulation of accompany sitting about account submissions and discussing books and movies and comics were my people, and I’m acutely beholden I was able to reconnect with abounding of them later.

At the Leading Edge, I alone interacted on a bound akin with Brandon—met him a few times, that affectionate of thing—but he doesn’t remember. He was the editor at the time, and I don’t bethink him from those accumulation bribery account sessions, admitting it doesn’t beggarly he wasn’t there. I assume to anamnesis he was generally alive on added editorial-type things.

So that was aback I aboriginal met him, but afterwards on, afterwards I had graduated, I alternate to school. By afresh I had a career in 3D animation, but I thought, “I’m gonna go aback to academy and become an optometrist.” It wasn’t out of the blue. I had a lot of science credits from aback aback I was a pre-dental above for two years. I anticipation there was no approaching for me in this art thing, so I’ll become an optometrist. I ample it’d be a solid job.

As an undergrad, I had taken the Science Fiction autograph chic from Dave Wolverton two years in a row. I started the year appropriate afterwards Brandon took it, and I absolutely enjoyed it, so I looked it up again. Well, the university wouldn’t let me accept actual abounding credits, because I was a post-grad student, and I apparent that the autograph chic was accomplished by Brandon Sanderson. I recalled him from aback he was at the Leading Edge, so I alone all the science classes and concluded up demography this autograph class. Brandon and I were afterpiece in age than the others in the class, and we anguish up reconnecting and acceptable friends.

After class, we would generally go to dinner. One night, we were at Macaroni Grill, and I was cartoon on the tablecloth there—they accord you crayons to do this—and he looks over and he says “Oh, you draw?” And I said “Yeah, I accept a bulk in art.” And he asked if I capital to do the maps for his abutting book. At this point Elantris had aloof almost appear out.

resume of felixvillezon.doc

resume of felixvillezon.doc | painting qualifications

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So I said sure, and it turns out that was Mistborn. So anyway, that launched me into alive on things with Brandon. That was 2005; in 2006, Mistborn came out. And until about 2013, I was aloof accomplishing things as ancillary projects for Brandon. I anguish up saying, balloon this optometry thing. I went aback and formed as a clear artisan for a while, as a auberge lath abettor for several months, but concluded aback in action as a video bold animator for several years. During that time, I’d go to the video bold job, afresh I’d appear home and assignment on freelance projects for Brandon.

Even at the time it never occurred to me that this could be a full-time gig. He paid me, but I told him he didn’t absolutely charge to pay me. I’d do these for chargeless because this was a artistic aperture that I didn’t accept at my day job. In 2013, he assassin me and [my wife] Kara full-time. I didn’t activate accomplishing art all day every day. I was an authoritative abettor allotment time and accomplishing art allotment time. It bound grew from that to now, area I’m managing a lot of added artists. So it’s broadcast into article that I never absurd it could’ve angry into.

Mistborn Map by Isaac Stewart

DM: Maybe this is a answerable question, but do you anticipate fantasy books charge maps? Some authors are acclaimed for abnegation to accommodate maps, while others—like Brandon—have maps in about every book.

IS: I don’t anticipate they charge them. But this is an acknowledgment that would accept affronted my 15-year-old self. I bethink actuality appealing captious about books aback I was in those determinative years of award fantasy novels. I’d aces up a book at the bookstore and think, “Hey, that’s an arresting cover. Wait a second, there’s not a map? Balloon about it.” But I’m additionally attractive at things now from a altered perspective. I’ve done so abounding maps for fantasy novels that it doesn’t bulk to me anymore if there’s no map, because I aloof actualize the map in my head.

Are there books I ambition had maps? Of course! Aloof because I appetite to apperceive what the burghal looks like, or the country. Case in point is China Miéville. I adulation the Bas-Lag novels. They’re so adroit and creative. I ambition there was affectionate of added an official map to go forth with the books—that’s one example. But do they charge them? No. I don’t anticipate they do. And I don’t anticipate we should be like my map-snobby 15-year-old cocky and not apprehend a book because there’s not a map in it.

DM: Activity hand-in-hand with the maps is the appearance Nazh, who annotates abounding of the in-universe maps. How abundant of Nazh was your idea? What about him appeals to you?

IS: The adventure abaft Nazh is, I was in Brandon’s autograph accumulation aback we were workshopping The Rithmatist. And there’s a appearance alleged Nalizar in that book. I could never bethink his name, so I kept calling him Nazrilof. So it became this active gag with Brandon, like… “Nalizar and Nazh are altered people. Nazh is your adapt ego, Isaac, and Nalizar is a appearance in The Rithmatist.”

When we got to The Alloy of Law, Brandon and I were durably in the affected of including maps that are artifacts from the world. And we thought, area are they accepting these? And who’s labeling them? Diana Wynne Jones wrote a book alleged The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, and there’s a map in the advanced that basically says that if a area is labeled on the map, afresh by golly you’re gonna go to the abode during the advance of the story. Fantasy maps accept gotten this acceptability of actuality affectionate of spoilery.

Painting Inspector - painting qualifications

Painting Inspector – painting qualifications | painting qualifications

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So aback we got to the map of Elendel, we were attractive at it, cerebration if we alone labeled the places that were all-important for the story, afresh we’re falling into this adumbration of fantasy. So how can we capsize this a bit? So, if the atypical is aggregate by Khriss, presumably, afresh maybe she has somebody who goes and gets the maps and labels them for her with pertinent information. It ability still feel a little like “these labeled things are the important parts” but at atomic there’s an in-world acumen why that is. That accustomed us to advance a appearance about that. Brandon said, “Why don’t we accept Nazh do this?” to which I agreed, and Brandon said, “Isaac, acceptable to the Cosmere.”

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Since then, Nazh’s role has developed into basically a accessory for Khriss. Now, aback alive with Nazh, we anticipate of him as a bad-tempered James Bond.

The Way of Kings voidbinding chart; Art by Isaac Stewart

DM: Abundant of the focus of art from Dragonsteel is on beheld media, but how complex are you with accountant commodity like pins or the Mistborn coins?

IS: I’m appealing heavily complex in the merch. The bill are all designs that I did. I did my own asperous assets and afresh I beatific them to Ben McSweeney to basically alter them and accomplish them attending pretty. So those are approved coins. The bodies at Shire Post Mint did an amazing job abstraction those out. I anticipate those bill are amazing, and 110% of that is because Shire Post is awesome.

With the pins, I get files to Kara and she buys them. Now we’re starting to accessible up to added artists in that amphitheatre because I aloof don’t accept the time to do those anymore. I’m usually reviewing things, like the art in the Brotherwise bold that’s advancing out, aggravating to actuality analysis or accord them art advice, and they’ve been accomplishing an amazing job.

DM: Dragonsteel has collaborated with some actual accomplished artists over the years. Do you usually access them directly, or how do those collaborations work?

IS: Usually I access bodies directly, or I allocution to my artisan accompany and ask if they apperceive anybody who has assertive qualifications. So a lot of it is referral, and some of it is befitting an eye on fan art. Who’s bearing able fan art? Are they alive as able artists? So I acquisition a lot of art that way.

The rerelease of the Alcatraz books was the alpha of that. Hayley Lazo was one of the aboriginal that I found. She was accomplishing amazing fan art, turns out she was about to alum with an art degree…so she was accomplishing able work, and she agape it out of the esplanade with the Alcatraz books. Those illustrations are so fun and assignment absolutely able-bodied with the argument of the book.

Foreman Painter Job Description | Templates at ..

Foreman Painter Job Description | Templates at .. | painting qualifications

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DM: Given the role of art in the Cosmere books, is there a alternation you feel decidedly added or beneath absorbed to, based on the bulk of art/work involved?

IS: You know, I feel like the accessible acknowledgment is The Way of Kings from The Stormlight Archive. That aboriginal book was affectionate of my balloon by fire. I was alive all day in video games, afresh advancing home and alive on The Way of Kings art continued into the aboriginal hours of the morning. Wake up, repeat, a little like Groundhog Day for six months, but I did it because I adulation that book. As we’ve added added artists to The Stormlight Archive, the adapter to the apple of Roshar is still there—I adulation what we’re doing—but it’s become this broader thing, and the buying is advance out amid added artists, which elevates the ability of it, to be honest. So that’s the accessible answer.

But I still accept a bendable abode in my affection for Mistborn. It’s area I got my start, it’s area I started acquirements my own able mapping techniques and developing myself. I’m absolutely blessed with what happened with that, and with the Allomantic symbols. I’m consistently aggravating to carbon the abracadabra that happened with those, how those became iconic.

Mistborn allomantic chart; Art by Isaac Stewart

DM: Your ascribe on the Cosmere goes above aloof the art—you wrote some of the Mistborn Era 2 broadsheet articles. Is there any plan for you to address added small-format things like that, continuing Nazh’s errands for Khriss?

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IS: I wrote the Allomancer Jak adventure from Shadows of Cocky and the Nikki Savage adventure for The Bands of Mourning. Currently, we accept an abettor adventure for Nazh planned, which takes abode on Threnody, as able-bodied as a few belief with Nikki Savage advised out. It’s acceptable Nazh will apparently appearance up afresh to affliction her with his ambiguous grumpiness.

Nikki’s broadsheet adventure reads like an old after novel. In-world, she’s autograph these things to be actual sensationalized and aeroembolism the accuracy of accurate contest to fit the needs of her adventure and to absorb her audience. Nikki’s novella is mostly advised out. I aloof charge to address it. It won’t be a first-person sensationalized bi-weekly serial, but the epigraphs will accept pieces of the sensationalized stories. So you’ll apprehend a chapter, and afresh the epigraph of the abutting affiliate will be her sensationalized adaptation of what happened in the antecedent chapter.

DM: A new Mistborn Era 2 novella—that’s awesome! Do you accept any of your own autograph projects going, which you can allocution about?

IS: Originally my lath book Monsters Don’t Wear Underpants, A Lift-the-Flap Book was activity to appear in August, but that has afflicted and my abettor and I are attractive for a administrator again. The book is absolutely finished. We aloof charge to get it to a printer, and from there to the readers. If we can’t acquisition a administrator in the abutting few months and it makes faculty financially, I’ll apparently run a baby Kickstarter to accomplishment off that project. Keep an eye on my Instagram for account about that.

Professional Art Administrator Templates to Showcase Your Talent ..

Professional Art Administrator Templates to Showcase Your Talent .. | painting qualifications

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Otherwise, best of my own autograph appropriate now is in the Cosmere. I’ve been adamantine at assignment on some fun things for Taldain that we can’t absolutely advertise yet, but I’m beginning at the seams absent to allotment the air-conditioned things that are activity on there. Rest assured that as anon as we’re able, we’ll accomplish some announcements.

Drew McCaffrey lives in Fort Collins, CO, area he’s baby by all the amazing ability beer. He co-hosts the Inking Out Loud podcast, accoutrement science fiction and fantasy books (and some of that Colorado ability beer). You can acquisition him on Twitter, talking about books and writing, but mostly aloof accepting formed up about the New York Rangers.

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