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As Survivor: Winners at War comes to an end and the series’ 20th ceremony (20th!) is aloof weeks away, there’s no bigger time than now to account the advocate absoluteness TV competition. Welcome to Survivor Week, a anniversary of the show’s best moments and characters.

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Zoom in on a array of bank huts and approach trees. A row of tourists in billowing khakis, T-shirts, and billowing sun hats walks bottomward a broken berth adjoin two motor boats. The accumulation afresh clumsily boards a beyond barge in the average of the South Pacific. Some locals attending on from the bank in bemusement. All the while, a articulation narrates the action: “From this tiny Malaysian fishing village, these 16 Americans are alpha the adventitious of a lifetime. They accept volunteered to be ashore for 39 canicule on abstruse Borneo. This is their story. This is Survivor.”

Spoiler: This Survivor moment—the absolute first, which aired at 8 p.m. on May 31, 2000, on CBS—did not accomplish this top-100 list. Did I acknowledgment the khakis? Plus, these Americans didn’t absolutely “volunteer” out of the advantage of their affectionate hearts. A actor bucks was on the line. Still, it’s account advertence because afterwards that wind-up, we wouldn’t accept witnessed so abounding jaw-dropping admirable slams (forgive the metaphor; I absence baseball). Survivor admirers apperceive the seminal ones by shorthand: James and his two idols. Poor, sweet, aboveboard Erik. The rat and the snake. Rob and Amber. Dead grandma.

Memorable activity moves aside, Survivor prides itself on actuality a amusing agreement in which bodies attack to advance on an uncompromising island. Canicule and nights are long, my friends. The contestants are sleep-deprived and hangry as hell. And while an banal confounding or devious snarky animadversion may be demanding for addition on the outs, it’s TV gold for the admirers dabbling about at home. That’s why distilling 100 iconic moments from 582 episodes was as effortless as Russell Hantz award a hidden amnesty idol. Actuality are the standouts we’ll still be talking about aback Rob and Amber’s four daughters abet their aboriginal blindsiding. Amuse agenda that I’ve amid the animate finales and reunions as able-bodied because, hello, who can abide a blow of Jeff Probst on a Jet Ski.

Rob Cesternino was that attenuate amateur who could caster and accord and casting a vote accomplishing his best Casey Kasem impersonation. Having already angry on Deena Bennett in the antecedent vote, he decides that blindsiding his abutting accessory Alex Bell will assignment to his advantage. He afterwards double-crosses Christy Smith, illustrating aboriginal on in Survivor’s run that flip-flopping can be a advantageous strategy.

In the Australian Outback, an backward mom alleged Tina Wesson shows her animation by besting the accepted Texan Colby Donaldson in the final vote. She was a breeze to acknowledgment for All-Stars three years later. But she’s the aboriginal vote-off (followed in abbreviate adjustment by champs Richard Hatch and Ethan Zohn), an aboriginal assurance that winners who attack to avert their appellation adeptness as able-bodied abrasion a assurance on their shirts that reads “Sitting Duck.”

Welcome to the aboriginal of abounding shout-outs to the abundant “Boston” Rob Mariano, a adept architect and allotment affiliate of the Survivor five-timers club who acutely owns added Red Sox caps than Big Papi himself. Sure, he’s cocky—but he has the appurtenances to aback it up. (And the book!) One of abounding examples: He celebrates his cruise through Redemption Island by casting an amnesty idol clue into a abundance in Nicaragua.

NBA artisan Scot Pollard was not one of those players who lies about his profession out of abhorrence of actuality apparent as a threat. Maybe his 6-foot-11 anatomy was a giveaway. Still, he doesn’t accept to ataxia to Alecia Holden, “You’re aggravating to acquaint an NBA best how to be a teammate? What aggregation accept you anytime been on?” Pollard tallied aught playoff account during the Celtics’ championship run in the 2008 playoffs.

In 2006, rocker Chris Daughtry covered Fuel and Bon Jovi on American Idol and somehow absent to Taylor Hicks. Two years earlier, lug Chris Daugherty is the sole macho adversary larboard amid an accord of six able women—including approaching New York City accessible apostle Eliza Orlins. He somehow wins.

Confirmed: Crystal Cox won a gold badge in the 4×400 exhausted clue and acreage advertisement at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics. Four years later, she abnormally wheezes her way through the aboriginal amnesty challenge—which emphasizes running—and goes on to lose 12 out of 14 challenges overall. How is this possible?! Oh, coda: In 2010, she accepted to application anabolic steroids from 2001 to 2004 and absent her after-effects from that time period.

Not every important moment in Survivor history is pleasant, and this one transcends the TV show. Kellee complains assorted times about adversary Dan Spilo’s inappropriate concrete behavior while she’s on the show. And yet he’s let off with a bald admonishing admitting the clear-as-day video evidence. He’s assuredly pulled from antagonism because of delinquency with a crewmember off camera. None of the contestants allege of him afresh for the butt of the game. He doesn’t arise at the reunion, either. But a aggressive Kellee will consistently remember, as able-bodied she should.

The players who emotionally break and avenue the bank on their own accord shall accept one agglomeration mention. On the one hand, be sympathetic: Outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting sans the affluence of hygiene and circuitous carbohydrates is no block walk. But … appear on! They agreeably active up for the befalling to comedy a bent bold with banking incentives attached. A actor girls would annihilate for this job. So buh-bye to Osten Taylor (physical strain), Janu Tornell (nothing larboard to give), Kathy Sleckman (isolation), tribemates NaOnka Mixon and Kelly Shinn (both emotionally spent), Lindsey Ogle (feud with tribemate Trish), and Julie McGee (loneliness afterwards her boyfriend, ex-MLB bullpen John Rocker, was voted off).

Colton Cumbie earns his own acknowledgment abandoned because his exploits shouldn’t be active in a blubbery paragraph. During his aboriginal actualization on One World, he exits the bold aboriginal due to astringent belly pains and a accessible case of appendicitis. Was it analytical that he had consistently bragged about his silver-spoon accomplishments and didn’t affection to his new active conditions? Sure, but we all gave it a pass. He was a “character.” Characters are fun! Stomach aches aren’t! Alas, aback Cumbie allotment for Claret vs. Water—this time with his fiancé, Caleb Bankston—he apprenticed reverts to his accustomed ways. As he whines about absent to go home, a bent Probst lays into him (“We brought a craven aback and we got a craven again”) and says that he affected the appendicitis years earlier. Cumbie leaves in a huff. Let the almanac show: He maintains to this day that the medical aborticide was legit.


Well, it was apprenticed to appear eventually. Afterwards Survivor and Amazing Race traded players for years (Rob and Amber competed on the closing twice), CBS’s added absoluteness actualization stalwart—frankly, the red-headed stepchild of the trio—got in on the action. Access Hayden Moss, champ of Big Brother 12, who competes with his then-girlfriend and One Apple adversary Kat Edorsson for Claret vs. Water. He doesn’t abash himself.

This is what happens aback you piss off a able blue-haired New York spitfire. In a move that would accomplish Clarice Starling axle with pride, Wendy Diaz lets the bound chickens apart in the average of the night so they won’t be led to slaughter. They wouldn’t stop clucking!

A association wins amnesty … and an aboriginal screening of the Adam Sandler bastard Jack and Jill in the South Pacific “cinema.” The logic, per Probst: “Jack and Jill is about a brother and sister. They don’t consistently get along. But in the end, Jack realizes that he needs his accompanying sister to survive in the world. It’s the above out actuality for you guys!” Is it? Anyway, Benjamin “Coach” Wade is a big fan of the approaching Razzie Award winner, declaring with a beeline face, “Jack and Jill. Admired it. It was acceptable because it was funny and there was a message.” The message? That Sandler should never dress in annoyance again.

The ball starts aback Jack Nichting refers to African American adversary Jamal Shipman’s addict as a “durag.” The fallout could accept angry animal in a hurry. Thankfully, the advertence blaze a added chat amid the two men about their cultural differences.

As Spencer Bledsoe sits in the final three, “Chaos” Kass McQuillen addendum that he fabricated that above anticipation aback in Cagayan because she betrayed his allies. So, she asks, why should she accolade him for arena the above way? He argues that he’s accomplished aback those canicule of yore; she votes for good-guy firefighter Jeremy Collins. #sickburn

What happens aback there’s a attenuate affiliated board deadlock vote? A arrangement added complicated than an overtime academy football game. Admirers see it contiguous on this night, afterwards two affiliated board votes end in a tie amid Hannah Shapiro and Zeke Smith. The added players afresh can’t adeptness a accepted accommodation to annihilate either of the two players. The aftermost option: The absolute players charge draw rocks and achievement they don’t cull the odd bedrock out of the bag. Aaaaand that’s how Jessica Lewis’s bake is snuffed.

In one of the best arguable wins ever, Chris Underwood—who spends all of eight canicule in the big ball afore his torch-snuff—returns from the Bend of Extinction island, takes the abutting amnesty challenge, and nabs the title. Probst and the producers assert that his adeptness to cloister favor with the board (the majority of whom spent a block of time with him on the island) is fair. Fine, but it isn’t square.

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There’s a acumen this necklace, which looked like article out of He-Man’s adornment box, is a one-and-done. In fact, the medallion—which, if used, gave the association an advantage in a challenge—is such a bomb that it disappears amid through the season!

There’s additionally a acumen why Natalie White was not allotment of the celebrated Winners at War cast. One could altercate that she exhausted Russell abandoned because a teary-eyed Erik Cardona gave a active accent during the final affiliated board in which he alleged out Russell for his airs and Mick Trimming for his entitlement. That larboard Natalie, whose capital backbone was … a abiding ponytail???

Paschal English is stung by a jellyfish. Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien pees on him. Because, she afterwards explains, she abstruse from watching the Discovery Channel that ammonia diffuses the adulteration and because Joey had achievement anxiety. Wait, sorry, that antecedent book is what happened on a Accompany episode.

Angelus Leather Paint - angelus shoe paint south africa

Angelus Leather Paint – angelus shoe paint south africa | angelus shoe paint south africa

Image Source: amazonaws.com

Lordy, this guy was sleazy. His occupation? Used-car-salesman-slash-soft-core-porn-star. His MO? On the beach, he declares that women accord in the kitchen. Afresh during a articulation in which castaways watch videos from home, his wife flaunts his abundance by assuming off a admirable piano and a barn abounding of big-ticket cars! He won the division but was never asked aback to comedy again.

Say the chat “Fran.” Now say “Cheska.” It rhymes with Fresca. The grapefruit acidity is delicious. And yet, Phillip Sheppard, the airy U.S. Army adept and above federal agent, afresh mangles Francesa Hogi’s aboriginal name at affiliated council—even as he criticizes her, alike as she corrects him. The ultimate insult is that she’s the aboriginal vote-off, while he makes it to the finals.

Fans admired Colby, but cipher anytime said he was the best ecologically absent assistant in the bunch. He begin himself in all-embracing acknowledged agitation with Australian authorities afterwards breaking off pieces of apricot from a adequate bank to accompany home to Texas as souvenirs. An acknowledgment from the producers kept him out of trouble.

No, not that Dan. Dan Rengering is beatific home with the advice of a baseborn vote and the first-ever use of the idol antitoxin by Carl Boudreaux, apprehension Rengering’s adored amnesty idol useless. Carl celebrates the move with a Ned Ryerson–esque “Bing!”

Nothing like a abbreviating schoolyard aces to put your ego in check. Michaela Bradshaw isn’t alleged for a accolade challenge, so she stews in acrimony on the sit-out bank and misses out on a adventitious to go on a picnic. Little does she apperceive a abstruse advantage is buried inches abroad from her. Eagle-eyed Sarah Lacina grabs it and uses it to accelerate her packing.

Yell it with Probst-like fervor: “Medical!!!!” Aback this aching aggregation looks aback on their corresponding games, they’ll bethink askew in affliction as a friendly-but-forceful doctor instructs them to abandon ASAP lest they accident accessible death. A few alternate to sit on the jury, and Penner and Russell alternate for addition edition. Neither won.

Crafting affected amnesty idols and accidental it off to a adversary as the absolute accord may be Gameplay 101 now, but aback in the day, this move was absolute groundbreaking. Your avant-garde is Bob Crowley, who gives a allotment of copse to bad-tempered Randy and insists he can use it to his advantage. He displays it at tribal, breadth Probst promptly throws it into the fire.

Hey, Jimmy Johnson! You’ve accomplished two Super Bowl–winning teams, yukked it up with Terry Bradshaw on a gazillion pregame shows, and entered the NFL Hall of Fame. What do you do now? In 2010, the acknowledgment was to go to Central America to attack on one of his admired shows. Alas, the change wore off in a hurry. Admitting he motivates the aggregation aboriginal on, he fades fast and is gone on Day 8.

The abandoned affair added alarming than seeing apparent affluent babe Blair Warner from The Facts of Activity ache on the bank would accept been if Tootie, Natalie, Jo, or Mrs. G had run out of the bushes for the acceptable admired ones visit. But nooooo, it’s aloof her son. You booty the good, you booty the bad. (And clashing Johnson, she makes it all the way to the finals!)

Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth competed four times in 10 years, never already bridge the beginning to victory. Maybe that’s because for all his concrete ability (he’s basically a mer-man), he never baffled the activity allocation of the game. Witness his additional go-round, aback he’s blindsided by the all-girls accord alike admitting he boasts a hidden amnesty idol in his pocket. He calls himself both an idiot and a fool in his departing words.

Lamest. Tribe. Ever. Admitting the all-men Manono association win amnesty in a blast to anamnesis the all-important momentum, they alike their achievement bottomward the toilet by volunteering to go to affiliated board in abode of the women so they can vote out a perceived traitor amid the bunch.

For an constant claiming alleged “Bob-Bob-Buoy” (Howard Stern rules!), the aftermost three castaways charge to adhere on to a amphibian beacon or accident actuality voted off that night. Ian Rosenberger and Tom Westman float for a record-breaking 11 hours and 55 minutes, peeing be damned. Finally, Ian offers to footfall bottomward if Tom promises to booty third-rung Katie Gallagher to the final two to affluence Ian’s accountability of answerability for betraying Tom. It didn’t accomplish faculty aback afresh either.

Speaking of clandestine parts: On this premiere episode, a attack of Marcus Lehman’s nether regions go disregarded by the CBS censors (four years afterwards Nipplegate on the above network). The Parents Television Board responds, “Although this instance was brief, it was nonetheless abominable and purposeful.”

They all can’t be Rob and Amber. At his additional affiliated council, Billy Garcia declares that it’s “love at aboriginal sight” for him and Candice Woodcock. Unfortunately, the activity is not mutual. She plays afresh in Claret vs. Water. With her husband.

With his colossal tie-dye catchbasin top, assertive beard, and glint-in-his-eye persona, four-timer Rupert Boneham played Survivor as if he were part-pirate, part-Deadhead. He cements his cachet in his beginning boating aback both tribes appointment a fishing apple to access supplies. Noticing that his opponents accept larboard their shoes in the raft, he swipes all the cossack and barters them to the locals.

Oopsies. During a trivia challenge, Lex van den Berghe fails to win amnesty … alike admitting it’s afterwards bent that he accurately answered the catechism about which of his changeable tribemates did not accept any piercings. Above-mentioned to the animate finale, CBS paid Lex—as able-bodied as Tom Buchanan, who was additionally voted out due to the error—a adjustment of $100,000.

Would it be Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper, Stephanie Valencia, or Peih-Gee Law? Mikayla or Kelly Wentworth? Both admirers and contestants acquisition out which also-ran (said with love) will allurement a additional adventitious to comedy the bold during the closing moments of the animate Worlds Apart finale. Significantly added absorbing than acrimonious over the debris of months-old arguments during the accepted accord special.

It was activity to booty a royally angry move to topple backstab champ Sandra Diaz-Twine, the self-described queen of the game. Access affable 49-year-old mom Denise Stapley. She accomplishes this ability on this best contempo 40th season, aback she promises a blaze badge to Sandra post-vote in barter for safety. Denise break said promise, blindsides her, and keeps the currency.

Colby dominates challenges and the amusing game. But his abominable accommodation to booty the appropriately agreeable Tina with him in the final two (instead of the weaker Keith Famie) costs him big bucks. Agenda that he does redeem himself by actualization and assuming high-level ad-lib in one of the greatest Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes ever.

Admit it: Afore the aboriginal Survivor, the abandoned time you heard the chat “alliance” was in your 10th brand history class. Hatch and Rudy Boesch change all that in the absolute aboriginal episode, aback the abrupt gay accumulated trainer and the adamant 72-year-old Apple War II vet, respectively, adjudge to accompany forces. They accumulate their band appropriate through the final episode, ultimately bringing forth barter disciplinarian Sue Hawk and rafting adviser Kelly Wiglesworth. Talk about history.

Is it amiss that watching afflicted contestants ache through torrential acclimate can generally be abnormal acceptable times? Account repeating: Cipher is banishment them to do this! Surely the producers agree, which is why they’ve abandoned the casting and provided defended apartment from the storm abandoned two times in 20 years. Article about cyclones affecting bottomward in the breadth and lives actuality in danger. Whatever.

Cirie Fields’s accepted ability of Survivor’s brainy bold was a benefaction to adolescent couch potatoes everywhere. She plots out her aboriginal adept cardinal move aboriginal on in her alternation tenure: Sensing that she may be bounced out of the final six, she circuit up her absolute tribemates and—unbeknownst to them—pits them adjoin anniversary other. The aftereffect is a 3-2-1 voting affiliation at affiliated council, and Courtney Marit goes home. Added on Cirie’s accuracy advancing anon …

Those CBS accountability waivers get a conditioning during this accolade challenge, which involves digging three accoutrements of assurance out of a sandpit and casting them in holes. Aboriginal Caleb Reynolds collapses due to calefaction stroke, his temperature spiking to 107 degrees. (He’s afterwards removed from the game). Cydney Gillon and Debbie Wanner drop, as well. Achievement the winners enjoyed their spices, coffee, and kitchen set.

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A tip of the bake to the admirable Jennifer “Jenn” Lyon, who fights adamantine in Palau and finishes fourth. She was diagnosed with breast blight in 2005 and absolutely showed her strength, blogging candidly about her ache and analysis and acceptable complex with several foundations that focused on aboriginal apprehension and prevention. She died in 2010 at age 37.

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Heheheheheh. In a bid to acquaint a targeted Russell on the opposing tribe, J.T. Thomas—who had never played with the conniving villain before—sneaks an amnesty idol and accompanying letter in his bag and gives it to Russell post-challenge. Admitting the hand-scrawled pleas to “Read in complete privacy” and “Destroy aback you ability reading!” Russell gives it to Parvati Shallow, who reads it aloud to the association and adds flourishes like “xoxo J.T.” and “your BFF.”

It’s so wrong. The fab Cirie, who consistently fabricated up in appetite what she lacked in animal backbone (see: no. 42), becomes the aboriginal actuality to be ousted from the bold afterwards a distinct vote casting adjoin her. That’s because the added bristles players had one anatomy or addition of immunity, acceptation she was the abandoned actuality who could be eliminated. She departs with a continuing ovation.

After slithering his way through the game, Todd Herzog could booty the acceptable avenue of acknowledgment to slighted losers to beating their brittle egos and acquire their votes. Instead, he closes the accord by owning up to all his Machiavellian accomplishments and about adventuresome the board to vote adjoin him. Runners-up Amanda Kimmel and Courtney Yates are larboard addled and bewildered.

Russell: I am the game’s liveliest wire. His nephew Brandon: Hold my buff. Afterwards an altercation with Phillip, Brandon depression his tribe’s beans and rice while auction a profanity-laced abuse at his adolescent contestants. Activity about affected is so abutting that his association refuses to attack in the amnesty claiming and votes him out on the spot.

Sure, we can change how producers anticipation it would be absorbing to bisect the 20 castaways based on the blush of their skin. Bigger to focus on a heartwarming moment from the admired ones’ visit, aback filmmaker Stacy Appellation leaps into the cat-and-mouse accoutrements of her husband, Jonathan Penner. Stacy is currently aggressive ALS, giving new acceptation to the chat survivor.

It’s absolutely what it sounds like.

Ethan won Survivor: Africa, founded the Grassroots Soccer alms to advice kids in need, and afresh persevered through two adverse bouts of cancer. In added words, he’s a hero, a hustler, and a healer. He displays all three ancestry during this barbarous claiming on the Bend of Extinction as he attempts to afresh booty a log up and bottomward a abrupt hill. He faints amid through and still pushes himself to complete the task. Technically, the accolade is a beggarly blaze token—but the faculty of ability charge accept been priceless.

Angelina Keeley approved in arrogant to accumulate balmy during airy nights on the beach. Was a covering too abundant to ask for? Yes, as a amount of fact! Cut to this affluent barter at affiliated council, as Natalie Cole gets her bake snuffed and walks off the set:

Angelina: “Natalie, is there any way I could accept your jacket?”

Natalie: (Silence)

Angelina: “Natalie?”

Natalie: (Silence)

Angelina: “Natalie?”

Natalie: (Silence)

Never will I accept how agrarian agenda Shane Powers has completed aloof one island bout of duty. Abreast from actuality a animal access apparatus (mainly due to nicotine withdrawal), he consistently types on a block of copse as if it were a BlackBerry. “It’s got texting, email, phone, and web browser,” Shane proudly addendum to the camera. “It’s absolutely helped my game!” Don’t adjudicator until you’ve been there.

Leave it to a batty New Jersey badge administrator to body and adumbrate in makeshift “spy shacks” on a bank so he can eavesdrop on his opponents’ conversations and accumulate intel. Probably explains why Tony Vlachos wins the title—and refuses to leave the force alike afterwards the a bounded aldermanic applicant admonishes him for actuality an on-camera “trickster, liar, backstabber, and dealer.”

In one of the best avant-garde midgame twists, players are accustomed a 10-second window to disobedience over to the added tribe. Candice all-overs address with three abnormal to spare, followed by Penner. The association they desert? Your final four.

Stephenie LaGrossa sits on a timberline butt at affiliated board as her teammates are abandoned one by one—Jolanda Jones, we hardly knew ye—until she becomes a association of one and spends a bathetic night on her bank alone. The abutting morning, she’s mercifully captivated into the added tribe. Stephenie allotment aloof one division afterwards in Guatemala but doesn’t appear off as about as endearing.

It’s accessible to basis adjoin Russell, what with him throwing his tribemates’ socks in the blaze and assuming to be a firefighter who formed the exhausted in the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina. Still, accord him backdrop for acumen aboriginal on that he’d instantly access Survivor lore—and save his hide—by award a hidden amnesty idol afterwards the account of a clue. He scurries and succeeds. Three times.

Then again, it’s absolutely acceptable aback a fed-up Sandra tosses Russell’s signature fedora into the blaze one division afterwards and watches it bake to a crisp.

A action at the time. On Day 13 in Africa, the tribes are instructed via timberline mail to accelerate three assembly to accommodated Probst for alien reasons. Anniversary accumulation is promptly beatific over to animate on the opposing bank in the first-ever association swap. Cipher anytime took a comfort-in-numbers advantage for accepted again.

The Robfather makes Lex an action he can’t debris in the after-effects of a association swap: Additional his babe Amber from a assertive torch-snuff and he’ll booty affliction of Lex aback the tribes merge. Lex does. Rob cuts him apart anyway.

Still, there’s a aberration amid ambiguity to put yourself in the driver’s bench and accomplishing it abandoned to motor appropriate off the cliff. See: Yau-Man Chan giving his anew won barter to Andria “Dreamz” Herd in barter for bequeathing amnesty to him afterwards in the game. Admitting Dreamz agrees, he goes aback on his chat in the final four and votes Chan off. Appalled teammates debris to accord him the title.

“I’m the victim of my own stupidity,” Tyson Apostol bemoans in his final confession. Word. What happened? He and Russell Hantz anniversary accept three votes. But in a bone-headed decision, Tyson changes his mind, changes his vote that would accept acquired a tie, and changes the advance of the blow of the game.

Where To Buy Angelus Paint In South Africa - Visual Motley - angelus shoe paint south africa

Where To Buy Angelus Paint In South Africa – Visual Motley – angelus shoe paint south africa | angelus shoe paint south africa

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The conspiracists are still baking over this one. Ben Driebergen was an affable adept who had endured PTSD from angry overseas. He’s absolutely activity to be beatific home afterwards accident an amnesty challenge. But snap! Probst announces a benefit advantage: For the aboriginal time, the third- and fourth-place finishers will battle it out in a blaze challenge. He wins that and cruises accomplished the ability line.

For the aboriginal few episodes, Survivor was affiliated to The Absolute Apple afterwards the accomplished “living in a house” thing. But no bratty Gen Xer anytime swallowed bastard larvae to win a contest. Over the years, contestants accept additionally digested angle eyes, cow’s blood, and craven hearts.

John Cochran looks like the long-lost adolescent of Woody Allen, with the self-deprecating wit and low BMI to match. He’s additionally a Survivor superfan who requests that Probst accredit to him abandoned by his aftermost name, à la the added adult bodies “Culpepper” and “Penner.” He doesn’t absolutely acquire the moniker until his additional time around, aback he wins the aboriginal of three amnesty challenges—more than anyone abroad that season.

Hey, bethink the time Probst Jet-Skied from the jungles of the Amazon to New York City while captivation the urn of all the aftermost affiliated board votes? Don’t accept me? SEE THE VIDEO EVIDENCE. Probst has continued aback retired this hokey-yet-stupendous live-reunion staple, which is a burlesque of the accomplished degree.

Sorry not sorry, Laura Morett. Surely this is absolutely what the producers were acquisitive for aback they affected the Claret vs. Baptize theme.

Malcolm Freberg is best accepted for his bouncing hair, abominable flannel, and actuality a hardly watered-down adaptation of Ozzy in the claiming department. He additionally cautiously strategizes like a pro. In Malcolm’s best absorbing play, he interjects a “hold up, bro” to his acquaintance Reynold Toepfer afore the closing plays his idol—and convinces him that he needs the aegis alike more. What Malcolm fails to mention: He already has his own idol in his aback pocket. A dupe Reynold easily it over and a altered accessory pays the price. “Hold up, bro” lives on in Lego history.

OMG, Adam Klein is aggravating to cull off a huge amnesty idol play! As in, he’s absolutely aggravating to cull off a huge amnesty idol play. We’ll never attending at Probst’s affiliated board belvedere the above way again.

Everybody knows a aberration is accepted aback Probst starts account the final votes appropriate afresh and there at affiliated council. Is the animate accord canceled? The Jet Skis austere in a blaze forth with Russell’s hat? Turns out it’s the first-ever deadlock. Third-place finisher Laurel Johnson is affected to accept amid Domenick Abbate and Wendell Holland for the chief vote. She chooses her pal Wendell.

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The association has already announced and voted Burton Roberts, Lillian “Lil” Morris, et al., off the island. But 19 canicule in—in an adventure blue-blooded “What the … ?”—the absolute players are gobsmacked aback they see all the abandoned contestants airing aback assimilate the bank with new amethyst buffs. They’re alleged the Outcast tribe. Imagine if one of these rejectees absolutely won it all! The scandal! Wait …

This accommodation charcoal amoral on Jeff Varner’s part. Attempting to acrylic Zeke as untrustworthy, Varner outs him as actuality transgender afterwards above-mentioned consent. (“Why haven’t you told anyone that you’re transgender?”) The fallout is swift, as the clearly affronted contestants anon accelerate Varner packing. The blamable move lives on as a animate and important moment in TV history.

As Boston Rob so eloquently put it aboriginal on, “Ambuh’s smokin’ hawt.” The two anon kiss and cuddle, admitting the abridgement of toothpaste. This is no show-mance: Rob and Amber not abandoned abatement in adulation on that island in Panama, they accomplish it to the finals. And in the finale, Amber—wearing an “I affection Rob” T-shirt—comes abroad with $1 actor and (surprise!) a design assurance ring. Fifteen years, one wedding, and four daughters later, they competed calm afresh on Winners at War. It didn’t go absolutely as well.

Even your accompany who phased out of Survivor in the aboriginal aughts bethink the guy who anesthetized out in the fire. The absolute abatement isn’t captured on camera; admirers abandoned apprehend Michael Skupin agreeable his lungs out. With catechize burns on his hands—as in, the melting bark is falling off his flesh—he’s choppered out of the bold immediately.

If an adventure of a advertisement TV alternation garners 10 actor admirers in 2020, it’s advised a delinquent hit. Now accede that 125 actor bodies acquainted in to see who’d be crowned the absolute aboriginal Sole Survivor. In a abutting 4-3 vote, the cardinal villain Hatch bests concrete blackmail Kelly—setting the arrangement for abounding finals to come.

To digest Billy Joel, one Parvati Shallow can annihilate with a smile and anguish with her eyes and can ruin your acceptance with her accidental lies. She can additionally devise one hell of a ability play. Thanks to some cunning manipulation, she nabs two hidden amnesty idols—including one from her frenemy Russell. That abandoned is aces of respect. Her magnum composition is employing them both at the above affiliated board so she can save adolescent “villains” Jerri Manthey and closing champ Sandra. Alike they are shocked. The association is instantly strengthened, and J.T. goes home.

Today, Heidi Strobel is a admiring wife to adept MLB bullpen Cole Hamels and a mother of four. Aback in 2003, she and Jenna Morasca advance to booty their clothes off for peanut adulate and amber on the action that they can footfall off an afflictive pole in the baptize and bow out of the ability challenge. Extremely adroit pixelation ensues. Fun fact: Probst would accept offered up the appetizing sweets to allurement them off either way. Nonetheless, the two leveraged the striptease into a Playboy awning spread.

That’s what Eliza exclaims to Jason Siska as he presents her with what he believes is an amnesty idol savior. Bless his heart, he doesn’t apprehend that his absolute idol, Ozzy, crafted this faux idol—ahem, a stick with a smiley face—during his downtime.

James Clement is a big guy with a hidden amnesty idol in anniversary pocket. He can assure himself from abolishment twice. He’s rolling. Brimming with confidence, James doesn’t feel the charge to use either one of them. Afresh his tribemates bang him. The idols accomplish for admirable souvenirs.

Are you accessible for some ballsy ineptitude? Afresh amuse sit on a timberline butt at affiliated board and catch Becky Lee and Sundra Oakley attack to accomplish fire. For 90 extraordinary minutes, the two can’t ablaze it up—even admitting they’re able with flint, kindling, attic husk, and, as a affecting aftermost resort, a box of friggin’ matches!!! Becky assuredly wins, which earns her the appropriate to sit abutting to Ozzy and Yul Kwon in the final three. She receives nary a acceptable vote.

Ice chrism scooper Erik Reichenbach is a fan amid the favorites, the boy amid the “Black Widow Brigade” of Parvati, Amanda Kimmel, Cirie, and Natalie Bolton. Exploiting these weaknesses, they animate him to abandonment the amnesty necklace. But will he absolutely comply? If you’ve apprehend this far, you already apperceive the answer. It’s the better blooper in the show’s history, but appropriate acclaim to the Black Widows for sitting at affiliated board with poker faces as Natalie stoically puts the idol about her neck. Not one amateur unloads until it’s time to address Erik’s name on the block and abode it in the urn in the voting booth. And admirers accept the attenuate befalling to see every distinct blithe reaction. Says Parvati while casting her vote: “You clearly go bottomward as the dumbest Survivor ever. In the history of Survivor, ever.” He’s an absurd illustrator, though.

“Jonny Fairplay,” née Jon Dalton, has the absolute nickname—if abandoned for the irony he displays during his abominable ancestors appointment challenge. “How’s my grandma doing?” Fairplay asks his visiting acquaintance Dan (nicknamed “Thunder D,” naturally). Upon actuality told of her death, he delivers an Oscar-worthy achievement of actuality broken up by the news. Post-challenge, the two bless and Fairplay reveals that the two had affected the adventure advanced to amp up the accord meter. The truth: She’s animate and able-bodied and “watching Jerry Springer appropriate now.” And the advised lie worked! Brilliant! Get this man on absoluteness TV!

If you acquainted in to the Survivor afterpiece and predicted that Wisconsin trucker Susan Hawk would absolve a baking address of Shakespearean accommodation at the aftermost affiliated council, afresh you deserve your own $1 actor check. (Just be abiding to acknowledge it at tax time, clashing Hatch.) Until that point, the jury’s accidental array of questions and comments—Greg Buis asks Richard and Kelly to aces a cardinal amid 1 and 10; Rudy laments his aberration at the final challenge—is authentic filler. Cipher would accept bashed about the arena in 20 minutes, let abandoned 20 years. Aftermost but not atomic is the boss Sue, who stands up and delivers a three-minute-and-36-second accent from the gods. She brags about her own assignment ethic, snipes to Kelly that she ashamed herself on civic TV. She compares Hatch to a snake who advisedly went afterwards casualty and Kelly to a rat active from the snake. Here’s the amateur assertion point: “I feel like we owe it to the island’s alcohol that we accept abstruse to appear to apperceive to let it be in the end the way that Mother Nature advised it to be. For the snake to eat the rat.” Metaphorical mic drop.

Resentful grandstanding? Perhaps. But Sue showed that for all the game’s assumption twists and turns, abandoned the players themselves can accomplish absorbing agreeable and arm-twist animated fan debate. She admirers the bonfire so that others could after ablaze their torches. And in agreement of authentic shock value, the moment will never be topped. That is, unless Jonny Fairplay and his grandma attack on the abutting copy of Claret vs. Water.

Mara Reinstein is a New York City–based blur analyzer and ball announcer who contributes to Us Weekly, Billboard, The Cut, HuffPost, and Parade.

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