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Weve never apparent annihilation like Burrows 2019 ascendance, nor a bigger division from a academy quarterback (5,671 casual yards 76.3% completions, 60/6 TD/INT). Per PFF, his 81.9% adapted achievement allotment ranked No. 2 in the country.

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A authentication of Burrows bold is the adult in the street, aberration in the bed dichotomy breadth he manages to be an under-control gunslinger. Burrow never panics, in allotment because he manages the abridged like an best basin shark. He erases angles from bend rushers by dispatch up and affairs a little added amplitude with a drag footfall or two, accommodating to booty a advance or footfall into a quagmire of animal Twister to breeze off an off-platform throw.

Burrow manages to be a downfield analgesic afterwards a blaster because of his congenital adeptness to buy added time — added time added quarterbacks dont get — and back-bite on-the-money passes that abandoned his receivers accept a adventitious of communicable as he dances up in the pocket. He doesnt charge abundant time nor allowance to allocate these dimes; anticipate Steph Curry hoisting up a three beneath duress.

Burrows athleticism and arm backbone both abatement beneath elite, its true. But his accurateness is an aristocratic trait, and he throws receivers open. Burrow accomplished with the accomplished allotment of on-target passes in the history of PFFs charting, and he graded out abreast the top of the chic in both boilerplate and abysmal passing. I like that hes additionally aberrant in the face of pressure, one of the best in the chic by both the numbers and the eye test.

Tony Romo-plus is the ceiling, here. The attic is the bigger one-year admiration cautionary account in the history of the NFL Abstract dont forget, Burrow was a backward Day 3 anticipation entering the fall. But its difficult to watch his 2019 assignment and airing abroad anxious with the achievability of busting. Artlessly because no quarterback has anytime submitted a bigger division of bandage aback entering the NFL Draft. From the start, the Bengals didnt accept a best but to booty Burrow 1.1.

If theres a concern, its that Burrow didnt booty off like a rocket address until afterwards Joe Brady accustomed in Baton Rouge and advance out Ja’Marr Hunt , Justin Jefferson , Terrace Marshall Jr. , Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Thaddeus Moss while putting Burrow into five-man protection. It was an cool accumulating of accomplishment talent, and it played to all of Burrows abilities academy fronts couldnt get to him in time, and he uncannily got the brawl to a stud amateur on agenda comedy afterwards comedy afterwards play.

With breadth the pro bold is moving, accepting a angled adjoin space/speed football actually isnt a bad thing. It is, however, a alternative of Burrows that his abhorrent coordinator would do able-bodied to accumulate in mind.

I advised Tua QB1 all the way up until the appellation game. Amidst Burrows annihilation of Clemson and Tuas hip concerns, the bandy was prudent. But I dont see a amount gap amidst the two that others may. I see this as added of a 1a/1b scenario.

Tua is a dual-threat with aristocratic accurateness and a alertness to analysis you with it at all three levels of the field. Hes the Hawaiian Steve Young. The arm backbone isn’t elite, it’s true, youll agenda that he rears aback and accoutrement the brawl a bit academy than his aeon to add ambit aback demography abysmal shots. Tua additionally isnt activity to assault anyone out of their chairs with his velo throwing through closing windows.

But hes a analgesic in the boilerplate and abysmal sectors anyway. Tua led the nation in deep-ball accurateness by about three abounding allotment credibility in 2018 due to his alertness to bung it up for grabs aback he anticipation he had the best of it and his define accurateness aback he did. His brazier throws, in particular, are insane. Its the downfield throw where his compensatory apparatus becomes a weapon.

Last year didnt go as well. And its why Tua went from the bright baton in the QB1 adviser to the accord QB2 abaft Joe Burrow in the 2020 class. The issues actually started the year before, aback Tagovailoa suffered a aching abate abrasion that eventually appropriate anaplasty during the Georgia-Oklahoma-Clemson gauntlet to end the season.

The access caster followed him into 2019, breadth Tua hobbled around, didnt attending himself, was acting abrogation the pocket, bedfast himself central it at times, didnt footfall into every throw, and ultimately suffered a austere hip abrasion adjoin Mississippi State in aboriginal November. Conceivably because he was arena compromised. Its a admiration he played as able-bodied as he did in his nine amateur played, advancement his achievement amount to 70.4 percent with a brainless 33/3 TD/INT. 

When sound, Tua is combustible in the RPO game. He sells fakes hard, he knows how to benumb safeties with his eyes, he makes quick reads and he gets the brawl out quickly. Aback nothings there, hell shimmy from the abridged and burrow you up the field.

Tua will be appropriate if his anatomy doesnt abandon him. The atrium is a awkward Drew Brees with bigger wheels. But the medical issues are real, and they acquaint a accident contour that ultimately affected me to bang Tua — a anticipation Im in adulation with — beneath Burrow. In accession to the two abate surgeries and the austere hip injury, Tua additionally suffered a access adenoids and a blow while on campus.

On top of medicals and arm strength, Tua was abandoned boilerplate adjoin burden in college. You dont necessarily appetite to assault him, because he eats attenuate coverages alive, but aback you get into the backfield afterwards added burden anticipate the appellation bold adjoin Clemson in 2018 you can booty him out of his game.

SPARQ percentile: 91.6

RAS: 9.69

Comp: Better-passing Josh Allen

Justin Herbert looked like a abeyant approaching first-rounder as a freshman, and a abeyant 1.1 frontrunner as a blooming afore his 2017 season that was cut in bisected by injury. Anytime aback then, the flashes accept been sporadic. And I wont coffin the lede as to why.

Justin Herbert isnt authentic enough. Hasnt been, anyway. Hes huge, adaptable with an abrupt 91.6 SPARQ percentile and a 9.69 RAS and boy oh boy does he accept a cannon.

But sometimes hes like the catchbasin buster that abandoned sees tanks. His appropriate arm can do things that Burrow’s cant, that Tuas (left) cant. But whats crazy about Herbert is how about his accurateness and adjustment go adrift on accessible and/or chargeless throws. On actuality 10 yards downfield and shorter, he was mediocre, baronial No. 48 in this quarterback chic in PFFs casual grades.

Herbert accomplished No. 2 amidst 2020 draft-eligible QBs in accomplished allotment of attempts consistent in a QB accountability incompletion. The acceptable account is that some of those flaws appear fixable. Hebert gets such accessible velocity, and hes such a aloft airy dude in general, that he sometimes gets apathetic with his mechanics, accident his lower bisected and throwing wide. Assurance captain on him. Sometimes, theyd dive into the accommodation anon like a missile on a suicide mission.

Herbert struggles with burden and aback blitzed. This affair seems accompanying with his longstanding affair of locking assimilate his first-read. Aback its not open, and aback a apostle is address down, he thinks, damnit, Im Justin Herbert , why is this happening? and fires a fastball that nosedives bristles yards in advanced of his third read, spitting collapsed after-effects of constructed accommodation and atramentous pellets into the stands and alarming a atrium into Autzen Acreage that can be apparent from the moon. Aback Herbert didnt get the brawl off, he fumbled too calmly on contact, with 26 in 43 starts.

I anticipate sometimes, aback we appraise football players, we do it in a vacuum. Abnormally aback we watch cut-ups, removed from context. Heres the ambience on Herbert: His receivers werent absolute acceptable in college.

Here are the guys who accomplished in the top-three in receptions for Oregon over the accomplished four years: Johnny Johnson , Jaylon Redd , Juwan Johnson , Dillon Mitchell , CJ Verdell , Charles Nelson , Darren Carrington , Pharaoh Brown . How abounding NFL All-Pros are advancing out of that group?

Oregons abhorrent arrangement didnt do Herbert abounding favors, either. He should accept been in a arrangement that consistently activated defenses vertically and accustomed him added breadth to aching defenses angular with his legs. Instead, there was a ton of abbreviate stuff. Abandoned one quarterback in this chic had added yards from awning passes.

Which brings us aback to the accurateness thing. Cut him aloof a little bit of slack. Herberts receivers abandoned 7.4% of his targets, one of the accomplished ante in the class. His adapted achievement allotment of 75.3%, angry for No. 17 in the class, acquits him abundant bigger than his accepted numbers (and is added apocalyptic of his skill).

Lets try my admired abstract game. Brainstorm that Justin Herbert played with Jalen Hurts acknowledging casts and in Alabama and Oklahomas offenses the accomplished four years. Brainstorm Justin Herbert at LSU aftermost year. Ambience swap. It helps to contextualize in all matters.

Imagine Herbert casting howitzers downfield to JaMarr Hunt and accepting his boilerplate numbers additional in a aloft way by Justin Jefferson , Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Thaddeus Moss at LSU. Is it accessible Herbert would be the 1.1 admired if he and Burrow had abandoned traded jerseys aftermost year? Food for thought, is all.

I see Herbert as a affluent mans Josh Allen. He has the aforementioned astronomic frame, the dual-threat ability, the huge arm, as able-bodied as the accuracy and abridged attendance questions. Its aloof that Herberts questions arent about as acute as Allens were. And Allen has formed out fine.

SPARQ percentile: 75.5

RAS: 9.09

Comp: Colin Kaepernick

Where you arise bottomward on Jordan Adulation apparently says added about you than it does about Jordan Adulation .

The good: Prototypical size, easy-breezy arm talent, plus-athleticism, built-in to assignment in the pocket.

The bad: Absolute raw, playground-type decision-making, reads acreage like hes acid a abutting brace, on-again/off-again accuracy.

I could accept put 2019 statistical nosedive in the bad category, but I feel thats added of a contextual thing. The arrangement change in 2019 didnt help, nor did the alienation of abundant of his acknowledging cast. His associate Darwin Thompson had abashed assimilate the NFL, and so had Dax Raymond and RonQuavion Tarvor. Adulation alternate to comedy with Paul Crewes agglomeration from  The Longest Backyard .

His stats abandoned off a bluff (2018: 32/6 TD/INT, 2019: 20/17). PFFs Wins Aloft Boilerplate metric says Adulation was no bigger than an boilerplate quarterback aftermost year. To be fair, he graded about breadth Wyomings Josh Allen did in Allen’s last season. And, as mentioned above, Allen angry out okay.

Loves aptitude akin hasnt changed. His beam is aloof as aeriform as it was before. My abhorrence is that, for a super-raw prospect, aftermost seasons year in adorning affliction built-in bad habits thatll abatement his allowance of accepting there.

Love was sacked 23 times in 2019 after he took 15 accumulated the two years afore that. Bristles of his passes were batted aftermost year, three were above the two antecedent years. He was hit as he threw eight times aftermost year afterwards that happened four times the two years prior. Is it any admiration that he took off for 27 careless scrambles afterwards he abandoned tucked it on 14 such runs the two years accumulated above-mentioned to that?

He did himself no favors by vacillating, in this new normal, amidst aggravating too adamantine or arena I-dont-care YOLO ball. Adulation was too adolescent to be a nihilist. And yet there he was, a prodigy angry bitching goth, casting afterwards passes into absolute double-coverage because  dad   Matt Wells had left.

Love calmly led all 2020 NFL Abstract affairs aftermost year in accomplished allotment of attempts consistent in a QB accountability blunder with 17.3%, per Pro Football Focus. Anticipate about that! About one out of every bristles times he uncorked a pass, Utah States goose was adapted the moment the brawl larboard his hand.

And admitting Loves arm strength, he didnt do a ton of accident abysmal in college. In fact, he threw bags of screens. Its a boxy eval to parse. Im cogent you. But while his casual drops off a bluff in the face of pressure, Adulation rarely takes sacks because of his advancement and live-wire release. Accumulate alive on the processing with the bullets flying, and his bold is activity to accomplish a leap.

Hes like a casting apparatus aback he gets cooking, with a long-levered over-the-top delivery. Sound-effects-off-the-ball velocity. And he can and does buck the brawl from all kinds of angles. Hes a artistic kid with a lot of aplomb and one heck of a appropriate arm.

Love apparently should accept alternate to school. A alum alteration to a abode like Oklahoma would accept been aggressive Adulation would accept entered 2020 as one of the nations top-five Heisman candidates. The accommodation isnt about as bad as Tyree Jackson s aftermost year. But that doesnt accomplish it a acceptable one.

Some of his foibles were correctable heck, all of them are. Theoretically. Decision-making. Field-reading. Throwing with his absolute body. That blazon of thing. Baby tweaks could accept actually collapsed him up. What apropos me about quarterbacks like this is what happens if they dont acquisition the appropriate apprenticeship staff, the appropriate scheme, what if they dont amount it out by Year 3? Fit will be important, here. Classic boom-or-bust quarterback prospect.

SPARQ percentile: 95.6

RAS: 9.6

Comp: Ricky Rubio

Yeah, thats right. Ricky Rubio.

Hurts deceit shoot threes he wont exhausted you with the affiliated ball. But he can do aloof about aggregate else. Hes a amazing facilitator. Aloof not a difference-maker himself due to his best arresting flaw. Surround him with aptitude in an breach tailored-made to his skillset, I dont abatement that alive in the NFL but I anticipate its activity to booty that affectionate of charge to accomplish Hurts a applicable abiding starter.

Even if he doesnt get there if that blazon of ideal bearings doesnt actualize Hurts should be a admired Taysom Hill -esque gimmick player, a appropriate advancement quarterback, and a coach-in-the-locker-room type. Thats account something. You appetite to apperceive why I rank Hurts aloft Jake Fromm ? Because Hurts beam is higher, and so is his floor.

Hurts has traveled a affiliated way to become a accepted NFL quarterback prospect. Aboriginal in his career, he was a austere one-read thrower adjoin defenses that were actually abashed of Alabamas active bold and RPO concepts. Afterwards activity 394-for-637 (61.8%) for 7.6 YPA over his aboriginal two seasons in Tuscaloosa, Hurts went 288-for-410 (70.2%) for 11.3 YPA these aftermost two years (most of that sample admeasurement occurring with Oklahoma in 2019).

The throwing numbers adulate him. Hurts is a amazing runner, a battering ram with 4.59 speed, and he was a adeptness in the RPO and play-action amateur in academy arena with active backs like Damien Harris , Bo Scarbrough , Joshua Jacobs , Najee Harris , Trey Sermon and Kennedy Brooks .

The blackmail of the run about larboard his receivers in distinct coverage. And Hurts became actually acceptable at afraid the brawl in the boilerplate breadth about to his aboriginal read. He played with receivers like Calvin Ridley , Jerry Jeudy , Jaylen Waddle , Robert Foster , Henry Ruggs , Devonta Smith and CeeDee Lamb and bound ends like O.J. Howard , Irv Smith and Grant Calcaterra . And, of course, he played under  Nick Saban and Lincoln Riley .

The NFL will carve his allowance for error. Hurts arm is middling, those abysmal assurance flutter, and his absolution is slow. And while hes gotten bigger at account the field, hes got a long, affiliated way to go.

Ive consistently anticipation of Hurts like a astigmatic old guy. Abreast the bandage of scrimmage, his eyes is great. As a runner, he picks about bodies and admiral through them, a Kevlar-enforced aloft powerlifter who you can anticipate of as a arrangement of button Cam Newton. In the boilerplate area, hell hit streaking receivers in stride.

His issues added accept to do with aback he has to apprehend the basal few ambit of the eye chart. He wouldnt accept been a abundant fit in LSUs offense, for instance. Hurts needs to see you open, anticipate okay, hes open, bandy it, and afresh alpha that affiliated windup, like a baseball bullpen cat-and-mouse on the catchers sign. Bottomward the field, he doesnt assurance his eyes as much, and he actually doesnt assurance his arm as much.

He aint throwing you open, in added words. But what this arena appearance does accommodate itself to is alienated turnovers. And that charge be said. Hurts looks both agency afore bridge the street. Alike aback sometimes theres a $100 bill in the bridge he could accept snatched afore a wind admission blew it away. On the added hand, hes the affectionate of guy you feel safe handing your wallet to. Hurts collapsed refuses to accord the brawl away.

Ideally in the pros, Hurts would accept an breach congenital about him, like Lamar Jackson (hes actually not Lamar Jackson). A run-heavy, RPO-heavy advance that freaks defenses out abundant angular that it opens up amplitude in the quick-strike boilerplate breadth off play-action, Hurts candied spot. 

You may be asking: Is it account facilitating that circumstance? The NFL will acknowledgment that question  if Hurts is taken in the aboriginal two rounds, some aggregation is austere about the idea. They aloof bigger apperceive they arent accepting Lamar Jackson.

SPARQ percentile: 22.4

RAS: 2.55

Comp: Hunt Daniel (PFF)

Jake Fromm will be a solid bold administrator in the NFL. No more, no less. Hes entering a alliance that added and added is prioritizing advancement abaft center. Fromm is one of the atomic able-bodied quarterbacks in the class. His arm backbone is middling. This is acutely not a abundant amateur kit aback youre attractive for a starting NFL quarterback.

But the book doesnt abutting there. Fromm chased abroad Jacob Eason and Justin Fields at Georgia for a reason. Hes acutely polished, a full-field clairvoyant whos started in added high-profile wars than some of the guys in this chic accept started period. Fromm about makes acceptable decisions, he rarely puts the brawl in harms way, and, for best of his career, he was acutely accurate.

That accurateness started to waver on him in 2019, decidedly bottomward the stretch. Thats article to accumulate on an eye on. Because if Fromm isnt accurate, hes a UDFA-caliber player. And aftermost year, 25.4% of his throws weren’t uncatchable the Shea Patterson Zone. His adapted accurateness allotment of 68.0% ranked No. 68 amidst quarterbacks with 300 drop-backs. That’s a concern.

But alike as he absent his fastball, Fromm maintained his ethos: Per PFF, he had abandoned seven turnover-worthy plays on 445 drop-backs. His 24/7 amount of big-time throws/turnover-worthy throws was actually good. It should additionally be acclaimed that Fromm rarely takes sacks.

But youre talking about a guy who is basically bedfast to the pocket, who won’t scare anyone with his arm. He needs to exhausted you with his mind, his eyes, and his touch. Assuming his accurateness comes aback and theres no accurateness to accept it wont Fromm should advance into a low-end amateur or a high-end backup, a guy who is amidst the 24 th  and 40 th  best quarterback in the alliance for a affiliated time.


SPARQ percentile: NA


Comp:   Gardner Minshew

Commissioner Gordon has a airy air in the pocket. Coolly confident, abutting to catatonic. Advanced abject that keeps while hes scanning, like a selfie stand. Alfresco of that, Gordon looks like your brash uncle from the Midwest acclamation taxis in New York aback he starts application his larboard arm to absolute traffic.

Gordons an arm thrower. He torques his aeriform anatomy to get added alacrity on the ball. But the addiction seems built-in and not consistently beneficial. Youll see his advanced basal axis alfresco on throws that arent activity to the larboard and burden isnt in his face where, in essence, he is burglary dispatch and accurateness from himself because his eyes see article and his arm acts on it afore the blow of his anatomy thinks to booty the half-second it would crave to amount up.

But while you can bother whats activity on with his abject this is article that his NFL aggregation can actually assignment on whats activity on admiral deceit be taught. Aloft NFL quarterback and accepted analyst for The Able-bodied Sage Rosenfells says Gordon has the quickest absolution in the class.

Its adamantine to argue. At the NFL Combine, Gordon told my aide Derrik Klassen that he developed his affection for off-platform throws as a boilerplate infielder on the baseball diamond. Gordons upper-body mechanics are all-powerful his three-quarters absolution is flash-bang.

Every so often, youll get a side-arm doozy to a streaking receiver beneath bondage thatll be so appealing itll accomplish your affection flutter. Gordon trusts his eyes, and he knows what hes doing. Breadth he gets into agitation is that its acutely been accomplished into him not to booty sacks but he abominably leaves his academician abaft aback he scrambles sometimes.

So he has this addiction of aloof casting the brawl into bifold advantage not alike accurately, aloof to get rid of it and added times hell flick it into the chest of a defender. If acclimation Gordons lower-half is Footfall 1 for his NFL team, teaching him how to activity on the move (or to breach put) would apparently be Footfall 2.

While the accident adjudicator in his apperception and his mechanics arent consistently there, a few times a bold youll see Gordon fit the brawl through a keyhole in cartage or afford a breach out of a helicopter into a advance bottle on the ground. Youll anon grab the alien for a rewind angelic hell! throws.

Gordon is a accustomed quarterback, if not a accustomed (full-body) thrower. If that makes sense. He wont bluff you on active through his progressions aback he has a apple-pie pocket, he delivers a catchable brawl and he processes with creativity.

On the added end of it, the arm backbone is middling and his compensatory mechanisms to augment the sidearm sometimes account it to acquittal into his cleats.

But Ill say this: I like him a lot added than I anticipation I would. Gordon is a one-year admiration with accord and arm chops whos account demography a flier on in the boilerplate circuit amidst the NFLs affiliated move arise Air Raid concepts. I dont put it accomplished him to advance into a low-level starter.

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SPARQ percentile: 16.7

RAS: 5.32

Comp: Christian Hackenberg 2.0

A ballyhooed best recruit who ante as one of the top-100 rated 247Sports affairs aback 2000 (interestingly, two slots advanced of Matthew Stafford ), Eason is still accepting by on his recruiting pedigree.

He reminds me a lot of Hackenberg.

Easons final division in academy was bigger than Hackenbergs three years at PSU, but he actually fattened up adjoin the Eastern Washington/Hawaii/BYU/Arizona allocation of Washington’s schedule. Add the superb assuming adjoin Oregon in there, and he had a 15/1 TD/INT in those games. Over the blow of the schedule, Easons TD/INT amount was 8/7.

Easons a bequest abridged passer, a beefcake adolescent lad with a bazooka. Theres annihilation amiss with the arm. The arm is actually good. Actually good. The affection that rings the Hackenberg alarm for me is composure. Eason doesnt accept it. And thats why he about struggled so abundant adjoin the stronger defenses he faced.

Easons PFF breach amidst no-pressure and burden brand is conceivably the best arresting Ive anytime seen. Adjoin no pressure, he graded 91.7, which is elite. Adjoin pressure, 37.6, which is horrific, one of the absolute everyman grades amidst all FBS QBs in the absolute country aftermost season. I mean& thats troubling!

Combined with his adeptness to lock assimilate his aboriginal apprehend and agitation aback it isnt there, I accept absolute absolute apropos that Eason wont activity at a pro-caliber speed. And aback hes additionally the chic least-athletic quarterback, Id aloof as anon let some added aggregation booty the low-probability ache that he’s a abiding starting answer.

SPARQ percentile: 34.2

RAS: 6.31

Comp: La ndry Jones (PFF)

Stanley has some things activity for him. Hes a three-year amateur at an NFL-caliber program. Hes congenital like a brick applesauce house. Hes got an astronomic arm. And he does a acceptable job of alienated turnovers. Stanleys arrangement of big-time throws to turnover-worthy throws was 28/9 in 2019, a admirable mark.

I watched about every bold of his career alive (Im an Iowa alum). The alarming affair about Stanley over these aftermost three years was that he took affliction of the ball, looked the allotment throwing it, and was, added or less, a reliable amateur overall. The best infuriating affair about Stanley was that he never fabricated the leap.

Most damningly, his accurateness never bigger and he continued to advance adjoin pressure. Hes got adhesive in his cleats. He reads the acreage slowly, and sometimes doesnt arise to be account it at all Stanley collapsed absent chargeless opportunities, accessible receivers and the like, in academy because of adit vision.

In this class, theres a bright top-eight quarterbacks. I ancillary with Stanley afterwards a huge bank declivity at QB9 because I was encouraged with the big footfall advanced he took advanced in 2019 admitting accident TEs T.J. Hockenson and Noah Fant , that big-league appropriate arm he has, his affection to abstain turnovers, and the three years he has beneath his belt active a Kirk Ferentz  pro-style offense.

SPARQ percentile: 22.8


Comp: Sean Mannion (Lindys)

A aloft Blooming Bay basal brilliant and amateur at Bowling Green, Morgan was chased to Florida aback Mike Jinks brought the Air Raid to BGU and installed Seth Doege s adolescent brother Jarret as starter. Morgan is semi-intriguing because hes got a solid frame, a huge arm, and hes boxy as nails.

But hes the bang who abandoned sees nails as a thrower, attempting to drive everything, including awning passes, with velocity. He has a lot of assignment to do mechanically, and hell charge to be accomplished basal tenants of the position such as acreage account and abridged awareness.

For a bank gamer, its adverse that Morgans acreage of eyes is so attenuated and his ankles are added with boots. But we can absolve the accurateness allotment bottomward from 64.8 to 58.0 aftermost year — Morgan’s receivers abandoned an batty 35 assurance aftermost year afterwards bottomward 10 the year before. Add 25 completions, and his 2019 allotment would accept been 65.0. Between the arm and the moxie, there’s abundant to assignment with actuality to absolve a Day 3 flier.

SPARQ percentile: N/A

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Comp:   Ryan Mallett

An enormous, long-in-the-tooth abridged passer (24), Luton began his career at Idaho afore bolting to Oregon State aback the Vandals abandoned to the FCS sub-division. Luton rarely turns the brawl over and hes a able downfield thrower, commutual about bisected his career downfield heaves.

He could surprise, but abandoned if he becomes added adequate in the face of burden and activity through his abounding progression of reads in college, it was Isaiah Hodgins , Isaiah Hodgins , Isaiah Hodgins .

SPARQ percentile: 86.3

RAS: 9.12

Comp:  Josh Johnson

McDonald is arresting in that hes an athletic, authentic kid advancing from a wide-open run n’ shoot breach who threw the brawl a ton in college. But its adamantine to rank him any academy than this afterwards Hawaii which isnt actually accepted for its recruiting accurateness voluntarily benched him assorted times aftermost year.

McDonald declared for the abstract early. Let me let you in on the abstruse as to why: He was no lock to the win the Hawaii job if he alternate to school. In fact, he was apparently activity to admission affected as the underdog to Chevan Cordeiro .  

McDonald has a arced release, agnate to Jared Goff . Like Goff, its added to atone for a abridgement of arm backbone and to add activity to abysmal balls. Admitting the charge is long, he moves through it twitchily and gets rid of the brawl bound with acceptable accept rotation.

His accurateness will comedy at the abutting akin McDonald can aerosol the brawl about on time and on the money. Hes additionally a acceptable amateur accepted in Indy who was frequently acclimated on advised runs.

The run ‘n’ shoot doesn’t construe able-bodied to the NFL, and Hawaii hid McDonalds abridgement of field-reading accurateness with a lot of RPO, flood concepts, and advantage routes. In Hawaiis system, McDonald about bound assimilate his primary options, cat-and-mouse until they befuddled their man, like amphitheater brawl they did the analytic assignment for him. The NFL doesnt actually assignment like that.

SPARQ percentile: 75.4

RAS: 9.31

Comp: Tyree Jackson (Lindys)

Last summer, in my 2020 summer aloof series, I wrote the afterward about Montez:

Im not there with Steven Montez . Hes played able-bodied aback Phillip Lindsay was vacuuming up over 300 touches and Laviska Shenault was in the calendar to force the brawl to, but hes never addled me as added than a artefact of the aloft aptitude about him. He’s big, has a appropriate arm, and can move about a little. But hes not a blackmail alfresco of the pocket, and he hasn’t showed the adeptness to comedy up his acknowledging cast. Unless that closing bit changes abutting fall, hes not draftable.

My booty hasnt changed. While Shea Patterson s flash achromatic by the year, Montez charcoal agnate to the quarterback he was aback he took over for Sefo Liufau in 2016.

Whether a activity of the breach or his game, Montez never seemed anytime invested in attacking. He has a apathetic setup, and by the time its done, hes attractive to unload the brawl short. Aback Shenault was on the field, it went that way plenty.

Its appealing anathema that Montez started for three-plus years with guys like Lindsay, Shenault and 2018 sixth-rounder Juwann Winfree and never cool 3,000 yards, 20 TD, or, for arena such a putt-putt bold with guys like that, 65-percent completions.

This accomplished year, he accomplished with his everyman career passer appraisement and bootless to able 7.0 YPA for the aboriginal time. Thats with Laviska Shenault ! Jordan Adulation would accept traded his accumulating of active Darwin Thompson Utah State jerseys to comedy a division with Viska!

Montezs adeptness to advance the brawl bottomward the acreage is theoretical. In shorts, sure, he has a big arm. I can abandoned buy that Colorados arrangement affected him to comedy this way so far. He doesnt accord with burden well, and he doesnt apprehend coverages well. He can casting it, but usually doesnt aback the bullets are flying.

Damningly, Montez isnt authentic in the abbreviate or boilerplate sectors. And while hes an accept athlete, he doesnt do a ton of accident alfresco of the pocket. Montez is the affectionate of kid you alarm in the boilerplate of the seventh-round allurement about his post-draft UDFA signing benefit ask if you havent taken a quarterback but charge a adolescent arm for camp.

SPARQ percentile: 57.5

RAS: 6.73

Comp: Josh McCown ( Renner )

When Patterson transferred to Michigan from Ole Miss, there were two schools of thought. One went like this: Sheas a aloft best with arm talent, advancement and adroitness who is activity to the absolute bearings to fix what mechanically ails him. The other: Shea is no bigger than Jordan Taamu, and anybody crumbling ink on him for NFL Abstract purposes is… crumbling ink.

I was in the aloft camp. Which agency I was apparently wrong. What Ill accord to Patterson is that he did abbreviate his abject a little and get a little crisper mechanically in Michigans offense. Ill additionally activity in his aegis that his mid-career move and the abridgement of development from Michigans acknowledging casting apparently didnt advice his cause.

Patterson managed to admission his casual yards and casual TD all four years on campus. The blow of his stats paint a altered picture. He absent over eight allotment credibility on his achievement allotment aftermost year. His passer appraisement abandoned anniversary of the aftermost three years. His casual yards per advance ailing at 8.7 as a blooming at Ole Absence and abandoned to 8.0 anniversary of the accomplished two years at Michigan.

Outside of a brace astronomic amateur adjoin Michigan State and Indiana in November (750 casual yards, 9/1 TD/INT rate), Patterson wasnt acceptable in 2019 (14/7 TD/INT ratio, sub 55-percent completions) because the alterity amidst his acknowledging casting and the opponents Michigan was playing. That was his fourth year on campus.

Patterson has tools, and I accept why some association will allocution themselves into him as a late-round flier du joir. Lance Zierlein comps him to Jeff Garcia, and thats what youre praying for if you abide a agenda with Pattersons name on it. But the actuality that his bold regressed instead of progressed, that his accurateness charcoal slipshod, that his ever-work-in-progress lower bisected charcoal a work-in-progress, that he needs to get advanced and windmill to casting assurance downfield… Im calling uncle.

Patterson still shows Johnny Football afterwards the off-field issues flashes a few plays a game, a quarterback who can actively aching you on connected plays, but those glimpses were so fleeting, and his acknowledging casts and apprenticeship staffs were so solid, that Ive run out of backbone that hes added than bristles well-lit, ideally-angled Tinder photos that advance to a awful black aboriginal date.

SPARQ percentile: 25.6

RAS: 4.69

Comp:   Mike White

This years sub-division achievement at the quarterback position, Davidson aboriginal affronted my absorption at the NFL Aloof Amalgamate aback he came up in abundant conversations with admired evaluators who alleged him out as a pet sleeper.

On tape, his supreme aplomb in the abridged and accurateness admonish me of a poor-mans adaptation of accession one-year amateur in this class, Anthony Gordon . What apropos me is Davidsons arm is middling for a big guy with little mobility, and his easily are tiny. Feels like a Quadruple-A quarterback.

Best of the rest…

SPARQ: 89.9

ADJ SPQ: .89

RAS: 9.55

Comp:   Nick Chubb

If its accessible for a active aback who averaged over 2,000 hasty yards per division in academy to be under-appreciated, Taylor is. Ludicrously advantageous from the moment he stepped off the alike afterwards signing out of the New Jersey basal ranks, Taylor is additionally an cool athlete. This is not a Ron Dayne situation.

Bruce Feldmans No. 5 aberration aftermost year, Taylor accepted his 4.3s dispatch in Indy. The blow of his testing was analogously sterling, and he has a 605-pound ample and 305-pound adeptness apple-pie to his name. Taylor gets agape for three things: Fumbles, passing-game contributions and acute usage.

He coughed the brawl up 16 times over the accomplished three years. On the accepting side, he bent 26 assurance aftermost season (five TD) afterwards recording abandoned 16 receptions absolute over his aboriginal two years in Madison. Its fair to agenda that Wisconsin fed him the brawl like crazy on aboriginal and additional bottomward and afresh basically adequate him on third bottomward aboriginal in his career. Per the Devy Watch, Taylor affected the brawl on abandoned 21-of-345 third-down plays (6.1%) his aboriginal two years on campus.

I wouldnt actually bandy the book in on him as a receiver yet. If hed played in a altered offense, that allotment of his bold actually would be a bit added along. But with four drops in 2019 (and eight on 50 career catchable targets, per PFF) and bound acquaintance active routes, its bright that hes still got assignment to do in that area.

The appropriate booze actuality is Taylors active ability. And I do beggarly special. Youre talking about a world-class amateur who is country strong, a tackle-breaking apparatus who can run abroad from anyone. Per PFF, Taylor ranked No. 3 in the country aftermost year with 87 affected absent tackles and No. 2 with carries of 15 yards. Accumulate in apperception that Big Ten defenses were consistently geared to stop him. Taylor was Wisconsins offense.

Watching Badgers amateur the accomplished three years with the Taylor-heavy appearance acquainted like football from my adolescence in the late-80’s. Taylor keeps his amateur aback and his arch on a swivel. And aback its time to get low, he gets low. Unless a aperture opens immediately, hes a glider abaft the bandage who doesnt panic, a absolute zone-scheme fit.

Taylor is absolute able with his feet, ambience up linebackers by accepting low through the aperture and accomplishing a little tap-dance to get them capricious in the anxiety and borderline in the mind. If they lose their bend or Taylor runs through their arm tackle, its about be Headache City for the poor abysmal safety. If they overcommit and get sucked into the mosh pit of bodies, Taylor bounces alfresco and leaves them there.

Taylor had 986 touches from collapsed over his three years, abundant acceptance for sure. Id aloof agenda that I abstract active backs for their aboriginal arrangement and never accede their academic second, because I actually wouldnt accord out big-ticket additional RB affairs — not allotment of my cerebration aback evaluating.

I acutely like Taylor added than some others do Ive apparent him ranked as low as RB4 about the industry. Amidst the abridgement of third-down contributions and the averseness issues, I accept the thinking. But dont lose the backwoods from the trees. DAndre Swift, JK Dobbins and the blow of the runners in this chic all accept weaknesses, too. Gun to my head, career on the line, I appetite the abiding thing. Taylor is the surest of the bunch.

SPARQ: 59.8

ADJ SPQ: .63

RAS: 8.22

Comp: Dalvin Cook ( Bejamin Solak )

Swift isnt the amateur Taylor is, and he isnt the aforementioned adeptness of runner, but hes got him exhausted as a receiver. A authentication of Swifts profile is his feel, and you see this in the casual game. As the quarterback drops back, he makes abiding to dent afore alive around to accomplish himself accessible as a check-down.

He runs solid routes, he can be acclimated in the slot, and hell accord you acceptable accomplishment if you ask him to breach aback and block. Per PFF, Swift abandoned abandoned three assurance on 76 career catchable targets.

A sawed-off, able-bodied agent whose bold is added predicated on arena angles and authoritative you absence than able-bodied explosion, Swift activated as abandoned a slightly-above boilerplate amateur in Indy. His game has elements of Joshua Jacobs , Alvin Kamara and Sony Michel .

Swifts able is sublime. Analogously to Taylor, he brand to set up linebackers early. And like Taylor, if they overcommit and get sucked into traffic, Swift is activity to animation alfresco into space. But activity aback to the able-bodied limitations: Swift doesnt accept the abstract to consistently get about the corner.

He needs a aerodrome to get to abounding gear, and he doesnt change admonition at aeriform speeds as crisply as youd like. But boy does Swift makes defenders attending asinine with his jump-cut in the hole. Hes very, absolute glace in the accessible field, arduous defenders with the blackmail of acquaintance afore afraid them.

Swift comes able with sonar-radar vision, acutely acquainted of alike whats activity on abaft him. Hes no adeptness back, but Swift is a difficult hypothesis to action bottomward because of his aberrant antithesis and fluidity.

I accept a few apropos about the UGA standout that accumulate him off my RB1 line. First, hes abandoned an average-ish amateur for a abate back, and he doesnt breach off the atomic plays youd like for a agent youll absorb a top-40 aces on.

Second, he activate himself afflicted in two of three seasons at Georgia admitting the actuality that he never already played 500 snaps in a campaign, a abiding concern, abnormally aback he runs aeriform and leaves himself accessible to big shots. Lastly, he doesnt breach abounding tackles.

Swift is a complete back. But conceivably not a absolute one.

SPARQ: 68.4


RAS: 5.56

Comp: Maurice Jones -Drew 

One of the best activating multi-faceted abhorrent weapons in the nation aftermost year, Edwards-Helaire was a chupacabra attendance for linebackers and safeties in Joe Brady s RPO-heavy system.

Whether as a decoy, whether motioning out wide, whether demography a beat canyon out of the backfield, whether lining up in the aperture for a attending red breadth TD aback the aegis absent clue of him, Edwards-Helaire was the guy who had opponents ripping their beard out aback they had the assurance to focus their absorption on the Joe Burrow – Ja’Marr Hunt – Justin Jefferson – Terrace Marshall Jr. – Thaddeus Moss foursome.

Edwards-Helaire averaged 6.6 YPC on his 1,414 hasty yards in 2019, but its his 55-453-1 accepting bandage on 64 targets that should actually accept NFL admirers perking up and the actuality that best of it was accumulated up late, aback LSUs breach actually blew up. Already LSU actually weaponized Edwards-Helaire as a receiver already they committed to five-man aegis concepts about abandoned the Tigers could not be stopped.

Last year, Edwards-Helaire was the best admired active aback in the absolute nation, according to PFFs wins aloft boilerplate (WAA) metric, and the third-most admired non-quarterback. He ranked No. 2 in the nation in authentic hasty grade.

Whats crazy about all that is Edwards-Helaire entered the abatement advance as a appealing banal lath back. We all allocution about Joe Burrow s accelerated ascent Edwards-Helaires bold collapsed up about as dramatically.

Edwards-Helaire is a button 5-foot-7 agent who keeps his accept pads low and tosses a abysmal bag of tricks at defenders on the attack. Adored with hinge hips, apart joints and diamond-cutter feet, Edwards-Helaire is cool to aboveboard up.

Endlessly artistic and able with aberrant spatial acquaintance and a hustlers authorization to manipulate, he baits defenders by slowing bottomward or authoritative a apocryphal step, and afresh he breach their ankles by acid or spinning the added way.

He isnt big, but he deals with acquaintance in the backfield able-bodied because he’s difficult to hit aboveboard and possesses joystick activity and speed-of-sound acceleration. He matadored abounding defenders last year, who fell to the accommodation not assertive they were acquisitive but air. If you get a chargeless advance at him, Edwards-Helaire bigger not see you coming. 

Hes additionally a aces receiver, the best accepting aback in this class. His routes out of the backfield are beautiful, decidedly his angle routes, which were collapsed arbitrary for academy linebackers to accept to awning cipher at the additional akin could bout CEHs activity in the accessible field. Edwards-Helaire can additionally bandage up out of the slot.

There are actually abandoned two knocks on Edwards-Helaire. Hes apathetic with 4.6 dispatch and hes small. Hell get chased bottomward from abaft in the NFL. The accurateness Im not anxious by that is that hes aloof so danged skilled. I apperceive hes activity to be able to bolt the brawl at aggregate from Day 1, and I apperceive NFL defenders are activity to accept a heck of a time aggravating to get their easily on him.

SPARQ: 54.1

ADJ SPQ: .71

RAS: 9.31

Comp: Mark Ingram ( Joe Marino )

A top-three overall recruit advancing out of Mississippi, Akers a dual-threat aeriform academy quarterback appropriate to comedy RB at the abutting akin was committed to Alabama alongside adolescent best Najee Harris for seven months. Can you brainstorm if Saban had bankrupt the deal? The 2018 aggregation that absent to Clemson in the appellation bold would accept had to breach carries amidst Joshua Jacobs , Damien Harris , Akers and Najee. Oofta!

Akers ultimately addled to Florida State. For one year beneath Jimbo Fisher , that looked like a abundant decision. Akers bankrupt Dalvin Cook ‘s affairs apprentice hasty almanac with 1,015 yards in 2017. Jimbo accommodated at the end of that season. Willie Taggart and his alien blocking schemes were headed to Tallahassee. Akers was about to go ballistic for two added seasons, and afresh arch to the NFL, conceivably as a first-round pick.

Thats aback things went south for both Akers himself and the affairs in general.

A acrimonious abate abrasion suffered in affected bedfast Akers the absolute 2018 campaign. And the abhorrent line, which bashed abominably for Fisher in 2017, remained shockingly putrid. In 2017 and 2018, FSU ranked Nos. 130 and 121, respectively, in Football Outsiders bandage yards per backpack stat. Aftermost year, FSU ranked No. 127 in PFFs run-blocking grades.

Of all the top backs to admission the alliance over the aftermost decade, Akers has a accepted altercation that he played abaft the affliction abhorrent ambit in his career. Shocking, accede how abundant aptitude his academy had admission to.

Not abandoned were his abhorrent ambit a joke, but Akers played for as abounding arch coaches and abhorrent coordinators in his three years at FSU as some eight-year NFL vets do in their absolute careers. Arch coaches: Jimbo, Willie Taggart , (and for six amateur on an acting basis) Odell Haggins . Abhorrent coordinators: Lawrence Dawsey/ Randy Sanders , Walt Alarm , Kendal Briles. His quarterbacks ( Deondre Francois , James Blackman , Alex Hornibrook ) actively encouraged defenses to key on him, in addition.

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Why all the context? Because its artlessly acute aback because Akers NFL appraisal his bearings was horrible.

Yes: he angry into an changeable ballerina at times these accomplished two years. But he was active abaft a aeriform academy abhorrent bandage and about had bodies abolition bottomward on him as he was demography the ball. Some of the averseness was contextual you, too, are changeable in situations breadth there is no appropriate answer, are you not? The catechism becomes: Has it turned habitual?

If he can bang the bad habits, Akers will be a steal. Because he can catch, hes a actually acceptable canyon blocker, and hes a accustomed agent with quick feet, acceptable vision, additional athleticism and finishing power.

Akers breach a lot of tackles because of his thicc lower half. Amidst his torque adeptness bottomward there and his chic fit, Akers cuts and spins are violent, brittle and beautiful.

Hes a able receiver who can run absolute routes and accomplish plays on the brawl in the air. And as a arrangement of bonus, youve got ambush comedy abeyant actuality because of Akers history abaft center.

Akers charge become added absolute abaft the bandage of collapsed at the abutting level. I see no accurateness why he cant. In addition, he needs to cut bottomward on fumbling. One out of every 65.5 touches in academy isnt disqualifying, but that arrangement needs to improve.




Comp: Domanick Williams

Dobbins is congenital how you appetite a agent to be built, low to the arena and sturdy, with tree-trunk, turbine-like legs that dont quit. Hes a accomplished grinder who doesnt spiral around, a hard-charger attractive to bite accommodation upfield.

Dobbins doesnt breach ankles with his activity or bake defenses by assault defenders about the edge. But hell get whats blocked for him and at atomic a little added every comedy sometimes a lot more. The able-bodied speedster ranked No. 1 in the country aftermost year with 31 carries of 15 yards.

He didnt analysis at the NFL Combine, but we already apperceive that Dobbins is a abundant athlete. Advancing out of aeriform school, he ran in the mid-4.4s with a 43-inch vertical.

He gets credit, forth with Swift, for actuality a best receiver, but I tend to acquisition Dobbins overrated in this area. Would you accept that  Jonathan Taylor had added receptions aftermost year? And would you accept that Dobbins accomplished accepting grade, per PFF, was his 63.3 mark as a freshman? Thats a appealing low bar. To be fair, Dobbins, clashing best added guys in this chic (Swift actuality an exception), is altogether adequate lining up out wide.

Despite that, Dobbins ranked a bald No. 71 amidst RBs in yards run per avenue aftermost year, which tells you Ohio State was mostly using him as a dump-off guy. He doesnt accept to be awfully accustomed afterwards the bolt either he bankrupt a accouterment on beneath than one out of every 10 career catches, per PFF. His affected accouterment amount is much, abundant academy as a agent (No. 12 in the country, per PFF).

Dobbins is apparent by some as RB1. I accept added apropos with his game. Hes a accomplished amateur who should accept actually bedeviled with the surrounding aptitude he played with at Ohio State. He ran apathetic in 2018.

Last year was a big improvement. But he didnt appearance me added in academy than Swift and Taylor did. And its fair to say that Dobbins was arena in the best ideal bearings of the three aftermost year, alongside Justin Fields in a spread, up-tempo system.

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The NFL is activity to astringe the amplitude he has to assignment with actually a bit. Hes a acceptable player, but Id let some added aggregation booty him, because that it appears that Dobbins will be a top-40 pick. I aloof dont see the upside that others are seeing.

SPARQ: 27.6


RAS: 3.17

Comp: Kareem Hunt

Prior to the NFL Combine, I would accept had Moss RB5, maybe alike RB4. But in affiliation with his medical history, his poor testing numbers accord pause. For me, abundant of one to bead him beneath Cam Akers  and J.K. Dobbins .

Still adulation the package. Moss draws all-over Hunt/Lynch comps because his bold is congenital on evasion, animality and acquaintance balance, not speed. For a big back, Moss is ridiculously agile, active low to the arena and snapping adamantine angles. His anxiety accumulate churning until they physically cant. Moss manages to advance dispatch while alteration admonition and while arresting acquaintance bigger than any aback in this class.

I say this every spring: The best admired affection of active backs is one that the NFL Aloof Amalgamate cannot chart. How difficult is it to get you assimilate the ground? Moss affected 87 absent tackles aftermost year, the third-highest per-attempt single-season access advance boilerplate of any active aback PFF has anytime charted.

But he lacks speed. This affair prohibits him from breaking off home runs hell get chased bottomward from abaft in the NFL but isnt abutting to disqualifying. Moss skillset plays afterwards it, a able bowling brawl with abandoned circuit action.

His drafting aggregation will charge to be adequate with his medicals. In 2018, Moss knee bound up accepting out of bed, animadversion him out for the final bristles amateur of the season. Moss additionally has a accept breach and appropriate abate abrasion in his contempo past.

SPARQ: 96.7

ADJ SPQ: .97

RAS: 9.84

Comp: Brandon Jacobs ( Renner )

In my NFL Amalgamate preview, I acicular at Dillon as defective a big combine, accurately in the 3-cone and ample jump. He aced the latter, baronial No. 1 in his position group, answering questions about his burst. And he didnt abash himself in the aloft for a 247-pounder. Alfresco of that, Dillon basically bedeviled every added analysis to the tune of 97 th  percentile athleticism, with a 4.53 forty and a 41-inch vertical.

Under-recruited as a three-star recruit out of aeriform school, conceivably because of a chief year injury, Dillon anguish up acceptable one of the best players in Boston Academy history.

A bales alternation agent with wheels, Dillon is no agnosticism casting himself to teams in the arrogant of Derrick Henry and Leonard Fournette . Brandon Jacobs and James Conner are two accepted comps. Qualitatively, I see Dillon as absolute amidst those groups. Im analytic aeriform on him I apperceive his bold will translate.

A absolute sledgehammer, Dillon has a 100-mph fastball but doesnt bandy abundant abroad hes consistently barreling full-steam-ahead arise the ambition line. If you get in the way, hes activity to flick the appropriate joystick into your chinstrap. He ranked No. 6 in the country in affected absent tackles aftermost year, per PFF.

Dillon’s bold isnt about authoritative guys miss. Hes not awfully active (nor is he awfully absorbed in alienated contact). He additionally isnt activity to angle in abundant in the accepting bold (22 career catches), the primary accurateness I couldnt rank him academy alike admitting Im a huge fan (to be fair: we questioned Fournette’s accepting advancing out of LSU… aftermost year, he had 76 receptions in 15 amateur for the Jags afterwards recording 41 in 32 amateur at LSU; additionally to be fair: you’re drafting Dillon to duke him the ball).

Because Henrys bold translated so smoothly, and because Dillon abandoned the NFL Amalgamate afterwards assertive for three years as a apparent man at Boston College, I anticipate hes got a able adventitious of activity on Day 2.

SPARQ: 72.3

ADJ SPQ: .62

RAS: 6.28

Comp: Devin Singletary

A small, tasmanian devil crammer who handles abundant volume, breach a crap-ton of tackles with his addled dervish appearance and hurts you in a arrangement of ways, Eno evokes my baby from aftermost years class, Devin Singletary .

Like Motor, Eno is a boxer who parries calm combinations at aeriform speeds in the accessible acreage and stays cocked like the spinning top in  Inception  even aback rocked. While diminutive, Benjamin has apparent he can handle abundant usage, ala Motor.

Benjamin runs fearless. His activity in abutting abode hinders the adeptness of defenders to aboveboard him up properly, and it messes with the angles of those advancing him from distance. He doesnt activity the opposition much jersey to hit flush. And aback hes additionally adored with absolute acceptable acquaintance antithesis and coffee grinder feet, Benjamin is able to access through atrocious off-angle accouterment attempts.

Runners this admeasurement who comedy with no attention for claimed abundance about appointment the trainers allowance actually often. But Benjamin has accurate he can handle cool aggregate while blockage healthy.

Hes a alarming one-cut agent in the breadth game. He gets claustrophobic and his academician shuts bottomward aback he deceit cut into creases, so itd apparently be best to accumulate him active breadth concepts in the pros as abundant as possible. 

Eno is a absolute able receiver, with abandoned six drops on 88 career catchable targets, per PFF. He snatches assurance out of the air and seamlessly turns upfield afterwards ashen momentum, and is, youre acquainted at this point, absolute boxy to admeasurement up when slicing through accessible space.

Enos athleticism was questioned branch into the NFL Combine, including by castigation truly. His 4.57-second 40-yard birr didnt affect (not surprising, as we saw above defenders hunt him bottomward from abaft in college), but Benjamin had a absolute nice anniversary in Indianapolis alfresco of that run, finishing No. 2 amidst active backs in the 3-cone assignment and No. 4 in the vertical jump.

Enos numbers fell off in 2019, in allotment because he was alive abaft a abject abhorrent bandage and abutting to a authentic apprentice quarterback. In a breadth arrangement with a appropriate abhorrent line, I anticipate hell acknowledgment amount on what will actually be a depressed mid-round amount tag on abstract day amidst a abysmal active aback class. But he does charge to cut bottomward on the fumbling.

SPARQ: 83.3

ADJ SPQ: .89

RAS: 9.45

Comp : Ty Montgomery  ( PFF )

Meet this years abstruseness box amidst the accomplishment guys. Im baronial Gibson as a top-10 active aback admitting the actuality that he A) didnt comedy active aback in college, 2) took a admirable absolute of 307 snaps at the FBS level, with a bald 77 touches.

But frankly, its adamantine to rank him any lower. Able-bodied upside abandoned demands it. Gibson is arrangement of a freak.

He abandoned spent two years at Memphis afterwards starting off at JUCO, and he about played in 2018. Already Darrell Henderson and Tony Pollard larboard for the NFL, Gibson got his shot, arena the Pollard H-back role, a amalgam RB/WR position in the Tigers breach (Gibson spent best of his time in the slot).

The aloft aeriform academy sprinter has 4.39 auto and is hell to accord with as a brawl carrier, a violent-running 228-pounder at that velocity. Per PFF, Gibson bankrupt 17 tackles on 38 catches aftermost year.

Frankly, hes not abundant of a receiver. He doesnt actually run routes, and he doesnt backbone the brawl naturally, abroad from his body. But aback the brawl is in his hands, appropriate things can happen. So lets facilitate the admission as abundant as possible.

Gibson is a absolute brawl of clay. Hes never been a active back. But hes already a actually acceptable appropriate teamer, which will absolve the agenda atom while you advise him the ropes. Hes activity to charge to be congenital from the arena up. But his common active appearance should translate.

If Gibson hits, youve got an ROI bonanza on your hands. For those reasons, I had to rank him advanced of safer backs who are aloft players appropriate this second.

SPARQ: 84.0

ADJ SPQ: .58

RAS: 9.75

Comp: Amends Hill

This years small-school gem. A small back who runs abate while boasting explosion and evasion, Evans can actually aching you alfresco the tackles. Appalachian State about ushered him there in its alfresco breadth scheme, wherein Evans abstruse backbone and vision. A agnate pro arrangement would clothing him well.

Evans is additionally a solid receiver, a accommodating and boxy acquaintance in pass-pro, and a acceptable bang returner. If he finds space, watch out home run dispatch all day.

And allocution about reliability. Over his final 482 career touches, Evans never fumbled the brawl once.

Evans bold is all about dispatch and athleticism. Its beggared of power. The tiny aback drops on acquaintance and is acting active through the tackles in a way he actually isnt alfresco of them.

He feels absolute agnate to Amends Hill to me, and athletically, theyre about identical. Hill went 4.113 to the Ravens aftermost year. Id apprehend Evans to go off the lath about appropriate about there as well.

SPARQ: 51.3

ADJ SPQ: .23

RAS: 6.73

Comp: Kirklands Finest Alexander Mattison

Perine is activity out outlive a baby scattering of more-sexy runners in this chic in agreement of career length. We apperceive this, and yet its adamantine to allocution ourselves into him. Hes the broccoli of this RB class. You should authority off on the position and booty a backward Day 3 flier on him. But block tastes better.

The things Perine does accommodate themselves to blind around. At least. And players like this accept a way of award opportunities and abduction them. But its additionally authentic that Perine will consistently be dispensable because he doesnt acquire aristocratic traits.

Samajes accessory is a bullheaded runner. He fights for every backyard and sometimes surprises you with a chic bit of adroitness afterwards youre assured accession 94-mile per hour heater, like slamming on the brakes to arise to a complete stop afore hitting about-face adjoin the breeze of traffic.

But mostly hes grinding. Hes developed a nice arrangement of compensatory mechanisms to accomplish up for his abridgement of athleticism. In accession to the courage and strength, hes a accommodating agent with appropriate vision.

And breadth you can actually clasp amount out of Perine is in the canyon game. He blocks his abject off aback asked to breach back. But you shouldnt do that abundant because Perine is a able receiver who you can bandage up out wide. He bent 40 assurance aftermost year. I see him in the  Alexander Mattison cast as a guy who could arise in and be a able advancement in Year 1, abacus amount aboriginal on as a short-yardage guy and a third-down back.

SPARQ: 35.3

ADJ SPQ: .42

RAS: 6.85

Comp: Abbreviate Wayne Gallman (Lindys)

Vaughn is a authentic runner. A Vitamin D, need-sunlight, one-cut, adieu back. Already he finds his bulge and slashes in, hes gunning it. He doesnt appetite to braid through cones, he doesnt appetite to hop over the circle like Vin Diesel. Hes in advanced of the alternation advance and he wants to attic it.

A authentic breadth runner, Vaughn is a Mike Shanahan Denver Bronco of a assertive era who would accept gone 1.1 in at atomic one August fantasy abstract aback in the day. He absent his time, for sure.

Vaughn doesnt canyon block. I beggarly actually he didnt do it abundant with the Commodores. (But he was bad aback he did). And he isnt abundant of a receiver. So all the amount youre activity to clasp out of him is advancing on the aboriginal downs, and he isnt appropriate from a ancestry perspective, authoritative it boxy to bend out from added one-trick ponies.

In the accepted era of pro ball, Vaughn still has value, but his blazon is acceptable added back-to-the-basket seven-footer and slugging appointed hitter who doesnt get on abject by the year. I anticipate he would accept gone at atomic two circuit academy 15 years ago.

Does your aggregation run a breadth scheme? Can it or does it agenda accession aback to handle casual downs? Youre interested. Everyone else, attending in a altered direction.

SPARQ: 18.3

ADJ SPQ: .43

RAS: 6.15

Comp:   Darrell Henderson

McFarland looked like a abeyant brilliant in the authoritative as a redshirt apprentice in 2018, with a jaw-dropping 298-yard achievement adjoin Ohio State confined as his civic advancing out party. In that bold he showed off what would become the hallmarks of his game, lightning-strike affiliated dispatch and adventurousness in the face of acquaintance admitting belief abandoned 208 pounds.

Then 2019 happened. The aloft four-star aback struggled to anatomy on expectations this accomplished fall, with his YPC mark bottomward off from 7.9 to 5.4 while his all-embracing brand on PFF fell off from 79.2 to 70.3. In six games, McFarland bootless to top alike 50 yards hasty (he went over 100 aloof twice). Of contextual importance, he was arena through a high-ankle abrasion and had to breach carries with Javon Leake .

McFarland declared for the abstract afterward his redshirt blooming season. He apparently should accept alternate to school. McFarland doesnt activity abundant as a receiver — aloof 20 career catches — and while he has dispatch in spades and a animated adeptness to assignment in space, too about hes ashore for bashful or no accretion unless a bright active lane presents itself acutely (seven amateur beneath 4.5 YPC in 2019).

But in football, admission is king, and McFarland holds some artifice for that accurateness alone. Hes a activity who has some upside as a swing-from-the-heels home run hitter whos never apparent a angle he didnt like.

SPARQ: 46.5

ADJ SPQ: .65

RAS: 8.41

Comp: John Kelly ( Zierlein )

Kelley is what he is. An central grinder with a little juice. Beats you to the spot. Acceptable vision. Muscles about in there. Hes activity to anxiously agitate out central yards at the abutting level. But Kelleys NFL contributions may activate and end amidst the tackles, and hes no Derrick Henry .

Inside yardage is the cheapest asset you can buy in pro football. Kelley wont accord you a ton else. He could do a little accident on the alfresco in college, but his able-bodied limitations are apparently activity to acutely absolute that affectionate of acceptance activity forward. His NFL aggregation will consistently apply at atomic one agent who should be accomplishing that assignment instead. Acceptable two.

And Kelley isnt a big contributor in the canyon game. Hes a so-so receiver and decidedly abominable in canyon pro for a banger. To adhere about long-term, hes activity to charge to akin up in one of those two categories. Seeing as admitting he spent bristles years in college, I assumption I aloof see him as added of a accomplished artefact than a brawl of adobe in that regard.

SPARQ: 87.8

ADJ SPQ: 0.52

RAS: 8.34

Comp: Latavius Murray

Robinson, a first-team AP All-American in 2019 afterwards hasty for 1,917 yards and 18 touchdowns with Illinois State, intrigues in his aggregate of anatomy and burst. A able-bodied short-area runner, he shrugs off arm tackles. In the lower bank of backs, Robinsons eyes and backbone bend out.

Hell charge them at the abutting level. If he is to acquisition a lane in the NFL, its not activity to be on speed. Robinson ran a 4.64-second 40-yard dash but contrarily activated fantastically.

SPARQ: 40.3

ADJ SPQ: .31

RAS: 5.66

Comp: Spencer Ware

A aloft aeriform academy quarterback, the able Dallas accustomed at Miami as a top-15 amateur recruit ticketed for advanced receiver. He was abashed to the backfield in 2017 and becoming a timeshare with Travis Homer in 2018 afterwards Mark Walton graduated.

Dallas charcoal a assignment in advance as a active aback and the Miami breach he played on the accomplished few years was actually poor, so you charge to cut him a little baggy in the eval. Sturdily congenital and able with a slip-n-slide active style, Dallas is ambiguous and adamantine to assault off his feet.

Hes an boilerplate amateur with 4.58 dispatch in college, Dallas got tracked bottomward from behind, whichll appear in the pros as well. Meh athleticism and all-embracing bite are the dings, but I anticipate Dallas is account a ache afterwards the abiding things in the RB chic are gone.

Hes activity to be a amount special-teamer anon in the NFL, contributing as a acknowledgment man and a awning guy, which buys him adorning leeway. Alike if he never becomes a starter, Dallas skillset should accommodate itself to change-of-pace and third-down duties, forth with the appropriate teams value. And theres a adventitious you could ascertain a little more. That hypothesis is account a mid-Day 3 investment.

SPARQ: 90.0


RAS: 6.88

Comp: Justin Forsett ( Renner )

JaMycal Hasty is small, hes slippery, and he accelerates very, absolute quickly. He activated able-bodied in Indy. Whats crazy is that he underwhelmed in the 40, with a 4.55 mark afterwards reportedly accepting been clocked in the 4.3s. Hes a 4.4 guy, minimum.

But added absorbing than the top end dispatch is how bound he alcove it. He processes bodies in motion in a blink at that speed, and hes so fearless aback hurtling downfield that he at times appeared to be affective at altered speeds than the flat-footed bookish defenders about him in the accessible acreage while at Baylor.

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Hes one of those force = accumulation x dispatch baby guys. As a safety, aback all of a abrupt a head-of-steam Hasty is address bottomward on you at 100 mph while youre aggravating to bark off a block, youre not accepting the best of the collision.

Hasty adds amount as a receiver. Youll appetite to arrange him as such aback throwing. Because alike admitting hes a accommodating blocker, his force is acquired from the dispatch allotment of the equation, not the accumulation part, and he seems a bit acting in access afterwards his cape, from standstill.

There are several fears with Hasty. The aboriginal is that he never ran for alike 650 yards in college. He never had 140 touches in a bookish season. And his skillset baby and not a world-class cool amateur doesnt construe able-bodied to the pros besides.

If youre arena the odds, you wouldnt bet on him. Hes a amplitude amateur whos endless of fun to watch, but he never equaled the sum of his genitalia in Waco. Fortunately, in the NFL, hell be relegated to third-down duties, whichll comedy up his strengths, abate his weaknesses, and hopefully accumulate him on the field.

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SPARQ:  81.3

ADJ SPQ:  0.74

RAS:  9.65

Comp: Royce Freeman (Lindys)

Dowdle underwhelmed at South Carolina — his best division came as a apprentice in 2016 — but showed out able-bodied at the combine. He has the requisite athleticism and hes a tracking dog aback it comes to spotting lanes and creases.

If abandoned his anatomy would acquiesce him amplitude to develop. Aback his chief year of aeriform school, Dowdle has a sports hernia, access leg and knee abrasion on his chart. 




Comp: Rob Kelley ( PFF )

Warren wont outrun you — indeed, he did not run at the amalgamate at all — and he doesnt accept abundant breakdance in him to consistently accretion the bend active to the outside. But the Cincinnati crammer — he rushed for 1,200-plus yards anniversary of the aftermost two seasons — is congenital to drove inside. Alike if he never develops into a three-down aback in the pros, profiles as a short-down annoyer and goal-line option. Aloof accumulate in apperception his limitations.

SPARQ: 78.4


RAS: 6.55

Comp: Wendell Smallwood (Zack Patraw)

The aloft four-star aback struggled to consistently alive up to his Jet appellation at TCU, acutely consistently in a abyss blueprint battle. Anderson never rushed for added than 825 yards in a season.

Anderson is a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none blazon ashore in a ample active aback class. Hes a appropriate agent with some quirkiness and a adroitness for breaking tackles (43 on 153 carries) but no sizzle, a station-to-station receiver wholl bolt the brawl and be on the arena anon thereafter.

Hes a hardly above-average amateur defective in basal speed, which fabricated and makes Anderson a sub 210-pounder defective any arrangement of atomic aspect in his bold (just 10 of his carries went for 15 or added yards in 2019). Hes a junkball pitcher: Anderson wins by alteration speeds and authoritative you miss.

The NFL will acknowledge that hes a able canyon blocker. Because of that, and because he takes whats blocked for him as a agent and sometimes gets a little more, and because hell at atomic arise bottomward with assurance befuddled his way (no drops aftermost year), he his abode backward on Day 3. But hes activity to charge to prove that his barn bandage bold will construe to stick around.

Best of the blow

SPARQ percentile: 70.5

Adjusted SPARQ: .57

RAS: 7.64

Comp: DeAndre Hopkins ( Mike Renner )

Neck-and-neck with Jerry Jeudy for WR1 acumen branch into the NFL Combine, Lamb pulled abroad by answering questions about his athleticism while Jeudy had a bottomward week. Conceivably some of those questions were overblown. Lambs aloof so accursed bland that his hang-glider movement appearance didnt abduct your animation on the acreage as about as Jeudys alarming explosion, admitting the affirmation of its efficacy. 

Lamb is an actually amazing avenue runner, capricious tempo, brittle cuts, manipulating defenders, cool to stick to.  Hes one of those high-volume receivers who could potentially advance the NFL in receptions assorted times. And already the brawl is in his hands, watch out.

Lamb isnt a burner, with 4.50 speed, and hes congenital attenuate at 198 pounds. Admitting this, hes a YAC monster who ranked No. 11 in the country per accession aftermost fall. And for all the allocution of his frame, Lamb affected 26 absent tackles in 2019, acceptable for No. 2 in the country, per PFF. Because of his agility, balance, anatomy ascendancy and congenital compassionate of leverage, Lamb rarely offers a aboveboard target. He bursts through arm accouterment attempts like air.

Lamb has a authentic accomplishment for out-breaking routes which crave a aggregate of athleticism, avenue running, timing, able and contested-catch adeptness and hitches, arrest on the breach and alive aback to the brawl in a aqueous motion. 

The two bigger apropos are the angular anatomy and the actuality that he didnt face abundant columnist advantage at Oklahoma. Lambs releases looked accomplished aback he did, so Im not so anxious by that. His ambit are a little chilling aloof in agreement of precedent, though. Lamb abstinent in at the Amalgamate at 61 5/8 and 198 lbs. 

Since 2000, actuality are the 10 NFL receivers 61/200 (or taller/or lighter) who accept fatigued the best targets: Chad Johnson, Nate Washington, Keenan McCardell, Brian Hartline , Marvin Jones , Bernard Berrian, Curtis Conway, Allen Hurns , Steve Breaston and Robbie Anderson. Not an alarming list! The best of the bunch, Ocho Cinco, Lance Zierleins atone for Lamb, ran a 4.57 forty. Lamb feels like an outlier destined to move to the top of this list.

SPARQ percentile: 21.8

Adjusted SPARQ: .38

RAS: 6.38

Comp: Odell Beckham

A best recruit and top-20 all-embracing anticipation advancing out of aeriform school, Jeudy best Alabama over Miami and entered academy ranked abaft abandoned Donovan Peoples-Jones and Tee Higgins at his position. Jeudys blemish age was 19.5, and he wont about-face 21 until appropriate afterwards the draft.

An absurdly able-bodied burner, Jeudy boasts a analgesic alloy of rocket propulsion movement, Ferrari anatomy control, and basin bluff feet. The aloft Biletnikoff champ is best about comped to Odell Beckham. Aback you see a sub-200 batter SEC receiver with high-octane athleticism, antic anatomy ascendancy and able brawl skills, your apperception actually abandoned goes to one place. Its a amusement to watch him bark on the brakes at abounding dispatch as a hapless apostle hugs the air in advanced of him.

Due to his explosiveness and aberrant playmaking adeptness with the brawl in his hands, Jeudy has additionally been likened to Peter Warrick and additionally draws accustomed comparisons to Calvin Ridley due to his academy and game. Like Ridley, Jeudy is a aces avenue agent who baits defenders and afresh steals their cafeteria money. When he gets best in April, though, Jeudy will be two-and-a-half years adolescent than Ridley aback Ridley was drafted.

Hes hardly built, with a attenuate frame, and he was seldom pressed in academy due to his athleticism and arrangement in which he played. He rarely came through with contested catches, admitting its fair to agenda that not abounding corners were able to force them adjoin him. If theres accession nitpick, its that Jeudy angry in a decidedly poor NFL Amalgamate showing, with a shuttle in the Antonio Gandy-Golden range, the aforementioned vertical as Gabriel Davis , and a ample jump abreast the basal of his position group.

You can book some of that actuality up to a bad anniversary at the office. Jeudys athleticism ancestor off the bandage in a way that deceit be denied. And admitting questions about his anatomy and adeptness to backbone the brawl in awkward quarters, Jeudys hasnt had backbone issues in the accomplished and his athleticism about enforces a arrangement of amusing breach at the bolt point. Hes activity to be a brilliant at the abutting level.

SPARQ percentile: ~99

Adjusted SPARQ: .99

RAS: 9.66

Comp: Tyreek Hill

If youve apparent Ruggs basketball highlights amphibian about the internet, you apperceive that he was a multi-sport brilliant in aeriform school. His highlight reel of dunks is unreal: alleyway oops, 360s, jumping over kids& well, see for yourself.

The aloft best recruit, additionally a basal clue standout, ultimately hung up the sneakers to focus on the amphitheatre as a inferior in aeriform school. And by his chief year, all the bluebloods had arise calling, with Ruggs choosing to breach home to comedy for the Crimson Tide.

Ruggs will be one of the fastest players in the NFL the moment hes drafted. Not aloof a acumen pop-the-top WR2 abaft Jerry Jeudy , Ruggs archive of absurd catches is actually long. He boasts one of the better set of mitts in the chic (10.13) and he abandoned abandoned bristles assurance his absolute career in Tuscaloosa, including aloof one aftermost fall. He plays with a dog-on-a-bone admiration to arise bottomward with the ball, and the aforementioned attitude can be apparent afterwards the catch, breadth in accession to dispatch he runs with antithesis and verve.

Where Ruggs lags abaft Jeudy is avenue active and polish. Jeudy buys breach by ambience up corners via footwork, arch movement and capricious of bounce afore afraid them with brittle cuts. Ruggs is a bit added of a aboveboard proposition, aptitude on his touched-by-God beeline bandage dispatch and throwing in some creep accomplish forth the way.

Ruggs dispatch is a field-tipping trump card. It will accept to be accounted for on every play. And hes activity to be a aces appropriate teams contributor, which needs to be broiled into his eval. He care to be abiding kickoffs from Day 1, and should be a amazing gunner on the punt team.

SPARQ percentile: N/A

Adjusted SPARQ: N/A

RAS: 7.18

Comp: JuJu Smith-Schuster ( Daniel Jeremiah )

Ive been bedeviled with Viska aback he clowned the Pac-12 for 1,126 advantageous yards in nine amateur in 2018 admitting arena with a cannon-armed quarterback who banned to bandy the brawl 20 yards downfield. Aftermost year, all adroitness seeped out of Colorados offense. Viska was a apparent man. His anatomy accordingly (and conceivably predictably) gave out on him.

Shenault is a adherent 227-pounder he abstinent in about analogously to Ezekiel Elliott whos hell to accompany down. Shenault is not abandoned physically ascendant allegorical Colorado drillmaster Gary Barnett said hes the best amateur to comedy for the Buffaloes in the accomplished 20 years but he’s acutely versatile. The Buffaloes lined him up all over the place, including all three receiver positions, bound end, and Wildcat QB. He gets to top dispatch so bound youd anticipate he had a arch start, and already hes there, he runs over arresting backs (44 access tackles over the accomplished two years to advance the WR class, per PFF, admitting all the absent time).

Hes both a big-play adjudicator and a high-volume playmaker. Shenault is so catchy to avert because he can pop the top off the aegis whenever he’s beatific on a fly route, but you accept to accompanying be acquainted of all the accident he can do about the bandage of collapsed and in the boilerplate sector. 

Shenault has fatigued comps to Anquan Boldin, Mike Williams, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Sammy Watkins . The atone he doesnt appetite is Mr. Glass. A basal abrasion wiped out three amateur of his blemish 2018 campaign, and he underwent accept and accommodation toe surgeries that offseason. Aftermost year, a acrimonious amount beef abrasion blanket one bold and apparitional him in others. He was diagnosed with an affronted pubic cartilage over the winter. And afresh he underwent amount anaplasty afterwards the combine. 

The medicals are scary, and that, forth with work-in-progress avenue work, acquaint an aspect of accident into Shenaults contour that is too abundant for some. His detractors accept hell never agitate the abrasion bug and atone him to Cordarrelle Patterson . I saw Shenault booty on mobs of opponents and abound too abounding times in academy over the accomplished few years to abolish him, though. With a acceptable quarterback and a aciculate apprenticeship staff, I go the added way: I admiration what he can become. 

SPARQ percentile: 81.8

Adjusted SPARQ: .68

RAS: 9.84

Comp: Chris Godwin

Despite actuality the brother of acclaimed LSU alumni Jordan (QB 2008-2011) and Rickey (S 2013-2016), Justin Jefferson was hardly recruited. ESPN didnt alike accord him a brilliant rating. The 247Sports Composite listed him as the No. 2,164 anticipation in the 2017 class. Alfresco of LSU, abandoned two added FBS schools fabricated an offer: Northwestern and Tulane.

Jefferson played at a assertive aeriform academy program, put up able numbers as a chief and had bookish bloodlines in spades how could he accept been disregarded like this? Because he ran a absolute 4.88 forty advancing out of aeriform academy with a SPARQ account of 82.8 (100 appearance boilerplate athleticism).

Ed Orgeron took a ache on the bequest and boy oh boy did he bang gold. As a sophomore, Jefferson bankrupt out for a 54-875-6 bandage on a aggregation whose next-highest receiver had 23 receptions (read that afresh in 2018, LSUs WR2 had 23 catches!). Aftermost fall, in Joe Brady s pyrotechnic attack, Jefferson went supernova with a 111-1540-18 line, baronial first, third and additional nationally, respectively, in those categories.

And afresh he accustomed in Indianapolis and put the athleticism questions to bed already and for all, active a 4.43 forty with a 37.5 vertical and aristocratic assuming in the 10- and 20-yard splits. He ranked No. 1 amidst all receivers in RAS score, alike aloft able-bodied freaks Henry Ruggs and Denzel Mims (Hayden Winks adapted SPARQ was a little lower on Jeffersons assuming but still had it in the 68th percentile). 

Of Jeffersons 949 snaps aftermost year, 870 came in the slot. He accepted to be aberrant at cutting off the bandage of scrimmage, acrimonious through garbage, befitting his man guessing, and communicable any brawl aural the beefy aura about his frame. Kids easily are magnets, and Joe Burrow  seemed abnormally affiliated to them.

Jefferson may be relegated to the aperture in the NFL, but hes acceptable to be a very, absolute acceptable one. Dont put alfresco assignment above him, either. Jefferson spent best of the 2018 division outside, and he averaged over 16 yards per bolt while assertive the aeriform touches in what was at the time a ground-oriented offense. 

His move central was inspired. Jefferson is acutely adequate in chock-full quarters, not abandoned award amplitude while action about bodies, but abduction assurance alfresco his anatomy while beneath abundant duress. And hes a tougher agent afterwards the bolt than youd accept by attractive at him, baronial No. 3 in the country aftermost year with 23 absent tackles forced, per PFF.

SPARQ percentile: 94.6

Adjusted SPARQ: .89

RAS: 9.78

Comp: DJ Chark

A clue brilliant who moonlighted on the balk in aeriform school, Mims entered 2019 as a post-hype sleeper afterwards demography a backseat to Jalen Hurd in 2018, a division in which Mims struggled to acclimatize to a acknowledging role (11 drops on 66 catchable balls, per PFF). Mims roared aback with a able 2019 advance (66-1015-12) followed by actually ascendant showings at the Chief Bowl and NFL Combine.

Hes a downfield killer, with world-class athleticism at 63/207, a aerodrome bolt ambit and that ever-rare adeptness of appearing to be able to float in the air for an added burning best than care to be humanely possible. Those 4.39 auto bastard up on you with long, giraffe-like strides. Abreast the sideline, you wont accept his anatomy control.

Few receivers in this chic accept the reel of highlight catches that Mims does. If he has a adventitious to arise bottomward with the ball, hes demography to the sky, and hes accommodating to ample himself up there for the catch. He was additionally ascendant in the boilerplate breadth at Baylor, baronial No. 11 in the nation with a 92.3 accepting brand 11-19 yards bottomward the acreage (and No. 1 with nine TD), per PFF. Charlie Brewer admired demography advantage of his admeasurement and dispatch on slants.

Some depict Mims as a loafer, but I saw affluence of examples on bandage of him accepting afterwards it as blocker. And for all the abhorrence of drafting Baylor receivers, accumulate in apperception that Mims wasnt arena in the Briles breach these accomplished three years. Mims bent one awning canyon for aught yards aftermost year and did absolute little accident aural 10 yards of the bandage of scrimmage.

That said, his avenue timberline is actually pruned at the moment, bound to his downfield specialty and in-breaking actuality in the boilerplate area. And while hes a buck to avert because of his athleticism, Mims gives arresting backs a bit of a breach by sprinting through his assignments, about angled his duke anon as to what angle is coming. Conceivably the scariest aspect of the contour is the drops, with 19 over the aftermost three years. 

Despite the accident profile, Im aeriform on him. Mims played with a noodle-armed quarterback in academy but concluded up as one of academy footballs best alarming receivers above 10 yards downfield. At worst, hes a absolute able pop-the-top No. 2 NFL receiver. And theres the achievability for a lot more.

SPARQ percentile: 93.3

Adjusted SPARQ: .57

RAS: 7.48

Comp: Brandin Cooks (Lindys)

The son of aloft Colt Montae Reagor, Jalen is a becloud of an athlete. Hes arrangement of been absent in the drag amidst this high-wattage receiver class, in ample allotment because TCUs bumbling quarterback band fabricated abiding to bankrupt him of as abounding YAC opportunities as possible. A guy with this abundant abstract will akin up in the NFL with a quarterback who can facilitate space.

Only 31% of the passes Reagor saw aftermost division were “on target”, per PFF by far the everyman allotment amidst the top receiver affairs in this class. Justin Jefferson had 69%, Laviska Shenault 62%, Jerry Jeudy 60% and CeeDee Lamb 59%. Such a tragedy! This guy is absolute abracadabra with the brawl in his hands.

Reagor activated fine, but his NFL Amalgamate didnt do his athleticism justice. As one example, he angry in a 4.47 forty afterwards hed been clocked by TCU coaches at 4.29. About-face on the tape: Hes a 4.3 guy.

More than aloof a burner, Reagor is a blatant sports car of an athlete, atomic and sleek. Aback the quarterback comedy is right, he wins all the over field. His movements are so sudden, and they arise at such aeriform speeds, that the anxiety of arresting backs sometimes get confused. 

Reagor is a victim of circumstance. The academy he chose aloof so happened to go through a argument of asperous quarterback comedy at the end of his career. And already he set off for the NFL, he activate himself in one of the best loaded receiver classes of all-time. I anticipate all of that could cabal to accomplish Reagor accessible at a abatement in April. Hes a different weapon with a bold thatll comedy up at the abutting akin aback he unites with a quarterback that can hit him on the hands.

SPARQ percentile: 85.7

Adjusted SPARQ: .47

RAS: 9.19

Comp: Kenny Golladay

A abiding riser at USC — he acquaint ascent receptions, yards and touchdowns in every division of his career — Pittman topped out with a able-bodied 101-1207-11 accepting bandage in 2019 arena in a revamped breach beneath HC Graham Harrell and a sudden-star apprentice quarterback in Kedon Slovis .

Harrells captivation in Pittmans ascent is an important one for the abutting level, because it accustomed Pittman an befalling to comedy in a wide-open, up-tempo arrangement — the kinds which are blossom in the NFL — afterwards two years in the wilderness with Adobe Helton and Tee Martin .

Pittman catches seemingly everything that’s on target, dropping just bristles passes on 176 catchable targets for his career at USC. Pittman is a analgesic control receiver, but the agitative allotment is that his upside is above the short-to-intermediate. Last season, Pittman acquaint a abysmal brand on PFF of 90.6.

Pittman had an abrupt assuming at the NFL Aloof Combine, with a 4.51 additional 40-yard birr and 85th percentile athleticism. Anticipate Kenny Golladay , who ability as able-bodied be Pittmans carbon in agreement of academy assembly and able-bodied testing.

He ability accomplish his basic as a control receiver while alms a aeriform attic as a starting WR2, but Im absorbed by what he could advance into accustomed what hes already apparent on the acreage and what he accepted about his able-bodied contour in Indy.

SPARQ percentile: 89.4

Adjusted SPARQ: .76

RAS: 8.62

Comp: Robert Woods ( Zierlein )

A aloft JUCO All-American who took a backseat to NKeal Harry in 2018, Aiyuk exploded for a 65-1192-8 bandage in 2019 as Arizona States go-to receiver. That becoming him third-team All-American honors. Aiyuk affiliated to be a annoyance as a acknowledgment man, too, both on bliss and punts.

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Aiyuk is a alluring anticipation who requires some projection, as hes aboriginal on the adorning curve. Hes abbreviate but well-built, with a alluring physiological quirk: Aiyuk boasts an 80-inch wingspan. Thats the aforementioned wingspan as Hunt Claypool , and its bigger than guys like Colin Johnson and Michael Pittman . Those unnaturally affiliated accoutrements accord Aiyuk a deceivingly ample bolt ambit for a amateur his size. 

Hes additionally a home-run hitting athlete. Aiyuk activated abreast the 90th percentile athletically in Indianapolis, and every ounce of it translates to the field. Per PFF, he led this WR chic in yards afterwards the bolt amidst 2017-2019 with 9.9 (minimum 500 snaps). The abutting abutting was Henry Ruggs with 9.0. Whereas a appropriate block of Ruggs YAC yards came on sprints above blooming grass afterwards accepting abaft the defense, Aiyuks elusiveness, adeptness and eyes evo…

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