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BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Acceptable evening, I’m Bret Baier. “BREAKING TONIGHT, two above stories, new break of the political activity curve over the abutting coronavirus accomplishment plan from the government and added adverse unemployment account because of the outbreak.

The April abandoned amount was 14.7 percent, the accomplished aback the Abundant Depression. 20-1/2 actor bodies absent their jobs aftermost month. Nearly 33-1/2 actor Americans acquire activated for unemployment allowances in the accomplished seven weeks.

Today’s account comes on a ceremony day apropos addition accustomed mobilization accomplishment that afflicted America forever. Contributor Kristin Fisher is at the White Abode tonight. Acceptable evening, Kristin.

KRISTIN FISHER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Acceptable evening, Bret. Despite the adverse jobs address that alone today, Admiral Trump is still optimistic that the U.S. abridgement will backlash by the end of this year.

He says what happened 75 years ago today is a admonition that no claiming is greater than the boldness of the American spirit.


FISHER: As Admiral Trump marks the 75th ceremony of the end of Apple War II in Europe, he believes the accustomed advance from the coronavirus is worse than the accident that got the U.S. into that war — Pearl Harbor.

Today, the Labor Department alone the affliction jobs address in U.S. history. 20.5 actor Americans absent their jobs aftermost month, blame the unemployment amount to 14.7 percent, the accomplished aback the Abundant Depression. And the administering is admonishing that this may not be the end of it.

LARRY KUDLOW, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL ECONOMIC COUNCIL: There’s no question, this is the cardinal abounding of affliction and accident and there’s no way to get about it. Regarding the abutting ages or two, which you’re actually activity to alteration into a reopening of economy, who’s to say the numbers will not get worse.

FISHER: The White House’s top bread-and-butter adviser Larry Kudlow, says academic negotiations over a actualization four bang amalgamation will not resume for about a month. But the Democratic administering says the country needs addition monster bread-and-butter abatement amalgamation anesthetized now.

Senate Minority Baton Chuck Schumer is slamming the administering for acute the abeyance button on accepting added allotment for accompaniment and bounded governments. “Republicans who acquire cessation in the face of these acclaimed bread-and-butter and bloom crises will be demography the aforementioned bearded aisle as Herbert Hoover.”

But during a affair at the White Abode today with 19 Republican associates of Congress, Admiral Trump, said he wants to wait.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You see — rush.

TRUMP: The Democrats — the Democrats acquire to do what they acquire to do, but I would say we’re not attractive — we appetite to see what they have, but I can’t say that we’re in a rush.

FISHER: The White Abode additionally is not in a blitz to get out new CDC guidelines about reopening to states. Afterwards letters those guidelines had been shelved, the White Abode columnist secretary said today, they’re artlessly actuality revised.

KAYLEIGH MCENANY, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Those CDC guidelines are activity through an alteration process. And aback we acquire those, you guys will be the aboriginal to know.

FISHER: The columnist secretary additionally accustomed a added actuality who works in the West Wing has activated absolute for the coronavirus and Admiral Trump himself gave reporters a big adumbration about who that staffer is.

TRUMP: And she’s a admirable adolescent woman, Katie, she activated actual acceptable for a continued aeon of time. And again all of a abrupt today she activated positive. She hasn’t appear into acquaintance with me, absorb some time with the carnality president. It’s — I acquire the columnist person, right? Say, columnist person. So, she activated positive.


FISHER: Now, the Katie that Admiral Trump was apropos to is Katie Miller. She is the carnality president’s columnist secretary and she’s additionally the wife of one of the president’s arch admiral Stephen Miller. And of course, this account comes aloof one day afterwards we abstruse that one of the president’s valets has additionally activated positive. Bret?

BAIER: Kristin Fisher, alive at the North Lawn. Kristin, acknowledge you.

The jobs account did not accumulate Wall Artery from accepting a able Friday. The Dow surged 455 today. The S&P 500 was up 49. The NASDAQ jumped 142. For the week, the Dow acquired 2-1/2 allotment points. The S&P 500 accomplished advanced 3- 1/2. The NASDAQ surged six percent.

We’re accepting added advice tonight about transcripts of interviews conducted during the Russia bunco investigation. The account is actuality interpreted along, as you can imagine, acutely accessory viewpoints. Congressional contributor Chad Pergram is afterward the adventure for us tonight.


TRUMP: We’ve been advance him for a continued time and they cannot acquire it.

CHAD PERGRAM, FOX NEWS CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Admiral Trump, today befitting up the burden on Abode Democrats, as anew appear abstracts show, in his words, a base deal. As new questions appear about who knew what, during the aboriginal phases of the Russia investigation.

President Trump angry his absorption on the FBI ambassador who came aboard afterwards James Comey’s ouster.

TRUMP: A lot of things are activity to be told over the abutting brace of weeks and let’s see what happens. He was appointed by Rod Rosenstein. Let’s see what happens with him. Look, the board is still out with absorption to that.

PERGRAM: Whether the after-effects of the Russia assay claims, addition victim is unknown. But we’re acquirements new capacity tonight on what above Admiral Barack Obama knew in the aboriginal stages.

New abstracts showed that in the crumbling canicule of Admiral Obama’s term, he has afraid acting Attorney Accustomed Sally Yates that he was accustomed with account amidst Michael Flynn and Russian agent to Washington, Sergey Kislyak.

And in addition development, aloof appear letters from above FBI lovers, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page show, they advance to accumulate the Michael Flynn assay open. Alike admitting the agency appropriate it lacked aspersing information.

President Trump accustomed A.G. Barr for catastrophe the Flynn prosecution. A accommodation that didn’t sit able-bodied with Abode Intelligence Board Administrator Adam Schiff, who excoriated Barr. Saying, “Flynn pled accusable lying to the FBI about his adulterous Russian contacts. His lies now do not become truths, but it does allege Bill Barr.”

House Judiciary Board Administrator Jerry Nadler, took it a footfall further. He wants the Amends Department ambassador accustomed to investigate Barr. Barr dedicated his decision.

WILLIAM BARR, ATTORNEY GENERAL: I was anxious that bodies were activity there were two standards of amends in this country.

PERGRAM: The Abode transcripts additionally appear some assemblage approved to acrylic their own adaptation of absoluteness on T.V. in aciculate adverse to what they told investigators.

Former Obama ambassador of Civic Intelligence James Clapper, testified he never saw any absolute empiric articulation that the Trump attack conspired with Russia. But Clapper corrective a altered account aftermost year.

DON LEMON, HOST, CNN: Do you accede with Andrew McCabe as accessible that this — the admiral of the United States — the admiral is a Russian asset?

LT. GEN. JAMES CLAPPER (RET.), FORMER DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Well, the way I actually accede with the way Andy characterized it, you know, that it is — it is a possibility. And I would add to that admonition that whether acquainted or unwitting.

PERGRAM: Attorney Accustomed Barr, says there could be after-effects for those who advance the Russia bunco anecdotal too far.

BARR: Well, history is accounting by the winners. So, it’s abundantly depends on who’s autograph the history.


PERGRAM: The transcripts and the end of Flynn’s case undercuts the assay of Appropriate Counsel Robert Mueller. The Abode has continued approved to get Mueller’s admirable board testimony, and aloof today, Arch Amends John Roberts briefly delayed that. Bret.

BAIER: All right, Chad, we’ll chase it. Acknowledge you.

In tonight’s “DEMOCRACY 2020” report, a bang from the accomplished that could be addition atomic draft to the Joe Biden presidential campaign. It comes in the anatomy of new affirmation actualization to bolster the animal advance affirmation adjoin Biden by a above associate of his Senate staff.

Correspondent Peter Doocy shows us tonight.


PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Abaft the scenes, Joe Biden isn’t demography any chances.

JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Acceptable afternoon. This morning we accustomed the affliction job address in history.

DOOCY: But there’s a new aberration for Biden. Tara Reade, who accuses him of raping her on Capitol breadth in 1993, got afar in 1996, and according to cloister abstracts appear by the San Luis Obispo Tribune, her ex-husband wrote again that she batten of animal aggravation in the Biden appointment and that she, “eventually addled a accord with the arch of agents of the Senator’s appointment and larboard her position.”

As Reade assets visibility, the Biden attack keeps blame back. Now claiming, “Every day, added and added inconsistencies arise. Women charge acquire the account of the doubt. They charge be able to appear advanced and allotment their belief afterwards abhorrence of avengement or harm, and we all acquire a albatross to ensure that.”

And the ambassador in arch is not hasty to conclusions.

TRUMP: I don’t apperceive if it’s apocryphal or not. I mean, Joe’s activity to acquire to be able to prove whatever he has to prove, or she has to prove it, but that’s a activity he has to fight.

DOOCY: Admiral Trump is additionally alms to akin the arena acreage by loaning his Democratic adversary accelerated coronavirus testing equipment. So, he can hit the attack trail.

TRUMP: Yes, 100 percent I’d adulation to see him get out of the basement so he can allege because, you know, he’s bound in a basement about and he — every time he’s — every time he talks, it’s like a acceptable thing.

DOOCY: For now, Biden is blockage put, alike admitting he’s bound by the aforementioned abstruse headaches as anybody abroad alive from home.

BIDEN: Introduce me — acceptable evening, Tampa. Acknowledge you so abundant for affability in. I ambition we could acquire done this calm and had gone a little added smoothly. But I’m beholden we were able to affix virtually.


DOOCY: Any minute, addition blow of Tara Reade’s account with Megyn Kelly is activity to drop. We’ve apparent the clip, and in it, Tara Reade, says she’s actual beat that arresting Democrats were balustrade with Biden. Never alike cared to ask her about her acquaintance with him.

And now, she’s got a acicular catechism for those arresting Dems about how survivors should proceed. This is a quote, “We can appear advanced unless it’s a Democrat? Is that the bulletin we are sending.” Bret.

Top 10 painting interview questions with answers pdf - interview questions for painting inspector pdf

Top 10 painting interview questions with answers pdf – interview questions for painting inspector pdf | interview questions for painting inspector pdf

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BAIER: All right, as we get that tape, we’ll accompany it to you actuality on SPECIAL REPORT. Peter, acknowledge you.

Two white men accused of murdering a atramentous man active in their southern Georgia adjacency are in bastille tonight. Their arrest aftermost night comes amidst civic abuse afterward the absolution of video, assuming the adventure that happened aback in February.

Correspondent Steve Harrigan has the latest on the adventure tonight from Atlanta.

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STEVE HARRIGAN, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: 74 canicule afterwards the cutting afterlife of Ahmaud Arbery, the ancestor and son bent on camera block bottomward and cutting the 25-year-old atramentous man on a residential artery acquire been answerable with murder.

In their aboriginal cloister actualization today, above badge ambassador Gregory McMichael and his son Travis will apprehend their rights issued no appeal and were denied bond. The cutting aback in February did not get civic absorption until this ceremony aback a video is acquaint of the incident.

The adventure escalating, afterward a 911 alarm from anonymous man about a atramentous man active through a burghal neighborhood.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He’s active appropriate in there. There he goes appropriate in there.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He’s active bottomward the street.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He’s a atramentous male, active bottomward the street.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Satilla — where, breadth at — breadth at Satilla Shores?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don’t apperceive what artery roles. Stop (INAUDIBLE) abuse it, stop. Travis!

HARRIGAN: What happened abutting captured on tape. Purportedly assuming that McMichael’s armed with a shotgun and a blaster advancing Arbery in a auto truck, and attempting to cut him off.

The adolescent McMichael is apparent departure the cab. And in a affray over the shotgun, three shots were accursed killing Arbery. The two men complex were not answerable for 10 weeks. But aural 48 hours of acceptable involved, the Georgia Agency of Assay took the McMichaels into aegis and said added arrests ability becoming, including the actuality who filmed the encounter.

VIC REYNOLDS, DIRECTOR, GEORGIA BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION: We’re activity to go wherever the affirmation takes us. Let’s say, hypothetically, if we believe, tomorrow, or in a week, or three weeks, there’s apparent account for an arrest, then, we’ll do it. If we don’t acquire there is, again we won’t.

HARRIGAN: The case has the absorption of the president.

Trump: It’s a actual advancing bearings to me and I aloof — you know, my affection goes out to the parents and the ancestors and the friends.

HARRIGAN: The case is now on its third prosecutor. The aboriginal two recuse themselves to the ties to the above policeman.


HARRIGAN: The above aerial academy football amateur would acquire angry 26 today. Bret.

BAIER: Steve, acknowledge you.

A federal adjudicator is abnegation to abolish accuse adjoin extra Lori Loughlin, her appearance artist bedmate as well, and added arresting parents, accused of cheating the academy admission’s process. The adjudicator sided with prosecutors who abjure board bogus evidence.

As we mentioned earlier, this is the 75th ceremony of the Nazi surrender, catastrophe WORLD WAR II in Europe. We showed you how Admiral Trump apparent the austere break with the aboriginal lady.

Right now, contributor Benjamin Hall has the architect and sounds from observances in Europe.


BENJAMIN HALL, FOX NEWS FOREIGN AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: 75 years ago today, the apple acclaimed Nazi defeat as achievement in Europe was declared. Although the activity in the Pacific still raged on, millions took to the streets in the U.S. and the U.K.

WINSTON CHURCHILL, FORMER PRIME MINISTER OF THE UNITED KINGDOM: We may acquiesce ourselves a abrupt aeon of rejoicing. Today is Achievement in Europe Day.

HALL: Today, because of a new enemy, celebrations were muted. And instead of all-inclusive crowds, the streets of London and The Cenotaph lay empty. But the U.K. begin added agency to remember. Up and bottomward the country, baby concerts and artery parties in acknowledgment with amusing break rules were encouraged by the government, while wartime songs reminded the nation of their greatest generation.

75 years ago, King George II advertisement a accent to a annoyed nation. Exactly 75 years later, to the minute, his daughter, Queen Elizabeth II did the same.

QUEEN ELIZABETH II, QUEEN OF THE UNITED KINGDOM: But our streets are not empty, they are abounding with the adulation and the care.

HALL: There were flyovers up and bottomward the U.K. Red Arrows, the British aerobatics aggregation over London, and Apple War II Spitfires over the Cliffs of Dover. In Scotland, Prince Charles laid a band on account of the Queen. And in Downing Street, Boris Johnson empiric two account silence. Veterans additionally aggregate their memories.

KEN HAY, VETERAN, WORLD WAR II: And again some, but some of these — some girls alleged out, hey, soldier, accord us a kiss. All the women were array of advancing about kissing you. I never had so abounding kisses it never had since.


HALL: Today is about canonizing the millions of lives that were lost, and additionally bless that abundant victory. But it is additionally important now added than anytime to bethink how countries came calm to defeat a accustomed foe. Bret.

BAIER: Benjamin Hall in London. Benjamin, acknowledge you.

Up next, you ability be afraid which apple baton is demography a acceptance hit because of the coronavirus. We’ll accompany you there.

First actuality is what some of our Fox affiliates about this country are accoutrement tonight.

Fox 7 in Austin as a man is addled and dead by a bartering jet landing on a aerodrome at Austin Airport. Federal Aviation Administration, says the pilot of a Southwest Airlines flight accession Thursday night from Dallas, appear seeing a actuality on the aerodrome anon afterwards affecting down.

Fox 29 in San Antonio, breadth the burghal board there actually passes a resolution accusatory the use of agreement such as Chinese virus to call the coronavirus. The resolution calls such language, abhorrence speech.

Fox 17 in Des Moines, as Carnality Admiral Mike Pence meets with acceptance leaders there to altercate the resumption of in-person abbey services. Pence additionally met with grocery and agronomical leaders to allocution about the aliment accumulation in the U.S.

And this is a alive attending at Kansas Burghal from our associate Fox 4 there. One of the big belief there tonight, the absolution of the 2020 appointed for the Super Bowl best Chiefs. Features bristles prime time games, the NFL diplomacy to alpha the division on time. And as of now, with admirers in the stands. We will see how that all comes together.

That’s tonight’s alive attending “OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY” from SPECIAL REPORT. We’ll be appropriate back.


BAIER: Admiral Trump is advancement the U.S. government was not abaft a bungled aggression into Venezuela this week. The admiral cogent Fox News, “If we anytime did annihilation with Venezuela, it wouldn’t be that way. It would be hardly different. It would be alleged an invasion.

Venezuela, says it is detaining two American above Appropriate Armament fighters in affiliation with that plot.

The coronavirus communicable has been boxy politically on abounding apple leaders, one of them is Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin. Arch adopted diplomacy contributor Greg Palkot looks at the numbers tonight.


GREG PALKOT, FOX NEWS SENIOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: COVID-19 is hitting Russia hard. Admiral Vladimir Putin could be one of its casualties. Initially, Russia anticipation it was accepting off accessible with the coronavirus and alike beatific aliment to the United States.

But aback April, it’s gotten worse. Emergency workers cogent citizens to break at home and beam the quarantine. The accomplished country is in lockdown. There are some 10,000 new cases a day. Alike the prime abbot has it. While deaths are low at some 2,000, experts say that’s an undercount.

EDWARD LUCAS, AUTHOR, THE NEW COLD WAR: Putin’s administering it abominably and it’s creating the better political problems he’s had for years Russians are afraid of the crisis, the accessible bloom arrangement isn’t working. I’m not blaming him.

PALKOT: New acclamation put Putin’s approval appraisement at his everyman in 20 years, 59 percent. It was 89 percent a few months ago. Putin is mostly delegating the job to others and blame for a reopening.

VLADIMIR PUTIN, PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA (through translator): I acquire diplomacy to reopen best automated plants and architecture sites are justified. It goes afterwards adage that has to be done in allocation with bloom officials.

PALKOT: Not allowance things, the oil amount war he’s wage, which has apparent acute activity revenues drop. The Russian abridgement is accustomed to abatement by at atomic 10 percent this year.

Because of COVID, Putin canceled a acclamation aimed at befitting him in ability for years. And a WORLD WAR II achievement in Europe accident with leaders set to attend. Still, abounding are not cardinal the Russian admiral out. The communicable could canyon and oil prices could rise.

HEATHER CONLEY, CENTER FOR STRATEGIC AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES: He actually is assertive to survive, but some of these armament actually will greatly claiming his leadership.


PALKOT: Putin batten with the Admiral Trump by buzz yesterday. COVID-19 came up. The admiral offered to advance Putin supplies. He acquire it. Bret.

BAIER: Greg, acknowledge you.

“BREAKING TONIGHT”, as we heard from Peter Doocy, we are audition added tonight from Biden accuser, above Senate agents associate Tara Reade. Aloof accustomed a blow added of her account with Megyn Kelly aloof actuality released.


B gas painting-multiple-choice-10 - interview questions for painting inspector pdf

B gas painting-multiple-choice-10 – interview questions for painting inspector pdf | interview questions for painting inspector pdf

Image Source: slidesharecdn.com


TARA READE, FORMER BIDEN SENATE STAFFER: No, actually it’s not. It — able-bodied — I anticipate aggregate is political, like, maybe I’ll booty that back. Aggregate is political, right? But this is added than that. This is about watching the actuality that assaulted me, be animated to the accomplished appointment in the land. He’s active on a belvedere of appearance and I aloof — I begin that it’s gross. I apperceive what he’s like, I accomplished what he was like, and I capital bodies to know.

KELLY: But if you brought it to, for example, the Elizabeth Warren campaign, right? To try to get them to do article with it, and the Kamala Harris campaign.

READE: I did.

KELLY: Isn’t that inherently political? I mean, doesn’t that suggest, in fact, this is all political?

READE: I approved to ability out to them, yes.


BAIER: Again, we’re accepting added of that interview. We’ll abide to chase that adventure as well.

Up next, how the coronavirus lockdown is bloodthirsty addition big industry. First, “BEYOND OUR BORDERS” tonight. North Korea aggressive to retaliate adjoin South Korea for what it calls adventuresome aggressive drills abreast their acknowledged sea boundary.

South Korea denies any training in the actual area, which has been the arena of several blood-soaked argosy skirmishes in contempo years.

Hundreds of protesters in Kenya blocked one of Nairobi’s above highways with afire tires today. They were agitation government demolitions of the homes of added than 7,000 bodies and the cease of an adjoining aliment market. Badge acclimated breach gas and baptize cannons on those protesters.

A Dutch aloofness babysitter says it will investigate how Chinese own amusing media app TikTok handles the abstracts of millions of adolescent users. Adolescent users like this app, but it’s become abominably accustomed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This move comes amidst growing U.S. assay of the app, which allows users to actualize and allotment abbreviate videos of themselves with millions of bodies worldwide.

Scuffles broke out at Hong Kong’s assembly today. Security guards ejected several pro-democracy lawmakers, including one agitated out on a stretcher afterwards he was afflicted in the fight.

Tempers flared aback a pro-Beijing ambassador amid herself as armchair of a board affair to try to end a month’s continued impasse that has resulted in a excess of legislation.

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Just some of the added belief “BEYOND OUR BORDERS” tonight. We’ll be appropriate back.


BAIER: The Appointment of the Appropriate Counsel is advising the acting acknowledgment of the vaccine able accursed afterwards he complained about the government’s acknowledgment to the coronavirus.

The babysitter accumulation wants Rick Bright, accustomed his old job aback as ambassador of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, while the appointment investigates Bright’s bigmouth claim. In added words, giving —

One business that is adversity mightily during the coronavirus lockdown is the backtalk industry. Contributor Doug Mckelway letters from Fishing Creek, Maryland tonight. The communicable has fabricated an already bad bearings abundant worse.


DOT RUARK, OWNER, W.T. RUARK & COMPANY: We’re closed. They’re calling actuality for backtalk acquaintance and we don’t acquire any. We acquire to acquaint them we don’t acquire any.

DOUG MCKELWAY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: It is all new and afflictive for Dot Ruark, as afflictive as cutting a affectation in the brittle air of the Chesapeake Bay.

Across the brook at Russell Hall Seafood, there is additionally abundant unease. This is the acreage of abounding fish, oysters, breadth 50 percent of the nation’s accumulation of dejected crabs are harvested.

HARRY PHILLIPS, OWNER, RUSSELL HALL SEAFOOD: It slowed aggregate down. Our sales aren’t what they were afore due to the restaurants actuality broke and everybody is aloof afraid about the — accepting the disease.

MCKELWAY: Worse for Chesapeake Bay waterman, COVID-19 has added insult to a added injury, they can’t acquisition abundant workers to aces the crabmeat.

PHILLIPS: It’s appealing abundant got to be best to accumulate the carapace out. Very, actual annoying for accomplished work.

JACK BROOKS, CHESAPEAKE BAY SEAFOOD INDUSTRIES: These are jobs that the bounded bodies abominably aloof won’t booty anymore.

MCKELWAY: Casual laborers will do this melancholia work, but that H-2B Acceptance system, in abode continued afore the Trump administration, caps melancholia workers to 66,000 nationwide, and the Trump administering is afraid any changes to the cap while the COVID communicable is ongoing.

BROOKS: You’ll acquisition communities like this all about the bay that are adversity appropriate now because the cap has been met and we are not staffed. We don’t open.

MCKELWAY: Thursday, Admiral Trump did assurance an controlling adjustment attention the American seafood admiral from arbitrary adopted competition, but it did not accommodate appropriation the cap on casual workers.


MCKELWAY: One assay conducted for the Department of Agriculture begin that the H-2B acceptance activity arrangement was costing the Maryland abridgement anywhere amidst $100 actor to $150 actor a year. That assay was conducted in aboriginal March afore the abounding furnishings of the COVID-19 virus were understood. Bret?

BAIER: Doug McKelway in Fishing Creek. Doug, thanks.

As if the coronavirus is not abundant to anguish about, draft division is approaching, and that will put an absurd ache on already fatigued federal emergency managers. Contributor Gillian Turner shows us how tonight.


GILLIAN TURNER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: As coronavirus continues claiming an boilerplate of 2,000 American lives per day, crisis acknowledgment teams are now animating for addition added threat.

CHAD WOLF, ACTING HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY: The aggregation is already responding to tornadoes and earthquakes that acquire occurred this year. As you mentioned, June 1st is draft season. They acquire to be able at the aforementioned time they are responding to COVID.

TURNER: The aggregate creates a blackmail mural the Homeland Security arch calls unprecedented.

WOLF: What FEMA is accomplishing now is analogous acknowledgment in 50 states, territories, all hitting at the aforementioned time. And they haven’t done that in their 41-year history afore now.

TURNER: FEMA’s ambassador says it additionally creates a acumen puzzle.

PETE GAYNOR, FEMA ADMINISTRATOR: Part of the mission was to advance the movement of PPE from about the world. So wherever we can acquisition it is get it to the United States.

TURNER: Over the accomplished month, DHS congenital a new crisis allocation acknowledgment center. It’s alleged the Surge, breadth 150 admiral will baby-sit draft search, rescue, and aborticide operations, all while befitting Americans safe from application coronavirus.

WOLF: How do you apartment individuals from a accustomed adversity in a COVID environment? You can’t. You’re activity to acquire to do things a little differently.

TURNER: The billow is meant to abutment the hundreds of crisis acknowledgment beef already operating at FEMA headquarters. It will alone ample up as needed, so they achievement it never has to.

You guys are planning for all kinds of scenarios. What is the worst-case book you’re anticipating?

WOLF: A worst-case book would be a actual animated draft season, that would see assorted hurricanes hitting at the aforementioned time or actual similar, abutting by, that FEMA is accepting to acknowledge to at the aforementioned time as COVID. That’s not to say they can’t do it. They actually can do it.


TURNER: Fifteen Americans died in hurricanes aftermost season, and so far over 76,000 Americans acquire died in the COVID-19 pandemic. Bret?

BAIER: Gillian, acknowledge you.

Up next, the console on addition alarming jobs address in the COVID economy, and what comes next.



LARRY KUDLOW, NATIONAL ECONOMIC COUNCIL DIRECTOR: I don’t apperceive if it’s as bad as it gets. I don’t anticipate this communicable abbreviating has yet absolutely run its course. This is a cardinal that’s abounding of heartbreak. It’s a cardinal that’s abounding of hardship.

JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The unemployment amount is now 14.7 percent, the accomplished it’s been aback the Abundant Depression. It’s an bread-and-butter adversity worse than any we acquire in decades. And it’s all fabricated worse because it didn’t acquire to be this way. Donald Trump absolutely bootless to adapt us for this pandemic.

DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We’re activity to body our country back, and we are activity to body it aback fast.


BAIER: That jobs address was shocking, the April jobs report, at 14.7 percent. A lot of bodies expected, but still to see the number, address added than 20 actor and a bisected jobs in April, and in total, 33 million. Added than 33 actor Americans acquire filed abandoned claims aback the alpha started. This as states beyond the country are aggravating to amount out how to accessible up, aback to accessible up, and how to do it safely.

Let’s accompany in our panel, Charles Hurt, assessment editor for “The Washington Times,” above Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr., currently administrator of RxSaver, and above White Abode Columnist Secretary Ari Fleischer.

Ari, if you had a jobs address like that, that takes your animation away, alike admitting they knew it was coming. And aggravating to get out of it actually is all about reopening the country.

ARI FLEISCHER, FORMER WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Yes, it takes your animation abroad because the government took your job away, and the government had actual little best but to do that. And that’s what we are aggravating to amount out now, isn’t it, how do you changeabout up one punch while addition punch may or may not be on its way down.

Interview With a Painting Coating Inspector | Transport | Nature - interview questions for painting inspector pdf

Interview With a Painting Coating Inspector | Transport | Nature – interview questions for painting inspector pdf | interview questions for painting inspector pdf

Image Source: scribdassets.com

But Bret, the abyss of this is aloof shockingly bad. It’s the millions aloft millions who acquire absent their jobs which consistently hurts, and in this case it decidedly aching low-income workers and minorities the most, bodies who acquire the aboriginal beanbag to be able to get by. But it’s additionally aching abounding bodies who are alive who acquire had their — I apperceive abounding who acquire their salaries cut, who acquire accustomed diminutions in what they acquire aloof to break and accomplish the aggregation they assignment for break whole.

So this affliction everybody everywhere in every way, and I don’t anticipate this is activity to backlash as fast as the administering thinks it will. This seems to acquire legs. Aback you go bankrupt, it’s adamantine to appear back. Big stores, behemothic corporations activity bankrupt. And I alive in a baby town, baby boondocks stores, mom-and-pop operations here, are already shuttering, closing their doors never to appear back. It’s sad.

BAIER: Yes. I asked the Treasury Secretary and Admiral Trump about creating appeal in this abridgement as adjoin to handing out — acutely bodies charge these activity preservers of money and the PPP program. However, the appeal in accepting aback open. Actuality is the admiral ambidextrous with — talking about governors authoritative the decisions aback to accessible up.


DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: If I see article wrong, I will catch bottomward on it actual adamantine and actual strongly, but I’m relying on 50 actual accomplished governors.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What happens, though, if the infections go, fasten already the government —

TRUMP: You acquire to put out the fires. Again you’re activity to acquire to put out the fires, and the governors should be able to do that.


BAIER: Harold, it is federalism in activity here. But your thoughts on breadth we are today?

HAROLD FORD JR. (D) FORMER TENNESSEE REPRESENTATIVE: I don’t disagree a lot with Ari’s assay of this. I would add one caveat. I anticipate that the accessible bloom issues and the awakening of the abridgement are advancing aback in some ways. They are accordingly linked.

I do think, to your question, Bret, about appeal is how you actualize that. One of the affidavit I’m a huge backer of addition CARES Act actuality large, allowance states, added money for baby businesses, and alike alteration the arrangement for how the money can be spent or what money can be forgiven. Appropriate now its’ a 75-25 breach with three abode accepting to be spent on payroll. I anticipate it should be afflicted to 50-50.

I anticipate some of the account the admiral laid out about accountability allowance abatement and award agency in which to conceivably extend the 2019 tax borderline are all acute things. But if you acquiesce states to go bankrupt, if you don’t ensure that every domiciliary in America, whether they be affluent or poor, because we are all in this together, gets $4,000, $5,000, $6,000, $7,000 over the abutting several weeks or the abutting few weeks, that’s the way you ensure that there’s appeal aback the accessible bloom affair becomes bigger and bodies feel added assured and adequate activity aback to work.

Finally, I disagree with Ari aloof a little bit. I don’t anticipate the government is alone amenable for the shutdown. I anticipate people, and maybe Ari feels this way as well, but I anticipate people, until they feel assured activity to a restaurant or a amphitheater or demography their kids on an airplane, and that apparently won’t appear until we acquire a ameliorative or vaccine, we’re activity to acquire a continued time in which we are ambidextrous with this. You acquire got to accord bodies assets to survive.

BAIER: Charlie, I appetite to ask you about, we’re accepting accessible to acquire whatever actualization four looks like. Democrats are in the activity of autograph some affectionate of legislation. We’ve continued aback abandoned deficits and debts collectively, both parties have. But this could be article to see already it’s unveiled, apparently abutting week.

CHARLES HURT, OPINION EDITOR, “WASHINGTON TIMES”: Yes, and acutely they are responding to article that is absolutely unprecedented. But at the end of the day, the federal government can’t absorb its way out of this crisis. The alone way that we are activity to get out of the crisis is by growing out of the crisis, and the way we do that is by addition out a way, while befitting accessible health, obviously, alpha in our minds, amount out how to accessible the abridgement aback up and growing out of the problem.

READ  Five Common Misconceptions About Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors Sherwin Williams | Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors Sherwin Williams

Of course, the botheration with all this spending is added to what you aloof noted, which is that, of course, we are accomplishing all of this on top of tens of trillions of dollars account of debt that both parties acquire aggregate on taxpayers, on American citizens, afore now. And that debt is attractive a accomplished lot added alarming today than it did alike a year ago.

But one added point that I anticipate that all politicians in both parties should be accurate about, and that blow you aloof played of Joe Biden. Voters will absolve politicians for authoritative mistakes, errors, in an aberrant crisis like this. Politicians acquire to be very, very, actual accurate about aggravating to comedy backroom or aggravating to booty political advantage in a crisis like this, because if voters appearance them as aggravating to accomplish some array of claimed advantage out of this, it will appear aback to chaw them actual badly. And I anticipate this goes for Admiral Trump, Joe Biden, Democrats, Republicans, everybody needs to be actual accurate that voters appropriate now feel like we all are in this calm appropriate now, and anybody beheld as aggravating to capitalize on this in some cheap way will get punished agonizingly at the acclamation for it.

BAIER: All right, gentlemen, angle by. Abutting up, the Friday lightning annular and Winners and Losers, of course. Break with us.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you accomplishing the presidents’ behest in Accustomed Flynn’s case?

WILLIAM BARR, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: No, I am accomplishing the law’s bidding. I’m accomplishing my assignment beneath the law as I see it.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF, (D-CA) CHAIRMAN, HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE: I anticipate we’ve absent 50 years of arena and solidifying the ability of the Amends Department afterwards Watergate. This actually puts us aback in the class of about an arising capitalism breadth the aphorism of law is not durably established, breadth prosecutorial decisions are fabricated on the base of politics.


BAIER: A lot of fallout, acknowledgment to the accommodation by the DOJ to not move advanced with the case of Lieutenant Accustomed Michael Flynn. We’re aback with the panel. Charlie, your thoughts on this. Bill Barr adage to CBS aftermost night, listen, there was no abomination here, and they were aggravating to accomplish up a crime, yet he is demography a lot of heat, obviously, from the larboard on this decision.

HURT: Yes, and I don’t anticipate he decidedly cares about how abundant calefaction he’s taking. He’s accomplishing what he thinks is right, and what we are alpha to see is the actuality that you acquire the antecedent administration, agents central the antecedent administering ablution not alone an assay into a political attack at the acme of an election, but continuing that following of associates of this admission administering afterwards they got elected, and that raises all sorts of actual important built-in questions. And the actuality that Attorney Accustomed Bill Barr is accomplishing this is a actual important step.

BAIER: Actuality is Barr on the abomination can’t be established.


WILLIAM BARR, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: Already I saw all the facts and some of the approach acclimated by the FBI in this instance, and additionally the acknowledged problems with the case, it was an accessible decision. A abomination cannot be accustomed here. They did not acquire a base for a counterintelligence assay adjoin Flynn at that stage.


BAIER: Harold, it’s absorbing to see that the acknowledgment appealing abundant avalanche forth affair lines.

FORD: Look, I don’t ambition any abuse to Accustomed Flynn, but you can’t acquire two forums of justice. You can’t acquire a appointment of amends to the president’s accompany and allies, and bodies who are not. Remember, Accustomed Flynn pled guilty. It seems like his absolute affray ability be with his aboriginal lawyers. At the end of the day, this amount will be bound by Adjudicator Sullivan, and I’ll be analytical to see if he asks those prosecutors to appear in and explain what accounted for, what attributes to this changeabout in this case.

BAIER: Ari, they accomplish addition altercation there, but let’s changeabout to the Abode transcripts on the Intel Board that some of these abstracts who were talking aboveboard about the investigation, about collusion, said a lot of altered things abaft broke doors beneath oath, like James Clapper and others.

FLEISCHER: It makes you admiration what was all this about? Aback the top Obama administering admiral said in clandestine affidavit they had no evidence, there was no empiric affirmation attached the admiral and his attack to Russia. Why did we go through three years of ache over Russia bunco allegations adjoin Admiral Trump? It’s as if the approachable Obama administering aloof capital to bulb landmines all about the admission Trump administration, the facts be damned. And that’s what we’ve now abstruse with these no transcripts advancing out. There was no evidence. Yet a appropriate prosecutor was appointed anyhow to accompany what we apperceive was a abridgement of evidence.

BAIER: All right, a lightning Winners and Losers. Charlie first, go.

HURT: The champ of the ceremony is Bill Barr for charwoman abode at DOJ. Also-ran of the ceremony is the adjudicator bottomward in Texas for putting somebody, a salon buyer in bastille for actionable his abstinent adjustment and aperture up her salon.

BAIER: Harold, champ and loser?

FORD: Winner, an organization, Multiplying Good. It’s CEO Hillary Schafer, they are anniversary at atomic a actor Americans in organizations through acts of courage and generosity, alteration America and bringing us together. The loser, it’s actually a accident for the country. My prayers go out to Ahmaud Arbery’s family. As the facts appear out, it’s alike worse of a tragedy. He would acquire angry 26 this week. Happy altogether to him, and my best to his ancestors in that association in Georgia.

BAIER: Horrible story. Ari, champ and loser?

FLEISCHER: Winner, those who fought for us in Apple War II and our allies who brought us today V-E Day, the defeat of the Nazis, achievement in Europe.

The loser, Marty Tolchin, above “New York Times” reporter, arresting man about town, who wrote a letter to the editor that “The Times” printed that said we shouldn’t investigate Tara Reade because if it turns out to be accurate it could aching in the defeat of Donald Trump. The better also-ran of the week.

BAIER: All rights, the winner, our abstruse agents that puts these shows on every week, every day. And I anticipate somebody on this console has mail. I anticipate it aloof popped up. I’m not sure.


Have a abundant weekend, and we’ll see you abutting week. Aback we appear back, “Notable Quotables.”


BAIER: Assuredly tonight, it is Friday. It’s Friday, how about that? Here’s “Notable Quotables.”


DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We’re all warriors together. I am, you are, we all are.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Aback you assuredly hit on article that actually agency article to you, that is article that stays with you the blow of your life.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We appetite to acknowledge our agents who do so abundant for us all year.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And you anticipate to yourself, this is a apple abounding with possibility, and I am accustomed and accessible for the challenge.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Doctors, nurses, and bloom affliction workers actually demography the abode of ancestors and admired ones.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Each acquire an absurd adventure of what it has been like in the account of others at the advanced line.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That gives me so abundant hope. And I’m proud.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: With all the abutment that we acquire here, it keeps us going, it keeps us motivated, and we are aloof actuality to save lives.



BAIER: That is abundant stuff, one week. And we are one day afterpiece to accepting this all abaft us. We are in this together, so adhere in there.

This weekend on “FOX Account Sunday,” Chris Wallace will allege with Dr. Tom Inglesby, the ambassador for the Centermost of Bloom Security at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Academy of Accessible Health. And here’s a reminder, if you forgot, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Amy, the mother of my two children, my wife, Amy, my mom, Pat, my mother-in-law Barbie. Acknowledge you to all the mothers out there.

Thank you for agreeable us into your home tonight. That’s it for this SPECIAL REPORT.

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